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Hello, everyone, my name, is as a true: how are you and welcome to another Star Wars, Battlefront too much showcase video and it is the top 5 mods of the week episode 95 and I’ve got 5 really awesome wants to share with you this week. I’M just gon na get straight into the top 5 countdown and in 5th place this week I have the rise of Skywalker Lando Calrissian mod.

This changes Lando’s look to make him look like what he does in the rise of sky war. He using the limited assets available in battlefront to Lana does sort of wear the same attire during the film, but it just make the Billy Dee Williams head look a little bit older with some gray here and there and just ages him a little bit now. What’S really cool about this mod is that it does include a custom portrait image, so that is also a nice touch. It is not about effort, considering the limited assets available and limitations with Battlefront 2 modding, I’m going to be giving fourth place to the end or Luke skin mods from game tsf and Satan using mesh importing and custom textures.

It replaces the Hoth and default appearances for Luke with his Endor attire that we see in Return of the Jedi. This is a skin seen in Battlefront, 2015 and I’d love to see its comeback as an additional skin in Bal front to burst. If you can’t wait that long, you can get this mod right now and it will change the default and Hoth appearances to Endor Luke Plus you have that green lightsaber as well. The mod I’m giving third place means a lot to me because halo is my favorite game franchise ever and I never thought I’d see the day where I would be able to play as one of my favorite characters of all time: Master Chief in Star Wars, this Mod from nanobots imports Master Chief from Halo, 4 and 5, the latest version of Master Chief into the game.

It replaces Finn’s default appearance and you can just play as Master Chief taking out enemies. Just like you was in the Halo games. Now it looks fantastic. It’S not perfect, but it works really really well. I just wished he was a lot taller, because Master Chief in halo is fairly tall, but nevertheless nano buds has done a great job importing this over and he mentions that there will be a future updates to this mod, which includes better detail Maps, a custom, halo, Dmr mesh imports for blasters and custom gun sound effects from bf one.

I cannot wait to use halo DMR on the battle fronts, so I really hope that releases soon and in the runner-up position for this top 5 mods of the week episode is the Delta Squad. Member Boss, Mars from Jean zine, so this changes the default appearance of the clone commando to be accurate to boss. As seen in the Republic Commando games, it makes use of deco noxes on murids clone commando mod, to make it even more accurate and what’s really cool about this mod is that it looks very nice. The texture work is very, very good and you have custom text. So it replaces the clone commando information with boss and then the description is even changed as well. With a nice little profile of boss himself.

There is a custom portrait image, so in the respawn menu you will see boss instead of a standard clone commando. There is even a custom star card image which looks fantastic. I really like this one, and it just goes really really well with this mod. Unfortunately, it makes the other cloak matter. Skins broken a little bit, but you won’t be using those. I doubt when you have this enabled Delta 38 ake a boss is available in battlefront 2.

Thanks to this awesome mod and the winner of this top 5 mods of the week, episode is a mod from Daniel Knox and it is the brand new Jango Fett mod. This is the ultimate Jango Fett experience without dice bringing hint about him to this mod features. So much detail, Boba Fett’s character model was the base, but additional brand new custom meshes were added on to it, including the JT 12 jetpack used by Jango Fett’s. During the Battle of Geonosis, this is a hunch percent custom custom mesh importing does not stop there, though.

The EE free of Boba Fett’s is replaced with the West r34 blaster pistol that we see Jango use throughout Attack of the Clones. The aiming animation has even been changed when using this, and it looks and works. Fantastic, dengue or NOx says that this should be okay to use online. There is always a risk, however, but no one has been banned using it yet going back to what it looks like it has high-definition textures. So the look of this character just stands out so much.

It’S got great level work and accessories all across his armor. I think this is by far one of the most accurate hero. Mods we’ve seen in Balfron 2 and the customization doesn’t stop there. You have custom text in the UI replacing Boba Fett’s, so it gives you even more immersion there. There is a custom hero portrait as you deck space along size, custom, star card images, which, in my opinion, are the best custom star card images we’ve had for a mod ever they are very, very good. They really look like they could be part of the game. If it was to be made by dice, it’s awesome. They’Re very well renders they’re not just in game screenshots using ansel.

They are actually rendered images, but that is not where it ends. No deco Knox went a whole step further, making a custom slave one texture replacing the default slave one skin, we see in the game. So it looks straight out of attack of the clones, but there is even a better detail: part of slave 1, so on Daniel Knox’s last Jango Fett mods, which you saw in my top 10 months of the year.

I said the low poly model of Boba Fett’s was retexture to look like Jango Fett’s and, whilst that was all well and good, Jango Fett doesn’t use his helmets when piloting this ship in attack of the clones Daniel Knox created a brand new model that has Jango Fett’S without his helmet on but his flying headset on, and it just looks amazing to think a modder did. This is just really really cool and if we ever did get jango fett in the game. This is what I’d expect from dice. I don’t want people saying in the comment section this magis tree textures Babur fats.

That is not true. You can tell how much work has gone into this with the custom mesh importing and you don’t realize if you don’t do modding just how much work this takes. They he’ll not spend many hours making this and I’m so glad we are kicking off 2019. With this be sure to, let me know your top 5 must week use in the comment section. All the poll in the top right hand corner of the screen.

As for last week’s polling results as you’d expect, the cyborg likes more mods took the win, but with a massive majority of 75 percent, followed by the Republic gon na Mars, attempt sent very closely followed by the rise of Skywalker, a mod at 9 %, the Clone Wars skins took 3 percent and Poe’s x-wing.

We should have had a lot higher, only got 1 % now, if you are interested in getting top 5 most the week a whole day before anybody else consider becoming your channel member, your supporting the channel and you get exclusive content like behind the scenes. Content extra community tab posts and, of course, emojis and more in live streams plus top 5 most week a day early. Thank you very much for watching this video. I really hope you enjoyed it, and this is the first of 2019.

I can’t wait to see what modding happens next week and throughout the rest of the year. Please do drop like if you enjoyed it subscribe. If you aren’t around here and check out any of the two previous videos on screen, if you did miss them – and I shall see you all my next Star Wars – Battlefront 2 video goodbye – you

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