So I got 100 *RARE* Elves in a Game of Fortnite!


Lachlan says: look at your apartment. First, car sort of default, dance weight. You lose. He went to the pig she thought I was gon na, say first person to pick ax wins, but it was first person to default dance and he took the bait. So everyone’s probably aware of it by now, but the elf is probably coming back in the item shop in a couple weeks days. We don’t know so an order of the elf, probably coming back to the items store. I thought I would set out on a task in a live stream to assemble a hundred else.

We got around 95, we have like 110. Come people left, it’s 100 else. I just closed. This is pretty much the rare skin in the game. The styles for the skull trooper engulfed trooper and the recon expert, but I don’t think that one’s coming back any nicer, pretty much got a full Lobby with them. Then we played a couple of games here in today’s video with cash prizes. We gave at around two and a half thousand dollars to some lucky elves out there. We did a hundred play. O’Laughlin says we did a hundred man hide and see, and then we did a reverse hide-and-seek was they had to find me? So, of course, I hope you guys going to enjoyed today’s video if you guys did make sure to leave us a like rating down below there’s a lot effort involved to get these elves in our game. So I’d appreciate that, of course, hit subscribe.

If you could as well and of course, if the elf does come back very much, of course, everybody out there using code lucky to support me when the elf comes back in the store, makes you got it there and, of course, make sure to tweet me when It comes back and in general as well christmas skins come in and make sure you got a creator there and if you guys want to support me, that’s code lucky appreciate everybody out there who does it and suck that enjoy some fun with me and 100 elves. 90, but it’s just call it 100 yeah, all right, everybody stop. Jumping everybody, stop jump. We’Re playing. Lachlan says the way this game works is that you have to listen to what I say. If you don’t listen to what I said yeah, he loves that.

Then you will be eliminated, lost elf, remaining wins spite of 7000. The minute I’m gon na ask you to leave. Lachlan says: welcome to the exclusive orgy Lachlan says: we have 60 elves here, for our first Lachlan says remain in a circle at old time, and I mean it. You had so many warnings, yeah laughs, Adam Lachlan, says laugh at that player. If you have a laughing humor or take the look at these talks at gamers, y’all lag in global lofts Lachlan said: stop the lobby because it’s really like Huck. What’S that stop stop be burning, Lachlan says everybody. Crouch Lachlan says everybody bring it in very like bring it a little bit, bring a little bit bringing it a little bit. Wellthen says: keep this keep the syrup and keep the circle luck.

This is back up a little bit. Look let’s just back up a little bit. Lawson says when you make sure it’s a nice, even circle Lachlan says he’s going to stay here and spin around in a circle. Lachlan says: if you gets knocked, then you are very unlucky. Lachlan says good luck. Lachlan says unlucky: he cocks offices get ready again, whoa Lachlan says well done. Oh sorry, Lachlan says there’ll be three more bullets. One luckily says do not let there be a gap in the circle. Lachlan says everybody, shoulder-to-shoulder, Oakland, says they’ll, be one more bullet. Lachlan says. Well done all right, everybody to celebrate. Can everybody stand up if you stood up on our system? Come over here, you’re you’re eliminated honor system, we’re gon na be checking replay files watch out for the storm. Okay, Lachlan says everybody come this way we got ta get out of the storm. All right. Lachlan says he wants everybody to follow him in the river swimming. This way, look at these fishies Laughlin says: if you have a minty picaxe stand on this side, yep Minty’s on this side. Let’S see that’s not a minty, that’s not a minty pick ax bum boy! You picked the wrong side, all righty buddy. I saw each other switch up there.

All righty Lachlan says everybody. Crouch Lachlan says pick up the bad players and throw them in the river. Thank you. Thank you. Lachlan says: could everybody please do a default dance Lachlan says in five seconds he’s going to stop picking people that aren’t default Dancy. Please remain default dancing at all times. If you hit it, if you’re done with it redo it Lachlan says he’ll be eliminating bad players in just a second that wasn’t a default dance at one point: did you do a default dancer? Oh you didn’t. Do it then? Well, not it’s just the wrong game. Right, can everybody get a Krauts for me? You crouched, alright welcome, says, follow me Lachlan says: watch out, Oh someone had shield on there. Lachlan says remain with the group at all times. No separating Lachlan says everybody up on this rock right here. Lachlan says: if you can’t get on the rock, you will be eliminated, this big rock, just the big rock. From that other side, it doesn’t count. Lachlan says get on the rock. You have five four three, two one Laughlin says well done: alright, guys get off, the rock Lachlan says cross the river to the other side, with those three rocks arrived Lachlan says: oh by the count of five.

I want everybody on this rock. If you don’t fit on, the rock you will be eliminated, Lachlan will count down now. Five, four. Ah everybody who ran early wait. I said on five: okay, fair enough, go back. Lachlan says everybody go back, all right, Lachlan says on go, you shall leave for The Rock Lachlan says five. Four three two one go gave us to Olli Logan says if you are not on the rock make yourself over to me over here. Thank you. For being honest, Sam, if you can spider SAP, you can just leave the game. That’D be great. We run into the storm no you’re, not on the rock. You know on the rock oh you’re, on you’re on your own I’ll, even allow that that doesn’t really work, but it does all right. Lachlan says for many contestants, please follow me spot of Sam you’ve been eliminated. Thank you all right, Lachlan says everybody stand up. Everybody hit me with the crouch and everybody jump. Crouch, everybody jump, everybody jump good, Lachlan says Krauts, welcome, didn’t tell you to default dance and you didn’t Crouch quick enough.

Lachlan says, look up, Lachlan, says dodge Lachlan says: reform back into a group. Lachlan says: look down! Lachlan says open up your inventory. Lachlan says: press escape and open up. Your settings. Lachlan says: leave that real, quick cuz. You got ta dodge, oh damn didn’t get out of here. All right, Lachlan says get back, everybody back Logan says: do not leave the playing area at all times. Lachlan says everybody hide in this hay bush right here. Lachlan says: if you were unable to hide in that bush, you will be eliminated in five. Four. Okay! Dark! Do that Logan says remain in the bush at all times, whether sauce Giger, no cheeky one quo frame like Lachlan, said to everybody: leave the bush plug this great guy down design alright. Well, this says: follow me. Lachlan says dodge office says well done return to me. Alright, this turn is getting quick.

Everybody crouch one, two three and go Lachlan says, equip your pickaxes. They kill for that swing. Once [ Music, ] Lachlan says everybody do a 360 and then another one Buckland says: if you are you all on the opposite team? Okay, I’m gon na assume medicine. Yes, all right, Lachlan says: lost post in a default, dance dies, that’s just not a default. Dance Lachlan says lost post with the pickaxes that loses. Oh, it’s laggy as right now all right, Lachlan says all right. Lachlan says everybody. One tap all right, a jump in through one time all right hit it with the Crouch, though yeah all right, lovely, set, Logan says everybody look out, everybody looked down and you weren’t looking up or down Lachlan, says Congrats. Our final contestants Lachlan says final contestants over here. That will open hasn’t told you is that the prize for this game is $ 500. Paypal Lofland hasn’t said that Lachlan says under pressure. Lachlan says both people on me right now, Lachlan says: look at your opponent! First person to default dance waste, you lose the other guy wins he went. He thought I was gon na, say first person to pick ax wins, but it was first person to default dance and he took the Vey, the other guy wins alrighty. We have assembled 92 elves, 91 of which can actually do what they want to do. Make that 91 else.

Total yeah, sir, for this rap, we’re gon na be doing something very epic. We’Re gon na be doing a 91 men, elf, hide and seek, and the way this is going to work guys is essentially the lost one of you guys that I eliminate is the best hider and they will win $ 1,000 PayPal or Amazon giftcard thousand dollar round. Here so essentially, what you’re gon na want to do is you’re gon na gon na get nut court, and these are the rules you’re not allowed to have any shields. If I tagged you with shields you’re automatically disqualified, then in there, if you guys build your also disqualified, so they’re building their shields, everything else is legal. Let’S get this started. I’M gon na look down and thirty Seconds, ambience eqo guys you better run right now. 30. 29, 28. 27. 26, eventually three, two one that guy just connected all right, ready or not. Here I come okay, so no one went for the strategy of hiding near me. Thinking that I wouldn’t see them, nobody went for and honestly that’s really smart of you guys.

Most of you, that is, I hate it buddy. I read it all right. I found our first victim. You wish buddy. I see he ruined it. For someone else remember no building yeah we got you can still Rob you’re allowed to run that guy who ruined it. For someone else, I got to kill this kid. Real, quick, like imagining ruining a video you’re kidding me another one, really you’re, all so dull, like it’s funny. Cuz, like your old trash to all store, serves. Oh, oh and think about that. Um get some white peels. If you can cuz you’re, probably gon na need them, I would suggest getting some white heels and bandages and it’s just getting a lot of them got. You can’t build well you’re disqualified, so you know a lot of bill. Guys yeah, like a lot more people, are gon na, be taking nails all right. What happened to the elf crossing the road? Oh, you got shields boy, you cheeky boy. No one leaves you can feel free to like pickaxe off your friends to try and survive, but only if come here see so many elves. What appear we had someone? There is everyone. Oh. I just heard that I was about to stop walking the other way. I just heard that all right – oh I wasn’t gon na – come over here, left just a little too early there buddy. Now you lost a few boy. Only problem, though, is that sometimes a little loud, sometimes a little loud there buddy, oh okay. I thought it wasn’t. Even him for a second no was him all right: 60 people still hiding huh. Let my accuracy was good how’s, he not dead. No, I don’t want to hear. I knew it get over here boy, alright, hello, ELLs! How are we all this guy’s got shield these guys to try not like he’ll, wait, she’s willing to show me honestly blame the guy that shot me cuz.

That was to maybe look that way. I know you guys are in the tree good spots. All I get is allowance behind. You know what tell me this isn’t hilarious. Louise helps trying to win a thousand dollars. I love it run boys run. Are you gon na get clipped look at them trying to like get on my line of sight? It’S amazing. Oh, come here: boys, let’s go all right: where are the guys ran over the hill? You love to see it. Oh you really go. I baited someone else in here fell for the oldest trick in the book. All right, you don’t run around the other side. Hey! No building, no ability to protect yourself, all right, you’re, adding huge building to get to places, but you’re not allowed to use it to block cover. I suppose that wasn’t too illegal, considering oh, this guy really thought I was gon na jump off the top. I liked the idea it’s a ballsy strategy. It didn’t pay off, oh you’re, lucky getting low.

This is where it comes down to it. Oh look at that guy. That guy was hiding in the tree, but the other guy shut him down probably should have saved that for later. This is the part of the game where it doesn’t become so much hide-and-seek as much as it becomes, I’m probably dead and have lost. Oh, I nearly went the other way to almost body. All of us – oh, I didn’t even hear this guy, and so it was like straight up with me. Oh, I tried to get to the tried to get to the zip line. Alright we’re down to 30. How is it still 30 of you? Oh you’re kidding me [ Music ] come here boys. Are you clean up? You get some ammo. Why people building? Oh really ami, come here boys you better run, don’t get caught. It don’t get good, don’t get good! All the cattle you guys look at, oh, you guys run boys run. Oh yes, he’s gon na get the boom. Oh big boom keep running boys, keep running da, told some. You get a dungeon, it’s pretty much just lucky dip at this point. Who’S gon na win who’s gon na win. It’S basically duck hunt at this point, it literally is look at you look at some more Abbott. I need some more either the Dorian’s closed boss, this guy’s trying to out heal me.

You guys don’t think your coop, too cool to jump around like duck say coming up to lost one who’s lost you little. I said sky bases were legal, but I can’t let you do that this guy with the five hundred IQs, he ended the other guy out. So that he would win, we got ta get a replay on that. We’Ve got ta, get a replay on that this rates, coffee cup literally guarded – that’s how he won Gigi’s in the chat rage underscore coffee cup 500 IQ winner of $ 1,000. We had a couple others as well. We’Re gon na do one lost game with our elves, and this is how it’s gon na work. Your goal, this game is to just eliminate me you’re gon, na its roles, reverse it’s 90 of you looking for me. If you eliminate me thousand dollars PayPal or Amazon giftcard thousand dollars, the back plea you guys are looking for is a yellow backpack back bling watch out for people that have gotten to the game that don’t actually have the skin a yellow, backpack back bling. If you eliminate me thousand dollars alright chat Tango, why I got a change location. I had to change locations, [ Music ], someone just walked past thousand dollars, so just dogs, the person or LMC to gets it. It’S the first thing.

You’Ll see gets it off blog on exceed dude this guy’s bitch, oh yeah. What’S this guy’s name, Oh GGG, I got ta see who walked past me. Oh my god. That’S a big earth, guys F in the chat one time for my boy who didn’t check the bush. I mean, let’s see what happened here: XM before Oh ugly, duckling ugly duckling was the guy who blew up the bush and found me, and then he hit me with that. And then I built an imp Loxy. He was there at the right time. 52. Oh there’s one time in this world where 52 52 bursts pays and that pays my boy ugly duckling was robbed by a god-like burst. Oh 52, 52 we’re gon na do well, I’m actually so sad. Oh, that’s, dumb ugly, duckling, I’m sorry dude! He literally got robbed all right. Let’S do one more who’s. The first butterfly wings is what you’re looking for who’s gon na be first $ 500 to the first person that gets me.

[ Applause ] help people to chat um, no way corpse all the guy right. Next to him as well GG my dude chichi boy gorgs, with the duck back bling taking home a 500 earth crankin. Let’S see that replay he’s looking up in the trees he’s looking for that butterfly he’s looking for that butterfly everyone’s looking for that butterfly. Oh folks, coming around he’s people at chopping down, trees, there’s a couple guys around him. Oh, let’s hit a drone I’d ride. Free there help people around. Oh this ttv. He knows he has to eliminate me quick. You probably might even see me right here. When does he see me? Oh, he sees me now. He knows he has to be quick. He gots it precision, TTT par par sizzle is no happy about that. He is no happy about that. At all YouTube garbage just gets the dub [ Music ]