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Hello: everyone, my name is AZZATRU. How are you and welcome to another star wars? Battlefront 2, video In this video? I shall be talking about what we can look forward to in 2020 for battlefront, 2, plus other star wars, games and media. I hope youve had a great start to the year so far and I cant wait to make more star wars. Videos this year, 2019 was probably the biggest year for star wars. Ever we had the finale of the skywalker saga, the Mandalorian fallen order, and so much more 2020 wont be as big. I think, given there is no film, but there sure will be a lot to look forward to in other forms of entertainment, Plus people dont realise multiple star wars and lego games are coming next year. There is a lot to anticipate Star. Wars is set to kick 2020 off in a big way from battlefront to new film info. The word on the street is the director of the first film of the new trilogy will be revealed in January so later this month, but we will have to wait. Another half of a year before we get a bit of info

But lets talk, no speculation and just confirmation about battlefront 2 content before moving onto the other star wars, games and media out later this year. We already know: battlefront 2 is getting a big content update in January and some other content in February and March, but we dont know what yet DICE have said. Theyve moved away from the clone wars for now to focus on other eras. Weve just had a big drop of sequel, trilogy era, content with a little more on its way in January, but weve not had anything original trilogy for a very long time.

Dice used eras, plural when talking about moving from the clone wars, so my guess is Original. Trilogy content is on its way. We just dont know in what form Ben did tease, theyre, investigating Original content for Co-Op and theyll see what happens. Many of us are excited for Season 7 of the clone wars, which will start stream in February. It has been a long time coming and the wait is nearly over. What could this mean for battlefront, 2? Well, DICE wont have clone wars content out in February or March, but maybe late Spring or in early the Summer we could some new clone wars. Content as the season concludes. This would be another perfect tie-in with major Star Wars, media

We dont know how much content DICE will give us over the course of 2020, but as the game is healthy, with a good playerbase, at least for now, dont expect DICE to slow down and EA to stop them from making content. But what about another ea, star wars, game Fallen Order came out in 2019, but we have nothing for 2020 right now. Ea said a big game is coming around 2021 2022, but that is probably the linear story. Game from EA Motive, Vancouver or Respawns follow up to Fallen Order. Ea Motive Montreal have been hard at work on a new to quote very unique star wars, experience game since battlefront 2s release. Could we see it in 2020? I have no idea.

We dont know anything about it at all, and we dont hear anything before EA Play in June. The hope of an EA Star Wars, game coming in 2020 will be all but over. Despite that, EA arent strangers to surprise announcements, Apex Legends dropped out of the blue and that surprise announcement help blow the game up. So all is on the table Moving onto another star wars, game, but one that is definitely coming out next year, LEGO Star Wars, The Skywalker Saga is out in 2020 and we all cant wait to get it With no specific release date or a time frame hinted At we are just left waiting for more info from TT Games at some point in the year.

Tt Games tend to release their games in June or September and October. If it is coming in June, well hear something early in 2020, but June is E3 month. So if it comes later in 2020, theyll likely not reveal much until E3 in June. The LEGO action does not stop there LEGO Star Wars. Battles is another game due to release at some point in 2020, as well.

It has been in beta for several months now, Ive been playing it as Ive showed on my channel, and I have a feeling this will be out early 2020 before the big game releases. Oh and I cant wait to see what lego sets we get in 2020. Hopefully, lego make some new clone wars, vehicles Going back to mobile games, a new star wars. Shooter game is in the works at BossAlien and Zynga.

This will likely release in 2020. It has been in development since 2018 and weve heard nothing other than it is a multiplayer star wars shooter for mobile being made in unreal engine 4, and it theyre still hiring people to make it. It is important to remain cautious with this game, as most mobile games are Pay 2 win. Having said that, it could be a fun game. Well, just have to wait and see In August Star Wars: Celebration is taking place in Anaheim once again, Empire Strikes Back turns 40, so we shall be celebrating that, along with a preview of Mandalorian season 2, some teases for the obi wan show and more. I think a new game could be announced here for 2021. If EA do not say anything at EA Play.

As a more personal thing to be excited for Im, going to visit galaxys edge in the summer for a holiday, so I cannot wait for that. It is just before celebration and I could not get tickets to go this time. Sadly, To end the year, The Mandalorian Season 2 will start streaming After the ending to season 1. It will hurt to wait so many months to find out what happens next. It will be a nice way to close out the year, despite not having film in December, like we have for most years since 2015.

But that is not everything star wars coming in 2020, I know a lot of you will be getting ready to read: project luminous and many of the other books releasing in 2020. It is such a great time to be a star wars fan because there are so many pieces of new media in different forms from many various eras. Gaming is my main way to consume entertainment. So I really hope battlefront 2 keeps going from strength to strength and a new game from ea star wars surprises us and comes out, but that is a bit of a dream at this point.

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