Star Wars Battlefront 2 Top 5 Mods of the Week – Mod Showcase #94


Hello, everyone, my name is Asatru. How are you and welcome to another Star Wars, Battlefront to mah showcase video, and it is the top five months of the week. Episode 94 and I’ve got 5. Really awesome us to share with you this week, plus an honorable mention which I thought was worthy of being included for this episode now. The top mod of this week is something truly exceptional and you will want to wait until the end of the videos find out. Just what I’m talking about before we get into the top 5 countdown, let’s start with the honorable mention, which is the J set, troopers resistance overhaul mod from serie me, so this uses assets we see in the campaign and changes the resistance outfit to make them look Like jaesik troopers, and these were security guards found on guard us during the reign of the Galactic Empire on the planets, it changes all of the outfits of all the resistance, trooper classes, and you can also use all of the various heads whether they be human or A different species, so that’s pretty cool and they actually look pretty decent.

There is a lot of campaign assets, I’d love to see, dice use and putting my player. I don’t think this would be one of them because it wouldn’t really make a whole lot of sense, but nevertheless, some of the assets from the resurrection DLC are really cool. Now, let’s move on to the top 5 countdown, and this mod is what I’d love to see dice implement fully into the game. It was a surprise to see Poe dameron’s x-wing get a new color on the Asian cost map for the rise of Skywalker, but it’s in the game. Why can’t we have it as a selectable skin in Starfighter assault for Poe’s black one? I know black one is a different ship, but the skin is there and I would love to see it. I wasn’t a huge fan of this core scheme when it was first revealed, but I actually have come to like it, especially after watching the film and as much as I love the black one color scheme, and I think it’s one of my favorite looking star fighters. This looks pretty cool, I love the white orange and blue Khan trust and as much as I’d love to see r2d2 in the cockpits just like he is in the film. Unfortunately, because of how the game works, you can only have bb-8 in there, but it still works of course, but this allows you to play out some fantasy if you playing as Poe Dameron in the rise of Skywalker using the skin, we see in the film so Check this mod out, because it’s really awesome now the next mod does include a spoiler for Star Wars, the rise of Skywalker.

I will not show you anything just yet, because I know some people haven’t watched the film so skip ahead quite far into the video. This is a mod that you will see from the rise of Skywalker. It doesn’t contain a big spoiler. I don’t want to reveal it yet. So I’m giving you time to skip head now, and hopefully this doesn’t ruin your experience with the film. If you haven’t seen it already, so this is a mod for Rey from Lucas Lucy, and this puts her hood up on her rise of Skywalker skin. This is something we’ve seen the trailer so no spoiler here it does the best job with limited assets, but that is not all. As you can see, there is a new lightsaber and I’m so glad someone got this out as soon as the film came out. We got this not long after and I don’t think we will ever see this comes from dice because of the fact it was in the ending of the film, but nevertheless there is a non hooded variation.

If you wish to have the hood down, that’s just personal preference! If you want that, you can do that with this light, saber and lightsaber color, I have the updated Clone Wars, skin mods from Satan and game tsf. So, in the last stages of the Clone Wars, the last few seasons of the Claremore CV show we see Anakin and obi-wan swap out their more clone general attire to something a little bit more closely to resemble what we see in Revenge of the Sith. However, they do keep some things, such as everyone keeps his wrist guards, but for the most part, a lot of it has gone away. Now, this mod does just that. You can see everyone with his clone. Trooper armor, wrist guards and Anakin is a little different as well. It’S based off his general appearance, but he does wear more stuff from his Jedi appearance, which we see in Revenge of the Sith. A lot of efforts went into the custom, textures and mesh in porting, and it just makes this mod really cool and the runner up for this top 5 Master League episodes is the Republic gon na Mars, aka commander faun, so this is created by saws and basically This literally changes everything about the efficient gunner, except for the abilities and that massive rotating cannon, so it gives custom textures and clone trooper armor to look like commander thorne, and basically this is pretty damn awesome. I really like it. There is a custom hero portrait as well.

There is two variants of this mod as well. You can have either the helmeted version or an old man looking for without his helmet, which is pretty cool. It’S really nice touch. Also. The text has been edited in the menu screen, so it doesn’t say a vision. Gunner. The description is completely changed, so the extra level of detail here is really appreciated and the winner of this top 5 most of the week episodes the last one of 2019 is cyborg, like small from nanobots he’s created this incredible freezy model which takes Darth Maul and Gives him the skin, so many people in the community want him to have there’s a lot more to this skin than meets the eye? Not only does he have those robotic legs, we see him use in the Clone Wars. Tv show, but the son of Dathomir has been reborn and features full body tattoos. His hands are completely different and includes those gloves. He has the neck piece as well, and his horns are even longer to represent what we see in the Clone Wars. Tv show. This is something I didn’t expect nanobots to do, but he did it and he made it very accurate.

Definitely to what we see in the Clone Wars. Tv show there is also a custom hero portraits showing off the skin. If you prefer to use that over the one we have in the game already, this just shows what is possible with mesh importing and incredible talents from the modding community. This is by far one of the best skins we’ve ever has best. Mods we’ve ever had for bow front, and it really is phenomenal and maybe one day just one day, we may get this from dice in a dice quality assets which would look absolutely phenomenal, but until then we have this and is multiplayer compatible. You can use this online, there is a risk of being banned, but there is free of any mod. So if you want to check this out and use this, make sure you do because it looks fantastic and it works so well, you can find our load links to every single one of these mods in the description below and be sure to. Let me know down in the comment section or using the poll in the top right hand corner the screen, which mods were your favorite this week. If we take a look at the polling results for last week’s episodes, the second sister, which did come runner-up for me, took the majority of the votes at 58 %. The purge troopers follows at 26 %.

Thus, if jet troopers took eight percent, whilst the DEF trooper and the new republic officer was tied at three percent, I also want to let you guys know that I did make a top 10 mods of the Year 2019 video that went live yesterday. So if you did not see that go check that out go check out my channel and on my page it will be next. This video, thank you very much watching this video and, if you enjoyed it, please do drop like and subscribe and turn notifications on. For more battlefront 2 mod showcases can’t wait to see what 20/20 brings for modding and thank you very much for watching again check out any of the two previous videos on screen. If you do miss them – and I shall see you all my next Star Wars – Battlefront 2 – video goodbye – you

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