Hey guys what is up – and i welcome each and every one of you to a new league of legends videos – so ryan has just released the post talking about uh, a very hot topic, something that i absolutely hate. Um, i’m not gon na lie. I’Ve become a little bit part of the problem because it’s hard not to nowadays in solo queue, but they have released a new um post talking about. Essentially the behavioral system punishing, like you know, toxicity uh, more specifically the afk and uh leaving, and things like that. So this is gon na, be the post where they talk about we’re gon na go over together.

They essentially have so. The tldr is afk penalties, there’s like tier levels, now um and are currently game based and then they’re, adding more tiers. After so that’s kind of the tldr i have here that was sent to me by ride, of course, but this is of course, the actual post we’ll go over it together. So if you guys enjoy don’t forget to hit that like button, so this video is going to be sponsored by ragnarok origins. Ragnarok origins is a new game coming out to mobile that you can pre-register right now and let me tell you why i think you should so this game offers infinite character.

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On top of that guys they are doing a closed beta period from september 23rd to the 27th. For five days, perfect time to try it out, the link is down below guys, definitely check it out, hey players, you guys can see it right, making sure you guys can see everything. Good, hey players, barack pro bama here and tim tam monster here, wow, okay, the design and product leads for at least behavioral systems team wow. They actually have a team for that. Sometimes i no fly.

I mean actually a little bit of a flame honestly, sometimes i’ll be completely honest. This is a top topic, i’m very like aggressive about. If you will sometimes, i legitimately wonder if they even have a team and what the hell they even do for the past year or two in all honesty, anyways. We know that afks and levers are some of the most destructive behaviors we face uh and enters so we’re happy to be coming for to you today with an update around afk and lever punishments, which we talked about last april before temporarily tuning uh in on q. Dodging which, by the way, has done absolutely jack, like literally nothing, i don’t know if they just happened to remove it, but the q dodging thing has literally done nothing.

It takes me about half an hour to get into a game just to play a 20 minute coin. Flip, i’m just saying extremely, not fun, i will just admit the higher yield. You are the worse it gets by the way, but exponentially anyway, on a small note for the on a small note for the rest of this article, we’ll be referring to the combination of afk, which is idle behavior and leaving intentional or otherwise as just afk. Okay, so afk essentially covers all that cool. Let’S see, please give me something good, because this game is very difficult to play right now in solo queue anyway, our approach to reducing the frequency of afks and games has a few prongs.

One add additional tiers to our penalty structure so that the players who continue to afk or leave consistently incur these new punishments. Add a new penalty type to shield players from repeat offenders: okay, improve the way we evaluate attempts to reform in our games. Let’S get into it new penalty type, so, up until now, we’ve penalized afk with q delays, um, okay, q delays are a speed bump if even that on uh an offending player’s way to their next few games upon clicking the play button, the cube blocks them from Uh behind a short timer, the purpose of this is to change behavior. Really. Just i highly doubt, that’s literally doing anything because nowadays, who doesn’t have something they just play while they’re in queue some kind of game or something they’re watching, because the queue takes 20 minutes regardless.

If someone who goes afk gets the experience, what having their time wasted is like they are less likely to perpetrate it within the future. I mean that is just i’m sorry, that’s just such a load of bro the queue time itself is a waste of time. It takes literally half an hour, i’m not even kidding it, takes me literally like half an hour to get into a game. It’S it’s come on what no come on cringe for most folks. Q delays work well about, but about nine percent of our players worldwide, engage in consistent, afk behavior and don’t seem to be deterred by a few delays between their games.

Okay, so this is uh the lever tier populations today so level one is 82 percent of people. So nine percent of people are level three plus, which is actually quite high. That’S like it’s like a huge jump, so you can see level one and two are like you know, in between level, two being the smallest and then just jump straight back to nine percent. Almost double of level, one which is actually pretty ridiculous. So for players to continue to afk, we are introducing a new penalty q lockouts, which are basically like mega delays.

When a player experiences a q lockouts, they will have a pop-up displayed explaining their punishment and will be unable to start games in moba queues uh. When we issue a cue lockout, we’re not saying hey, doesn’t it suck to have your time wasted we’re removing the player from the population for a while? So they can’t queue, so they can’t continue to afk in games. Once a q lockout does expire, it’s followed by the maximum level q delay, so we can still maintain the benefits of behavior modification and players who take a break, don’t get to sit out their entire punishment. Cue lockouts still apply to all moba cues.

An important note is that any player that is currently at a very high tier will be reset to tier 3.

They will get a chance to reform before the queue lockouts begin. The table shows the new tiers, as well as their associated lockouts and delays. Oh, let’s take it out. So if you’re on tier zero, of course, you’re chilling uh, which is the vast majority of player, is cool, so let’s say you get to tier one.

So your q lockout, let’s go ahead and make this like this, so we can see everything perfect. Your q lockout will be none um, so there’s no lockout queue lockout up until tier three, but there’s a queue delay, which is i’m assuming the thing where you just have to wait before you can actually get into the game. Uh. 5. 10.

15 minutes for five games: okay, cool! I mean honestly, it’s such a slap on the wrist now, instead, what you get for a q lockout is, if you get to the new tiers from four to seven. So if, essentially, essentially, if you keep con sorry, if you keep continuing to afk and your punishments of course increase now, it keeps going so now. The time knockout stays at 15 period, but tier four you’re locked out from the queue completely for a full day and then three seven and then 14 days. If you get to the maximum tier you’re locked out from the tier for it just seems like 14 days period, so on that account literally cannot queue up for rank, it seems like or normals or whatever um more often than not, probably ranked, but nonetheless you just Can’T queue up period for 14 days now see, i wonder if you afk in ranked and you get locked out from ring, can you still queue into normals or vice versa, because you know you can just continue.

I don’t know probably but anyway, but then after that it seems, like you still get the cue delay, regardless of five games once you actually can start going so once the 40 days expire, and you can start queueing again you’re still in the 15 minutes for five Games. Okay, so i mean it’s essentially forcing that account to not be able to play the game anymore if you’re just consistently afk cool the the tier level is not a time based system the best and only way to lower your penalty tier is to play games without Going afk, you can’t just wait it out. Okay! So then what hold on a second which are making my friends they will be, have a pop-up with explaining their punishment and unable to start games and mobile queues. So so it means you can’t start a game right for 14 days.

You just can’t play i’m assuming. Is that what it sounds like or or do you just have this thing for 14 days or what the anyway um blah blah blah behavior? One challenge we discovered within our existing system was that once a player had reached a high penalty tier, it was difficult for them to lower it. Even through repeated demonstrations of good behavior, we’ve moved to a more sophisticated model that looks at multiple factors and will be much more effective in moving reformed players down the tiers than the previous ones. That said, consistently afk will still be detected and consistent offenders will still be joint doinked.

These changes enable us to create cue lockouts, since it means that we have higher certainty that a player at a high afk, a f k tier, is actually being consistently disrupted. That isn’t stuck there for other reasons. Like uh, you know connectivity issues which can be some. You know common in some regions. As this is rolled out, we are committed to continuing to monitor afk’s, both in regards to the frequency of this behavior and regional, specific connectivity issues.

We want to ensure uh we are able to. We are being uh equitable across all regions, who may experience different levels of connectivity to be safe, we’re going to start by testing these changes in a few regions before rolling them out globally, keep an eye out on the patch notes for status updates. This is not the final word on afk’s we’re working across teams on gameplay to address some of the root causes of these issues, such as not enough ability to come back from behind and ability to deal with other deceptive behavior and connectivity issues. This is a big one by the way people. This is one of the biggest reasons i think people afk and just get tilted one of them this and um.

I still, i still think autofill is the shittiest system in existence like literally what an absolutely horrendously bad idea. It’S just cringe, um yeah. So that’s going to be the new kind of afk system, they’re trying out guys. Essentially it’s going to be much more severe. If you get to tier 4, which is the new tier, so if you’re consistently like toxic and afk whatever yeah you’re just for a few days, which is good, i mean that’s.

Fine uh 14 days is quite a long time. That’S half a month which is pretty long, but that’s good. I mean, if you get to this level, you probably deserve it in all honesty, so let me know what you guys think about it down below that’s. Currently, what ry games has enabled for this uh kind of system so yeah? Let me know what you guys think about it down below i’ll, see you for the next one: peace

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