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Super Mario Maker 2 Exceeds 10 Million Courses! + Upload Cap Raised to 100


[ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], hey everyone Andre here with a quick news update about Super Mario maker 2, because Nintendo just announced on Twitter last night that the game has now had over 10 million stages created for it. That’S right there and now over 10 million stages for you to play in Super Mario maker 2.

If you haven’t already started so yeah, that’s quite a bit of content to get through and it seems to be a pretty impressive figure for a game that came out just a little bit over six months ago now I thought you’d fun to see how much faster That is than the original game. Now, unfortunately, we don’t have any exact figures for the original game, at least for 10 million. However, the tendo had announced on May 17th back in 2016 that the series, or that the game had reached 7.2 million stages created.

So it did some super rough math here that may or may not be entirely accurate, but I believe that means a Super. Mario maker 2 is basically operating at pace 80 % faster than the original game, so that is pretty darn impressive. So, hey hats off to you Super Mario maker. Now, let’s celebrate the occasion and encourage even more level creation. Nintendo has now raised a kappa.

How many stages you can upload to the game itself originally started off at 32 levels, then those raised of 64, but now they tend to raise, did one more time all the way to 100. That’S right! You can now create 100 stages in Super Mario maker 2 and upload them for your friends or the world to play. So that’s kind of neat and with that, that’s about all we have for you. So what do you think about this news?

Are you surprised by how quickly supply maker to reach 10 million stages, and are you going to create more stages yourself now, now that the cat’s been raised? Let us know a post in the comments below and with that, thanks for watching and, of course, stay tuned to GameXplain for lots more on Super Mario maker 2 and everything else Nintendo as well, we’ll catch you later bye,

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