Stormbringer Karanda, Patrigio Secret Shop Update, Guild Boss Revamp (Sneak Peek 09 Des 2020)


Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about Sneak Peek for 9 December 2020 maintenance update Okay, before we go to official website Special Thanks to all my Membership for direct support via Patreon, Karyakarsa, or Youtube Membership And also my current member Lowch, DubyaDude, LeeChamp, Spartan Guild from NA server, JimmySnakes, Doki, Ellion, Trancestor, Doughnuts as Gold member and also all my Silver and Bronze Member Thank you so much for all your direct support This will make Chris Poli Channel running and growing more faster. And if you want to join my membership to support me directly, you can go to any platform for Patreon, Karyakarsa, and Youtube Membership I already put link for this membership on this video description or you can check on top right on this video I already put card for Patreon Link. as you see this is 9 December 2020 maintenance notice and as always this maintenance will occur at 6 AM Until 10 AM GMT +8 and at this time website also will be maintenance okay, The reason for this update first, they will revamp Patrigio secret shop.

If you watch my previous video about Global Lab update at 26 November 2020, I already share about Patrigio secret Market revamp. So after this maintenance, Patrigio will no longer offer you Sicil Necklace, Blue Whale molar earring Tree Spirit’s Belt Witch’s earring Mark of the Shadow and any boss weapons, sub weapon, and awakening weapon that specific for each character and Patrigio will offer higher grade accessory like Tungrad accessory layten’s Power Stone and any other new accessory that just released recently and also this new Patrigio will have chance to offer you advice or valk +100 until +20, but the price for this advice of valk will follow for its Rarity.

I mean for advice of valk +100 it will be more rare and more expensive then others and also Patrigio will offer your Caphras stone bundle supreme cooking utensil and supreme Alchemy tool. valks cry bundle, Crystal extraction tool and Elion’s tear box and this new Patrigio still maintain their offer like any kind world boss gear for weapon and armor book of combat one day ,yellow gear accessory Patrigio bag costume and any kind of enhancing material and I think for this new Patrigio is worth to try for this advice of valk +100, but just prepare your energy and your silver after this maintenance if you got advice of valk +100 offer from Patrigio, you can share this information in this video comment section.

I still curious about how much price for this advice of valk +100 from new Patrigio black market. Okay, next up that they will add Stormbringer Karanda If you watch my previous video about Global Lab update at 22 October 2020, I have mention about this Karanda Singing Strom. Actually, this is translation from Korean language, and we already have this exact name for this new Karanda Stormbringer Karanda and same as previous nightmare Kzarka and Bloody Nouver this Stormbringer Karanda will appear with chance replace our previous schedule Karanda and as always after this maintenance because this Stormbringer Karanda just add in our live server. We will got new event for exact appearance for this Stormbringer Karanda, and be careful when you encounter this Stormbringer Karanda because when this Stormbringer Karanda nearly died, she will summon some Tornado on Center of her nest when you go near this spawn tornado at the center of Karanda nest you will got bounce off from this Karanda nest and got damaged from falling damage.

So be careful when this Stormbringer Karanda nearly die just take some distance for a while until this tornado disappeared and we can start attacking her again until she die. And if you lucky enough to participate at this Stormbringer Karanda, you will have chance to get Karanda’s Heart actually Karanda’s Heart Like Garmoth’s Heart you can use it to enhance your awakening weapon to become have one slot. And I think this Karanda’s Heart have higher chance to drop then Garmoth’s Heart Okay next update they will revamp Guild Boss for Giant Mudster and Ancient Puturum actually this Giant Mudster and Ancient Puturum buff for Guild Boss This is Implement from Global Lab update at 26 November 2020 after this maintenance done if your Guild summon this Giant Mudster this Giant Mudster will more stronger than before and also this Giant Mudster can healing its Self so make sure your Guild have enough DPS for kill this new Giant Mudster and also for this new Ancient Puturum will summon 4 pillar to cast its powerful attack, but you can cancel this attack by destroying all these pillar before it finished to cast its powerful attack and this new Giant Mudster and this new Ancient Puturum will give you a reward bundle that have more valuable than before.

Okay That’s all the reason for this update. Next about ending Event there are two event that will end after this maintenance done first, event that will end is event Silver Horn Fish is in Season. So after this maintenance done, this Silver Horn Fish will no longer available to fish at certain event area like Velia, Heidel, Port Epheria, and Altinova but after this maintenance done this Silver Horn Fish will not deleted and still stay on your inventory and you can sell it anytime to any NPC vendor to get silver reward from this event. Okay next event that will end is Guild Boss Ferrid Raid Wielding the Power of Burning Magma. Actually This is event by attending killing this new Ferrid guild boss. And if you already participated in your guild raid for this new Guild boss Ferrit you will get this Elixir reward that will send at 16 December 2020 maintenance.

So if you want to get this elixir Draught and perfume by attending this event, you can ask your guild to summon this new Ferrid Guild boss. before this maintenance start because if your guild summon After this maintenance done. This reward will not send on your in-game mail at next maintenance. Okay guys, that’s all ending event that will end after this maintenance done. And that’s it Sneak Peek for 9 December 2020 maintenance. If you like this video, you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update. Thank you for watching. See you next time..

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