Shadowland Conduit Update! Shadowlands Delayed! New Warrior Changes!


Hey guys clayton here, so let’s chat about some of the new updates that blizzard has given out for shadowlands uh. Obviously, the expansion has also been delayed. There’S also been a couple of warrior changes, so let’s chat about all of them now right better later. Never some of those other changes, but first, if you guys haven’t heard right, shadowlands was delayed. It was delayed last week they haven’t given a date. Now this post does say later this year: um, but that’s gon na be kind of weird, because realistically it’s not just gon na be a delay for you know a couple of weeks so at best i think the expansion launches the first or second week of december.

If not – and i feel like, they should just push it back to the year afterwards, because it doesn’t really make sense to launch it, and then i guess have an extended period of time where potentially the rate’s not out. You obviously don’t want rate to be out during the holidays or the expansion in that case, but we’ll see maybe they’ll change it up this year. I think generally, they have none. So that way people can kind of like spend time with their families instead of rating. The thing, however, is we do know that they are going to be doing the pre-patch on october 13th that’ll be exciting, but basically that means the biggest way that this will impact. You guys is that your correction stuff is not going to work anymore, right, um, so we’ll kind of see how that works out back to like the actual updates right. So they’ve highlighted a couple of things today. I think this is probably in a response to that. Update, like hey we’re, delaying shadow lands. This is what we’re working on. So one of the first things they cut out was the maw yeah, the mall kind of sucks ass. There’S, really nothing you want to do in the mall.

I mean there’s obviously questing that happens on ma, but every time that i’ve stepped foot in the maw on the beta, it’s been a horrible experience one. You can’t mount so you’re, just moving super slow right for an area that doesn’t allow you to mount. It is not dense enough right, it’s almost the same, if not more barren than quest areas like out in the wild like the four different regions. So it doesn’t really doesn’t make sense that you cannot mount in the zone and on top of that, there’s nothing fun and it’s always been buggy. I mean that first quest when you walk into the mall and you have to like collect the souls. That’S been buggy for a very long time and it’s still not a good experience, so i’ve always hated going to the mall in the expansion. I would not mind if they really got rid of it and police just allowed us to mount in the mall um. So far, it is a horrible experience for anybody that goes into the mall next they’re talking about the conduit system so before this blizzard basically made it.

So you can only change your conduits once per week. Now you can change, like your soul, binds, obviously that you’re connected to, but as far as like what conduits that you’re actually putting into the slots, which, right now conduits, are more powerful than solar points. Maybe we’ll see some balancing in there like the conduit system, all together, right like there might be one or two subways that could be strong like at the very end. But overall, i would say right now, conduits matter more than the soul binds, which is why, like it’s so important, that they allow you to have three like potency and dps conduits now for, like all the trees, so that that’s very important, that’s a good change that They made previously, but here they’re specifically talking about the reset aspect. I don’t know why blizzard keeps trying to do this mechanic where they don’t want you to switch whenever right. If we look at current systems that you have in bfa right of player power other than the obvious and stuff, that’s already there like your character’s gear and stuff, but like like, what’s the borrow power like what’s bfa’s pal right, you have azerite pieces, you have essences From your necklace and you have corruption right out of all three of those, what’s like the least a complaint about thing, in my opinion, is essences right.

Why? Because you can get all essences and there’s no restriction in how you can change them right of all three of those systems. Essences is the only one that you can freely change, just like talents. I don’t understand why blizzard can’t just accept that and use that as a way to base around like their character setup, mainly because wow is, has become a point where you really want people to be specifically focused on certain fights and on certain fights in certain talents. Right in this case conduits, you really have certain ones that are good for a single target, certain ones that are good for aoe. So you cannot restrict people to just having one thing in this current setup.

They essentially are gon na give you right. You’Re gon na get a max of ten content energies every day, you’re gon na get a refresh of one and then, whenever you learn a new condo, you get one and you can store it up to ten. But to be honest, why, though, right like that basically means you can probably switch to something and switch back once per week right because every week, you’re gon na get seven of that and it’s gon na cost. You a potentially right eight of these resources, this energies to switch to four new ones and switch back to four previous ones if every single one has to change. This is one of those systems where i understand it happening in like mobile games, where they’re trying to just rake you on money, because one of the key mechanics that mobile games have is the recharge mechanic right, allowing you to do something that free to play players?

Have to wait for, but if you pay at a premium, they’ll give you recharges and that’s why people mean on the fact that, like oh, if you spend a dollar, you can get a calendar right. Obviously, that’s not true, but that’s essentially what the system is building up to right, some way for players to potentially pay for a faster exchange. People are okay with this on mobile and that’s why people meme about on mobile? That’S why people don’t consider mobile to be like real gaming because of stuff like this right, this potential aspect or even a paid to win feature, and we don’t want to see this in our pc games blizzard right. This is a mobile mechanic, get it out of here right, capping your players progression and making it. So they have to wait to do something just because something recharges once per day, that’s insanely restricting to our players, and it doesn’t really need to be in the game.

Right why restricted everybody especially like i only play one type right for my class right. I either play fury or arms right. Imagine if i want to play multiple specs. Imagine if i was playing somebody like a druid who the biggest point right when people asked as a new player. Oh, what class should i play right? One of the biggest things you can tell people is that, if you don’t know you can always play a hybrid right, imagine being a druid, you can play a tank.

You can play a main dps, a ranged, gps, a healer wow. Your options are unlimited right and what you can be, but with this system it doesn’t even matter you’re locking people into that like specific, like spec aspect, so i i’m pretty sure everybody would be okay, if you just made it so conduits can just be swapped in And out – and you obviously have the system in place for this to work and, to be honest, it looks just like essences or glyphs, where you can just swap at whatever just get rid of the energy all together. I don’t know why you guys are wasting so much time on trying to balance this mechanic um yeah. So let’s just move on and then of course, there’s the class and confident balance that blizzard has been talking about. Essentially, blizzard last week went ahead and they looked at i’m pretty sure, basically, every single class and just nerfed the out of all their opi covenants, which, in my opinion, shouldn’t be the way that they do it, because i i’m always opinion that they shouldn’t nerf, like.

What’S the best um if the weaker ones are so weak, essentially we’re moving towards a place where covenants are going to become potentially so weak that they’re as strong as racial abilities? Now, if that’s somewhere, that where we get to, i mean we get there, but why did blizzard waste all this time balancing and trying to introduce covenants? If that’s the case, you know if covenants are going to be as strong as racial abilities, then potentially they really don’t matter um. They might matter to like the top like 10 guilds in the world, but outside of that really doesn’t right. If you ask anybody right now, for example, for warriors what race would you be, most people are going to go, even the top end warriors are going to play whatever you like right, um, you know, don’t worry about your dps like yeah, that one might have like Slightly like a couple of dps points higher, but, to be honest, your random procs are gon na make up for any racial differences that you might have.

So, if that’s where they’re gon na go with covenants, i mean why even bother at this point right just give us the cosmetic aspect. Let people pick whatever covenants you want, or just pick the best covenant and just go bam. That’S the ability to get me in your chat lands and that’s the one you keep our warriors just make it condemn and we’re good to go now, if you have any questions about like what’s the best covenant right now, i haven’t tested as much like once they Come out with this, i haven’t played the beta as much other than testing some trinket stuff um, but most likely you’re still going to use condemn to be honest because it’s the most versatile right, even if they never come down the problem is the other. Three are too limited in where you can use them right. Imagine using some of those aoe ones on single target, fights it’s so pointless, um! That’S why it’s hard.

They essentially basically have to nerf from them to like no valley and and to that point uh. Let’S talk about the condemn changes that won’t actually happen right. Sorry. This is a little bit bright, but i’m too lazy to cut this out in a picture, but here it is right, so you guys saw the previous uh this thing above from when i made the previous video right um. That’S the old values of what you have on the beta right when you don’t have covenant your executes as arms. Does that much your ex you get straight? Is that much and then, when you have van there uh and you pick the condemn, it – reduces your damage to arms but increases the damage of fury. Now, of course, the no covenant execute damage is physical. The van thier covenant is shadow damage uh on a raid boss.

I think that’s, like 30, more damage shadow versus physical. I think it’s something like that obviously pointed out if i’m wrong, but i’m pretty sure that’s a number yeah. Even when you look at this technically, like arms should be doing like very relatively similar damage, but that’s not the point right. The point is that like when you pick an ability, the number, why does it go down right like? Why does the covenant make it on paper? Look worse right because in pvp settings the armor is not the same right. So let’s look at what changed right so last week, blizzard essentially buffed arms a little bit and they nerf fury by a lot right. They looked at it and go hmm. You know what clay you’re right when you said that, why is arms having worse condemn versus, execute damage, but fear has better, let’s just make them both worse. So there we go right. Fury basically got nerfed by 31 somewhere around there.

It’S just decimals and then um arms got buffed by around 12, so they both arms a little bit not enough, and they nerf theory way too much with the 31 nerf. So you can kind of see like how it shifts out now now, when you play fury, execute actually gets nerfed more now we might as well go over some of the other warriors stuff that came out single, monitor, va, got bought from eight percent to ten percent. Okay, it’s fine, i mean yeah can be kind of weird, but they keep buffing it all right, potentially, might just go one-handed weapons and they keep bucking this further.

I think now to be honest, i would consider them probably even with this i still preferred beforehand to use the two handers for titan’s grip, because i was more used to the rage game that i got there and i just liked having two-handed weapons, i’m doing them, But yeah if they keep making that better and then you’re gon na have to go one-handed, obviously, but i think right now, it’s still kind of even but maybe we might lean towards it, especially if some weapons come out that might have a crazy procs we’ll have To see for your frothing berserker that got nerfed, i don’t know why so in youtube, have a chance to refund 40 rage. Now it’s gon na refund 20 range.

I can understand blizzard nerfing condemned because they’re lazy and then go hey instead of buffing f3. Let’S nerf condemn to make all the covenants even right, but the problem is fury is not op like fury is just like okay right, especially like it’s okay in like five tiger cleave, and that’s really the only place that it shines in. I don’t understand why they’re nerfing theory like the base kit, it literally, doesn’t make sense to me, and on top of that, like i think it’s like now, it’s probably like a month ago, there was like this weird thing that was flying around where there was supposedly Like a buff or rampage that was placed on bloodthirst uh and it was like a 30 damage increase in rampage, but it was placed on like one of the bloodthirst rings and that was removed. I don’t know if that’s actually the case, because there was never like an official like patch notes for it, but if that was the case, it feels bad.

I think after it happened, it was kind of hard to tell because the problem is when that change happened. Potentially or allegedly, is also when blizzard made it so your gear no longer skilled in mythic plus, so it was hard to like compare your damage at that point, uh with the damage numbers we have seen before, like. If you look at my older videos, if i ever showed overall damage, you can see you’re like rampaging higher. So i don’t know if at that point or now my play change or something changed, but i definitely do notice my rampage doing significantly less damage than they were doing in mythic plus, i obviously can’t say definitively. If that’s, what happened but just know that potentially a rampage also got nerf 30, but that happened like a month ago and there is anything official about it.

So i can’t just be like this actually happened, but it definitely does feel that way and i think a lot of people would agree with that that have tested on beta. Let’S see uh war machine. I think correct me if i’m wrong, but i think what happened here is. This is actually a buff because we used to have the arms war machine like even when i check in the game and the arms war machine does auto attacks generate 10 more range, but now the fury one is um, generating 20 rage. So it’s going to generate 10 more rage. That seems like a buff. I don’t know if this was here the other day when this first came out but yeah. So that’s good, at least above that. I don’t know if that matters too much, because people were not really using war machine um, but this could be huge because they’re buffing the ass of the war machine that makes it more usable in most cases, so that could be good.

Now i don’t really care about prod, so we’ll skip over that who cares about prod? Now the other thing oh, and also yeah, i think the uh, the while here is confused so like when you look at the condemned buffs um like it’s weird, because it has fury and the damage increase, it’s wrong. Just like look at these numbers. These are the correct numbers and percentages that it has changed by. This is the other big thing, the legendary that does the spell reflect legendary right. It used to reflect for 200 longer now it’s only 60 so way, shorter duration and instead of applying to your entire party, it only applies to your nearest ally. What does this mean? This means basically you’re not going to be using this in mythic plus as much anymore, and it’s mostly likely going to be a pvp thing like as long as they’re going to let legendaries have their full value in pvp. You probably still use this. Definitely in 22 arena and most likely in 3v3 right. So that’s where i see the valve this now um. Essentially, if you thought about worrying about crafting this legendary in week one so you can do mythic, plus better worry no longer, because it’s nerfed to not be as op anymore. I mean it’s still good.

Really it’s not necessary because sparrow fly for yourself is enough and most likely, the other minute that you have is like a demon or a rogue or dk or pally, and they all have immunities or magic reduction of some kind. They don’t need your spiral reflect right. So you’re good to go crafting the whatever most op legendary is going to be at the time of the expansion launching and right now, that’s still going to be. The rampage procking cease breaker one. So, if you’re a question about what the best legendary is right now, it’s still that hopefully blizzard has noticed that blizzard forget what you heard me say in the last 30 seconds. Don’T think about it.

Those are the changes that have happened that are about to happen. Let me know what you guys think i do feel like blizzard is wasting too much time on like the conduits, making it like recharges them to make it free covenants really do to be honest, just solve the issue pick the best covenant, that’s the ability you all Get right and just balance classes off of those and specs out of those, because this is never going to be balanced uh in this current state, but as always thanks for checking out the video guys feel free to subscribe. To see more see ya.

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