Super Animal Royale Holiday Preview – (?Top Down FPS) First Impressions Livestream


You you you what is going on wonderful people, welcome back! Welcome back, I hope, you’re ready cuz, I’m sure not. I am on Ryan I’m running on like four hours of sleep right now, but I just got off work getting ready to play some super animal battle. Royale, oddly enough, the only battles that seem to go for it seem to be top down, so why not keep the trend going and jump right into the skinny? One second: is this music is awesome, but I don’t fully trust it. I don’t know why, but you can’t be too careful. Sometimes companies love to claim that kind of stuff hold on one second customize this, how I turn this off? Actually, I don’t even know if you can. Oh there we go okay, I got it cool. Let’S do this okay, I didn’t even bother turning the light on this time. What’S going on perky, what’s up hey Robin welcome, welcome! What’S up scum, what’s going on dragon how’s it going silent! What’S? Oh, my god, you’re always here man what’s up dude hold on a second, I’ve got to get everything ready to go. Oh I’ve also got to track the game that probably helped holy crap.

Who is that for Li Jie’s right on the money what’s going on before? We thank you so much. I appreciate the sub. I am going to die so hard today tonight, but the wise man once said if you’re gon na die better die right. Okay, so we’re gon na be playing as a bear. Is this furry simulator L fairy Royale? Yes, it is yes, it is yeah. I had to make sure I set the actual tag right. Sometimes I forget to do that because I’m a dummy all right, so we’re gon na jump into this we’re just gon na go all in you know I like top-down ones. I don’t know how this is gon na go, but this one I played it like one game two days ago and it was actually pretty interesting. I was so distracted with playing this. This land is my land and banna Lord and everything else, but you know that one game that I got in between everything was pretty sweet. Also, I’m trying to make sure that my frames just don’t implode on themselves, so I’m gon na keep on alt tabbing out of this stuff. Whenever I can okay man, I cannot wait for those new releases next year. It’S gon na be fantastic, especially Vanna, Lord and some other games.

I’M surprised that I’ve been playing multiplayer this much. This is the first time I’ve ever jumped in the multiplayer is when I actually had to in banner Lord it’s crazy. I never would have did it otherwise I mean if, if I had just been able to jump into the campaign, I’m sure well, I’m sure a lot of people would have just jumped into the campaign actually but bill. It’S fine pick. My last name medieval go squid Morris, I’m gon na I’m gon na paint you as a squid Morris, totally squid Morris guaranteed. I’M gon na die, go for the a K going for the a K. Alright, let’s see how Lou, let’s see how long we can live. Okay, well, I barely knew how to pick crap up last time. What is this a hamster ball? Oh, my god! This is kind of cool.

Actually, it’s all body, armor! Shame! Oh nice, dude body armor the weight. How do you use the grenade? Then? I was four. Okay, number, four, all right! So three is my sword: I’m a sword, I’m a level one present see how long we can live. I don’t know man how many people we got 46 dude. I don’t know about this. Close its beer wait last name for what and now I’m curious. It’S a purse conch advancing I’m inside the bubble, we’re good! Oh shit, yeah dude, no way! Okay, hey! I need to heal shit, [, Music, ]! Okay! I got ta find a way to heal. Oh made it to the 22 banana. Oh no and I don’t play battle rails when he players remaining. I love this ache. Hey though you guys saw that right, dad somebody died shit. Oh fuck, huh, [, Music, ], yeah, no hahaha, okay. I was actually kind of cool, though I liked it. I actually kind of like this one. It’S kind of fun, whoo, festive sweater, I’ll.

Take that place number 15! That’S not my that’s not my worst! It’S not my worst guaranteed. I’Ve had worse all right. Let’S, let’s get back in there got someone named, not a bot delt. Let me get in on this. Oh, it’s bear. Oh okay. I was making the shitty book because you chose bear. I did not catch on to that lately. I did not catch on to that man crap here we go. Do these guys, I’m going right here! Oh tonight, dude. I got tape. Oh yeah! You want to mess with me. Now you don’t! Oh crap, okay, I can’t go across the water, got that lapping Jax. A banana nice, I don’t mind a shotgun somebody’s already dead. Well, hell yeah got a rare Magnum okay hold on. I got a couch this here, a little bit. Okay, that works. You see how fast this thing shoots, not that fast poison, darts kinda reminds me of soldat. Oh crap, we got ta go oh crap! No, no! No yeah, okay! Where’S! That ball got it. Take my hose to the whole town, road J, I’m screwing up! Well! This is better than I expected at least 25 fuck. Sorry bro, I’m supposed to use the gift, for. I wonder oh crap they’re gon na get sucked up by the green ooh pistol – oh my god, dang top ten I’ll, take it but Dean that guy destroyed me good play. I should be dodging like crazy.

I really should be not too shabby for Lee how about yourself the games are going so quick though okay, let’s see the trick is to just keep on. You know dodging like that. I guess depends on if you’re in a firefight, though I guess hold on. Let me actually look at the controls. Okay, so V super jump. Roll heel is Q, creep got it. That was the main one. I was looking for honestly working on improving your line. Work. Oh, what are you drawing next? Are you gon na? Do the oh? You know what I’m curious about. I wonder if they’ll ever actually like a new world, allow you to put custom guild, banners and stuff like that up on your settlements. Does that be kind of cool? Maybe have your own custom house banner, or something like that? I just want to see I saw that they had that mage Twitter post today he got magic. I just want them to go full in-depth on what exactly will be able to see spell wise and also how it’s gon na look when we imbue our weapons see he used to use pick up previous weapon. Okay, back repair, armor super tape. Gotcha see super tape.

Okay, that’s gon na help a lot good so want that I’ve made so much goal in our cage. I know you you probably would’ve made of oh yeah. I got ta see how that goes I’ll, be pretty cool eleven seconds here we go! Oh yes! Now everybody is joining on in these games. These matches go really fast. This is probably one of the more popular battle rails. That’S not one of the mainstream ones like one of the probably one of the more popular small, indie ones, there’s quite a bit of those actually I’m gon na drop right over there. I’M feeling lucky shit. Oh fuck fuck! I can’t reload. Oh fuck, oh shit. Oh boy, fuck, you, ah, okay, he’ll, you bastard! Oh nice, talk about ridiculous that also been playing Conan Exiles with envious nice. I think I saw a little bit of them playing seemed like they had stuff set up pretty nicely over there and CEOs. Ceo was telling me he was watching them to you. Oh nice, goodies gon na take the SMG, Oh dad’s, probably gon na get be gon na, be good practice for new world too right. Oh crap bullshit, yes, reload, [, Music, ] I’ll! Do it?

I’M worried here need it to the top 13. It’S gon na be so hard for me to actually win, though I don’t see that happening get to the circle aka. I wish it was a green one though it’s people left knock on there. Oh shit he’s dead. Nice, oh my god, nice fuck. How are we supposed to get in there? Oh! No! Oh! No! Oh my god! No super sunk stupid! I messed myself up. Well, it looks like they won. Let’S take a look at who’s, a silenced pistol. I like that permanent candy-cane. This is crazy. If I can level an entire forest I’ll be happy, you know what actually that does sound nice and not having to worry about. You know: rationing off the wood, that’s the best part up, GG guys. I got number four that I’ll take that that’s fine with me totally fine I’ll. Take that okay, let’s go the future orange name, my candy King, it’s kind of cool! I you can customize your little animal. I guess I want to see what kind of uh uh phew got to do to get that orange name, though that looks pretty cool it might be. It might be something that’s like part of a package or it could just mean that they’re super cool living in a frozen wasteland with nothing but wolves and more wolves. I know, honestly, that a game that actually works. It sounds like a good idea.

It does sound like a good idea when it actually works, though that’s the thing, that’s how they get you that’s how they get you yeah. I can’t believe what happened there in that game. It’S such a nightmare overall [, Music ]. I mean we had some nice moments in that list. What’S up chip how’s it going we had, we did have some nice moments, that’s true. It had its. It had its moments when we were trying to you know, tame the yetis and when we were doing the actual like clan wars, that stuff was pretty fun. That stuff was pretty sweet, but it feels like when you look back at it. It’S just. Some of that was just so few far and few in between craziness mm-hmm, that’s a good spot to land, actually where they went over there to the right. I’M gon na go this way. Oh yeah buddy, please don’t land before me, Oh yep! What is that? Oh Ron Ron, Oh [, Music, ], oh boy, I don’t have a gun, yet I got ta get one hold on. Oh no way, you’ve got to be kidding me. Unicorn girl, you piece of crap, oh you’re, good with that sniper, though okay I’ll take it 46. That’S just terrible, Oh terrible new world, though new world does sound. Nice does sound very nice right now. I can’t wait til we get some of it. Actually, I should have taken a look at what I could use to customize my character. Everyone was stuck on the Brig to get the K 14 when that yeah. When that ship blew up and then oh man we had to yeah, then it randomly sinks.

That was the worst that was the worst. I still can’t believe that that part happened. That part was the absolute worst and then, on top of that, like not being able to get all that stuff cuz, we found so much stuff on that boat and then it just randomly sinks like that. Come on man, if a game ever does enable. Again though, I just hope they take their time with it. Because, honestly, you know it’s it’s, it’s really rough. If a game doesn’t at all, it’s just completely terrible [ Music, ], shotgun blast them all come on, come on come on come on come on, come on! Oh shit got you: oh my god that was so close. Whoa buddy in your face in my face too donk bombs, Opie shit, Oh armour, would be my defying right about now how we’re good, Oh where’s, your armor at damn. Oh, you had armor Hooper tape. What happened? Oh well, you’re talking about like with the ship cuz that was stupid.

What happened? We found this? We found this. I don’t even remember what type of ship it was. It might have been a Brig. We found this really awesome ship that had all this loot in it, and then we decided to bring the whole gang over and we just made. I think we pretty much just made a new big ship and then all at once for some reason, while we were like loading everything onto the ship it just started sinking, though, then we lost both ships because we decided to start sinking the one that we were Looting while we were yeah it was, it was a sticky situation. Basically do not recommend do the circle of life I’ll! Never forgive myself for that, and people died over here holy crap wait. What is that? Oh, my god, rare deagle, look at that. I should have got the uz2, I just messed up: ooh nevermind. I got a Tom and Thompson. Oh hell, yeah, okay got myself a grenade. Oh my god.

I killed them. Oh fuck, oh boy, oh shit come on tape. Holy Sh, no way, no fucking way. It’S just being him: oh my god, where’s ya. Use me. I got ta focus right now. Oh shit, no clothes! Oh, my god! Why all I had to do was not mess up. I started shooting way too late, Roger that poorly I was so close. Oh, my god, that’s terrible! Super DNA magnet! Oh sweet! Okay! Let me take a look at this stuff. Oh nice, I got a Santa hat, no glasses, though oh that’s, so so depressing, though, why? Just why bet? If you played this for long enough dude, I could totally there’s a machine gun or a mini gun. I could totally see the appeal in this game. Cuz. If you play this for long enough, you could have a ton of fun with it. You can get a lot of different, customizations and stuff like that grade five items of the same rarity. Okay, let’s go it’s actually kind of fun. It was super close though for Lee it was no close.

Yet so far, oh my god. Oh my god. That person looks awesome, wait a minute. I need to look at you toffee logic, looking good, this actually gets kind of addicting just a bit. I’M never gon na live that down, though oh I like that design, though it’s pretty cool all your points belong to me. Oh here we go Robson’s my favorites. Oh I’m going for that blue, really guys nah. It was oh, you can keep it. You can keep it as he lost musi. Damn hit me pretty bad. Actually, oh right! Okay, little got ta get little to you, nice. The hell is the delivery mole and figure that out [ Music ] that full-on super tape. Okay, 30 players. Remaining. We go [ Music, ], something happen in here, holy crap, where the hell he go now that guy’s totally got him. Oh oops. We saw that. Oh no, I feel so guilty. It had to happen, though he was too much of a baller. He had to take him out and that sucks do you barricade shit, fuck fuck? No, oh there goes me nah. Ah, damn okay item delivery come on. Show me what you got. Oh nice I’ll. Take that super DNA magnet a super dog DNA beep receiver. Ah man Jiji had to happen. Mr

Cia had to happen, you know it had to happen. Sir [, Music, ], okay, I won’t be seeing that guy for a while [ Music ], okay. Well, he gets the gun. First, then: oh fuck, Oh [, Music, ], strawberry, princess okay. I need duct tape. Oh God, [ Music ]. I got it! No, no! No! No! Stick up with the a K [ Music ] hold on holy crap, yes, [, Music, ], [, Music ]. When how go one he’ll wonder how one would go about shooting poison darts. I think I saw that guy oh yeah whoa, which one was the rare one. Okay doesn’t matter, I guess there is no rare one lied to me game, [, Music, ], actually on tape. Okay, pop that crap off, please delivery. Mall has arrived. Also, that’s where he spawns: okay, oh hello, Thompson, Oh armor, level, 3, hello, baby! Forget the delivery, mall! Okay! Yeah! I know that’s. I know that scared you because it scares the crap out of me too. Oh shit, fuck wasting my my bombs. Why is this alcoholic?

Bear with guns, terrorizing the town because he’s awesome: this is the Adult Swim version of GTA. Actually there was a game called Annie Mountain and I forgot, but it actually did kind of play out like this a little bit. Oh, my god, hello, uh-uh where’d. He go bloody boys over here somewhere, oh shit, damn oh you’ve got to be kidding me, sir name one again, oh man and in the stupidest way he was gon na win. Anyway, though, look at that gun look at the gun I’ll take the bow. It is pretty cool yeah, that’s pretty sweet. I dig it so close though, and the games go pretty fast here yeah, I can get into like the final five. That’S okay, but once I get to that point and below it’s like too much pressure, look what do i do from here? This is actually a pretty fun game. I know we were so close. We were so close. It’S so far bring it on bring it on tophi until toki went down last round. I like that. Machete, though we meet again be the last time we meet tophi before the battle begins holy crap it this guy. Here we go, I’m not ejecting just yet all right. Let’S do it! Oh, oh! It’S over it’s over! For me. I might die like right when I just want in probably wouldn’t be surprised. Give me that shotty give me that Alma rare good luck. Oh my god! It F myself over alright carpet had to be done. Oh crap, no, more tape. Okay, I need to get a boozy or something huh. How do you use those poison darts anyway? I don’t have a lot of bullets right now. Oh shit, Oh bastard, gotcha, oh fuck! Your bullet okay got ta, get the SMG, someone didn’t grab the Thompson shit end players, the remaining more skunk bombs need more skunk bombs. Oh my god. No Hanny Issel, you got me dang. Oh, he was like one life.

I should have had that. I actually should have had that mustache, my stuff. Okay, it was worth it to get the mustache. Oh wait. I should have waited research lab. I haven’t seen that before it’s one ranked one. That’S all! I need one win all I want look if this guy’s got a lightsaber this guy ago it was a valiant effort, we tried and we died, but we died with honor doh nope right about now. Oh I’m jelly land outside land outside outside Linnet site he’s gon na lose that Thompson guaranteed. Oh shit, beer, my candy cane, all I get is a Magnum yeah. No super tape. Are you serious still? No super tape. Damn and I got a Magnum, not gon na. Go well alright, let’s retrace our steps. Steps really quick here great seriously, though the tape. Where be the tape, I think I saw armor over here, nope nevermind, my only chance. Ah, Oh subject orange hey! If it wasn’t, if it wasn’t death to me, it would have been death to the fog either way. Man, I’m sorry. I had to be done. I missed the present funk bomb [, Music ], oh crap. Oh my god. No no Jace got me. [ Music, ] Jase is gon na win it disqualified. Oh, so you can get different. Oh wow, that’s interesting, get different kinds of skins use magnet. Actually I don’t mind that that’s kind of cool the red card? No, it looks pretty sweet too. Well. Okay, oh wait. Wait, no! No! No! No! No! I didn’t mean to do that. Well looks like we’re doing it, even though I don’t have a squad. Oh that’s me dead, nah! No, no, don’t even try don’t even try it. No stop dummy! Oh my god! [ Music, ] Olo!

There we go, isn’t this game a bit older rip? Indeed, yes, it is yeah, it’s um. It’S like 20 Tina SHhhh. I think they had this new holiday event that was going on bill. Quite a few people that play it what’s up. Jay holy crap sky looks insane, oh, my god level, 3 armor do I dare, and I can go straight for that – easy yeah. Actually this game itself, though it’s not too bad. It is old. Ah, lucky bastard, oh my god edges board right now. I know that feeling out of games to play video got born. You know my fire, I kingdom, under fire, what’s going on over there, I just don’t get it. I feel I feel like that one definitely it could have been really really fun to play throughout. You know the entire few months leading up to the new year and then also even like even ask the new year I wish wish they had a better grip on what exactly was gon na happen with the content stuff like that cuz it’s hard to know. Oh boy, okay, please don’t chase me, please don’t chase me! Please don’t raise me! Oh man, Oh Shh, oh man I had to. I had to aim like nobody is aim before there who buddy Thomson. Oh, my god is this real life. I totally not sure what to do with yourself. Honestly, I think everybody just wait until the new year, all the games that are gon na be coming next year. It’S probably gon na be a whole whole hell of a lot better. I mean you got like fantasy star and banner Lord and stuff like that coming out in March, and then you know stuff in April and May and who knows what else just hope it all works out, though the only thing Oh holy crap, a minigun, I never Used these before huh Rapinoe, more duct tape, cool talk about super, damn close nice. I might be able to win the mattress with this minigun new world hype.

I know people are excited for it’s gon na, be awesome, I’m actually looking forward to seeing how it goes. I just want to see sandboxes work out again. That’S a genre that really hasn’t had a really hasn’t had a good track for a little while where’d he go. It’S like we’re doing. Armor too now. Oh, Oh buddy, okay, fucking pay attention. Fuckin pay attention! No javi! Ah, solo solo, damn you got me wow, that’s so frustrating and we were like that close just a sliver of health away. That many Gunn was amazing, though that hopefully lost our panel of New World and cetera. I wish we would get a Western release for Lost Ark. There’S some other, like Chinese MMORPGs, that I’m waiting on you’re really nice to see them come to the west. Maybe a moonlight blade might finally get an announcement. Oh my god. That’S frustrating! Okay! You know! I should be glad, though, like top five is really good.

Top five is really good. Plus we got a lot of engagement that ran quite a bit at least quite a bit. It’S just like Bam Bam, Bam Austin, it was really it was so close. I was man if I had just one more piece of armor on I would have been, would have been so golden. I think you new boss, a pal, come back here. Get over here. Where’D he go. Oh man he’s gone. Oh, let me hit you huh go close get so far. Oh, I saw it coming. You bastard yo. You really! You gon na be like that. Try it again! Yeah! Oh got you! Well, that’s two for me: guaranteed mortal enemy this entire round. I’M going up for him all right here. We go. Do that. Let me go go this way, not looking good. Okay, it’s got a pistol, oh my god, relax man. Damn he’s still on us fuck, I told you to relax. Okay, it gave no crap. He wasn’t even trying to lose. You he’s gunning for me like damned AIDS, let’s just grenades. I need my armor 24. We can do this if you believe magic anything’s possible. Oh hey, mr

Legendary deagle, oh dear poor tape, whoa! What’S that a Thompson? Oh oh shit, Oh [, Laughter, ], [, Music, ]. Sometimes you got to ask yourself how bad do you want it? How bad do you want it? Oh, my god, Frank you bastard bull! Oh man, fuck shit. Ah damn no! Oh damn you Henry okay! I want to see who wins. Goodnight T I’m! Okay! With that this time I want to see you ones he’s real good with that sniper. Oh he’s got this yeah Henry Annie he’s got it how’d. It go oh man, it was. It was so close though it was so close, at least in terms of like getting the number one n you bastard, you got a battle-axe. I want to see. I really want to see a couple: the RPGs that are coming out next year, too, there’s gon na be a couple cool ones like medieval dynasties, that’s one of them, but there’s also, I forgot what the other ones are. They’Re on Steam, though, like random ones, that you can put on your wish list. I hope that we get some actual early access games that feel like full releases, though – or at least we get. Some full releases that you know are just able to be enjoyed on Steam would be nice, oh no. We might be waiting in here for a little while I think the game we’ve already started, the other game.

That’S right got a guy in a grenade t-shirt with the mustache shooting a Gatling gun, you’re gon na do these points are mine. I’M not getting points. I got to be behind the line. How you supposed to get points here, though, that it make sense game, starting game, seems to have more players on fire. I know right when you queue up. You actually get a game relatively quick. It’S pretty sad, though honestly. I think it’s gon na lose its chance to be good, because next year it’s just gon na get completely buried by all that’s coming out, not to mention like the next the next year after that, there’s just gon na be even more it’s gon na be crazy. I feel like 2020 is going to be the year of surprises uh-oh. I got a bad feeling about this. One, Oh oh, never mind, so we eats where that guy land – oh fuck. I got. Oh man, please don’t come over here! Well, how we’re just doing that with duct tape yeah, I got really lucky getting level three armor. Ah crap. I just screwed myself dummy nobody comes over here then I’m gon na deserve to die at this point. I’M done it just started. No calm. Man can’t cone. This is war, those dudes need to calm, though they were coming at me so hard. Actually, I guess I came with them.

First banana presents now got to keep my rank. My level 3 rap. I might have to stick with level 2. I don’t know not enough time: do it got ta? Go! Oh crap, Hey no longer need new grenades. Oh baby! This is my lucky day. What this is. I don’t think he saw it. I had to think he’s hot okay time to go. Oh, oh man, crazy! Pablo with the mustache going ham, oh crap, who killed him? Who hurt you? Well, I guess I found out hardy bush. I’M no grenades! Oh boy! Oh oh man! If I had a grenade right now, Oh all right! I got ta get that green armor. Damn! Oh, my god. Oh no, no! No Hanny! You bastard come on dude, oh my god! He got him. He got him. I think he’s got a grenade and he’s gon na win again. Look at this guy kill him. You know, of course, not, of course not. You can’t get any yeah. Henry Penney is owning it today, him destroying I’m not gon na lie, that’s actually pretty cool, it’s pretty cool game. I can see it being a fun one you could play with friends or even by yourself cuz. The games go so fast. They, just you know, keep on going. It’S crazy, my god Annie. Look at this guy, he doesn’t stop, he just doesn’t stop. Is this would be the last one? This is Henny’s night. I need to win a duel game, losing fun BV. All right, you ready to drop Robin. What do we got? Oh God, ooh, [, Laughter ], who stands still what the hell Pete? Oh shit, hey you teamers get out of here.

He knows I got the Thompson run. I can’t lose him. Oh, my god. That was so dirty though fuck, oh I’m dad. I actually might die. Oh, oh, my god, oh nice, to meet you Armour holy crap. Oh shit, who’s! Next huh where’s, the other guy. Where is he huh? Hi Susan? Oh, I start off so strong. I don’t know how it’s just so crazy. This is this. Is nuts five kills? I don’t get it I’ll take it. That was honestly crazy. No, that was, I love the skunk bombs. I really do because they make it. They make it where you like immediately have to move out of it, or else you die, so you have to basically play by the enemy’s rules at that point, bringing Armour oh yeah. Now, if a hinny comes along, I’m super dead, though guys just am NOT just a monster. We’Re in the right place get me some way. Some super tape, then Henny comes from behind exactly the guy just comes from nowhere. Where are the super tapes? You know Haney’s in the top ten he’s just waiting for it. Okay, that’s a little bit of a problem I have to get out of here. Nice, oh shit. Oh my god Ron! Pity!

No! Oh! It’S mushy! Oh man! I hate you so much right now! No okay, I got see you win. You know what, as long as it’s not Henny come on mushy, I believe in you yeah yeah, that name of your nightmares tonight it might be a mixture of honey and smushy. Oh, you got hitting no wait. That’S far, that’s Fox kitty, oh my god. Okay, so much you might be able to redeem this come on smash yeah! You are the chosen one see who goes up against smushy, though Oh permanent, Oh peppermint, Thompson, I’m saying that looks. Sick Jim reveal holy crap come on anybody. Can you can how’d, he switch between people. I don’t think he can. Actually crap he’s got a 3/3 armor he’s got this come on their own. What you got smushy, please. It’S only two left there. They got ta get in there they’re inside guaranteed and we got throw a grenade in there or something. Oh, oh, my she’s got the round. He’S got he’s, got that guy at least and then the last one. Of course that looks like Hanny did that honey? That’S a hundred percent got ta, be any half. Unfortunately, smush she’s going right where he wants him. I didn’t even know he was there holy cow, Oh burnt, fuse. You know what that’s actually okay burnt fuse.

Look at him go holy crap. That was pretty cool. I got ta say that if you guys want to try that out highly recommend it, that was pretty interesting for sure. Alright, I got to get to bed. I got another ten-hour shift tomorrow and then, after that I get to be off for two days. So that’s gon na be fun. I like the new schedule, it’s kind of like I get two days on work, then two days off and then two days on work, then one day off, it’s split, but only work four days a week. So it’s nice all right guys, I’m gon na call it you guys have a good night. I am exhausted. I will catch for next time later people any didn’t win week.

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