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The Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2019 featuring EVERYBODY


Oh hello, I totally saw you there because I planned this video week ago I have been primed now to this tree. I learned to do a video about the best switch games of the year. The only problem is, I haven’t, played them all and my tastes might be very different than yours. Given the timing of this video’s release, I want to do something a little bit special for the holidays, so I enlisted the help of literally everybody that I know with the Nintendo focus on YouTube and, to my surprise, all of them wanted to contribute a little something It was honestly very humbling to know that everybody wanted to help do something on this little channel. It really means a lot. Yes, that’s right, Bab! This is a favorite Nintendo switch games for 2019 and I can’t wait so without further ado. Here are our top youtuber Nintendo picks for the year yeah, hey man.

I only need like a minute long clip of you talking about your favorite game. That’S that’s all! I need! Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean a step on any toes here. I just think if we were doing like a double collab. You know like last time when you’re on my channel, I was on your channel. You are on my channel today right like my entire video yeah, oh okay, great then yeah, I’m absolutely going to be sticking around here for this whole thing as much as I want there’s other people here too. That want to be a part as much as I want Bab know I did mine, I don’t put my hair up. I don’t know if your hair is blocking your ability to hear me right now. I am NOT going anywhere fine, but just please don’t embarrass me in front of Kevin cancer. [ Music ].

This video is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club and we’ll hear more about them later. So here’s how this is gon na work. I’Ve asked every creator that I’ve ever talked to to pick their favorite and intend to switch Game of the Year and talk about why it’s their favorite switch game of the year. If you don’t see your favorite creator here in this video, that’s because I’ve probably never talked to them, tell them to follow me on Twitter or something I’m then gon na cut all the people together and group them by games. So if a bunch of creators talk about one specific game, you can safely assume that it’s probably a pretty good game. Yes, that’s right Bob. It sounds to me like the game. The most creator’s talk about today could probably be unofficially dubbed the best Nintendo switch game of the year again, just kind of amongst us creators – yeah yeah. I guess that’s right, so we’ll try to keep track of that. Let’S just jump right into it with the first game, which is Dragon Quest. I love it is, oh sorry, might no you go you go? No, you go. No, you go. You go. No! You just go okay! I’Ll, go drag quest, 11. Dragon Quest. 11. Is a game that I personally have not played? It’S not exactly my speed.

The most experience that I have with Dragon Quest is hero in Super Smash Brothers and that’s gon na leave a pretty bad taste in your mouth, but the game does have a 91 on Metacritic and I’ve heard a lot of great things from a lot of these. Very same people, dragon quest 11 surprised me a lot because I had never played a Dragon Quest game before at least not a traditional JRPG Dragon Quest game. My first outing into Dragon Quest was the Builder series which I absolutely fell in love with. So I knew I had to try 11s when it came to switch, but what I discovered was a non-stop adventure full of likeable characters and some of the best turn-based RPG I have experienced in a game of the style. I think what I loved most about my playthrough with Dragon Quest 11 is all the little stories it’s hold along the way. As you go land to land, town to town city, the city, you meet different characters, each with their own little sub story. Within the larger story – and it was always really exciting for a brief moment – take part in their story and it usually involved a big boss battle at some point. It certainly reminds me of games like Final Fantasy, 9 and Ocarina a time if they were mishmash together into one game and that’s kind of a perfect combination. I was told this was a Christmas special, so I set up accordingly, I’m a big RPG fan, which is actually into being a really good, John Ruan. The switch has just had a lot of great hits, and this year honestly, I’m kind of tied up between two Dragon Quest 11 and Fire Emblem 3 houses. That Dragon Quest is a little weird.

I know because it was released on ps4 originally like a year ago or even longer, if we’re talking about back in Japan. But the point is, the switch port adds a lot more content and there’s just something about the Dragon Quest series. That is this really weird balance of like it just feels like home. It’S very old-school, retro approach to things, but still having at least kind of shiny graphics and updated mechanics. It’S just a really nice balance of something that’s a little new, but really familiar at the same time. Oh next up we could talk about one that was kind of a sleeper hit for a lot of people that was Luigi’s Mansion 3. I mean it’s like good. I see why a lot of people liked it. I was one of those kids that didn’t like the original Luigi’s Mansion, because it was a launch title for the Gamecube and there was no Mario game. I don’t want to play as the brother I want to play as the red one so before getting into this one.

I wanted a quell my childhood negativity and go into it with a little bit of optimism, and I liked it it’s certainly very pretty, and the environments are nice, but I don’t know listen to these guys. So bob has asked me to pick out a switch game that I would consider my favorite switch game or my switch game of the year and I am going with Luigi’s Mansion 3. Now I’m going with Luigi’s Mansion as my switch game of the year. For a few reasons, the first is what it shows the switch is able to do if a developer puts the effort in and creates specifically for this system. This game looks amazing in motion and next-level games didn’t just stop with those visuals. The animations are top-notch even in game also, it’s still Luigi’s Mansion.

So, while we’ve started to get used to this gameplay loop, it’s still a lot of fun and they added some extra elements in to change things up. Gui G does introduce some good puzzles that have some nice aha moments and play along well with the different floors that you visit. I really enjoyed being surprised by what each new floor would bring when the elevator doors opened and just based on the sheer variety throughout the game. I found myself being constantly excited for what was next. You know looking back at 2019, there were a lot of good games this past year on the switch, so it was a hard decision. I came down on a couple other ones around Luigi’s, Mansion 3. I figure Fire Emblem would have been probably the more popular choice and while Pokemon is most likely gon na be the best-selling suite Game of the Year. I really couldn’t go with Pokemon either I mean have you seen this tree? I I know right my game of the year is one that many people thought would be super Mario’s brothers game, Luigi’s Mansion, three, what an absolute banger of a game. I love Luigi’s Mansion, three, purely because as someone who’s played Luigi’s Mansion one. It’S such an evolution of the game.

It’S so much more fun, it’s so much more vibrant. It feels like you’re playing a wonderful funny movie. It’S so cool Luigi’s animations are just hilarious and the story and puzzle elements of the game is just so fun. Also, playing co-op is actually really really fun. Adding in a second player is super easy and then it’s accessible enough for new people to come in and have fun. So that’s my game of the year, Luigi’s Mansion three did that in one take, it was amazing. It is a shame. It is a damn shame that nobody on this list picked Luigi’s Mansion three, as their Nintendo switch game of the year Luigi’s Mansion three was awesome. Like yeah yeah, it’s Super Mario maker. You had Link’s Awakening remake Fire, Emblem Astral chain all great games, but they did not compare to the greatness. That was Luigi’s Mansion. Three, an exclusive game for the Nintendo switch the best. Looking Nintendo switch game to date. You can make a case for it unique levels, great gameplay. Why didn’t nobody pick this game hold on?

A second phones ring him hello, yeah, yeah John, are a spawn. We picked Luigi’s Mansion three and he’s going before me in the video spawn wave. Your son of a yeah, I mean, I guess, since spawn we’ve already talked about Luigi’s Mansion. Three. Nobody cares what I have to say about the game, so you know what go enjoy the game. It was my favorite game of 2019. Thank You wolf den for having me on everybody need to be the only one to like a game. Let me guess he used the black and white filter with the rain, maybe even a slow, zoom right. You wander into the effects tab on power director. One time all of a sudden you’re an expert also have you seen this rock yeah? I know wait what wait Sean? Actually, you know what that kind of works. You know what it’s about time. I feel like talking about Mario maker, and wouldn’t you know it, I’m the only one who picked Mario maker, mr

A game you really let me down on this one. If I had to pick the best game that I played this year, it might go to Pokemon, but this is my personal favorite game that I played this year. So it’s got to go to Super Mario maker too, at its core. Yes, it’s just the first game with a new coat of paint and some minor upgrades, but that’s all I needed, I loved the first game so much all I really wanted was a port for the switch I’m not that into the addition of the 3d world play Style, but the addition of a vs. multiplayer is amazing. It’S my favorite mode to play in, even if you have a one in four chance of playing a slide show, it’s still worth it to me and the newest update, adding the link. Powerup changes the game. So much link has so many new mechanics that levels, including the Master Sword, feel like a completely different game, and the ninja speedruns are also a great new addition.

If you finish the level under a certain amount of time, you unlock these stars for your Mii character and since I play a lot of multiplayer, I need those stars, so I can show off how cool I am. I love this game a lot. I can see why it doesn’t command a higher praise from other people, but its flaws. Don’T stop it from being my game of the year all right! Well, since I just did a lot of talking. Let’S talk about one that I don’t have much to say about like, for example, Fire Emblem: three houses, a strategy RPG those two things, just don’t they don’t sound good, but a lot of people said that they liked it way more than they expected to. So I’m sure if I gave it a shot, I might be surprised by it as well, but man with the main story being 47 hours ain’t. Nobody got time for that, except all of these people, so Bob wants to know my favorites, which game of 2019.

Oh, that’s a toughy. Obviously my favorite game of the year is just kidding name of the year. For me, in 2019 has definitely got ta, be fire weight, WAPA Fire Emblem three houses. Why he’s not expecting this game completely took me by storm ash whole chain takes the action for me, but in all reality, Fire Emblem. Amazing, music, amazing, storylines, plural haven’t even got to finish all of them. So much replayability, you fall in love with the characters fall in hate with the characters. It’S freakin great never played a fire in the game before and I’m glad that this was my first one and I can’t wait for more on the switch, hopefully more DLC. If you haven’t got a chance play, it highly recommend it. But that’s all I got to say about my switch Game of the Year, thanks for letting me rant Bob you’re great and thanks for watching guys, Happy New Year, hello. What’S up, 2019 was my first year as a content creator. I actually played more different games this year than any other year ever before. So naturally, my opinion is a lot more important and valuable than anybody else’s here, but all joking aside for 2019 I’ve got to give it to Fire Emblem honestly.

I can’t tell you exactly what the magic of the game is, but for me the combat was entertaining the characters were deep, diverse and interesting, and the actual impact that many of your choices made was fascinating. I humbly made the correct choice of the golden deer house, and so now, as a key member of the lesser Alliance, we need you to help make this world a better place. As for Fire Emblem, I’m gon na be honest. I had my doubts going into it because I wasn’t really into the whole, like hey, it’s also kind of a high school drama at the same time, you’re a teacher, that’s kind of weird, but really jumping into the game. The multiple plot lines you go through the changes to the class system, the kind of little mysteries they add in the early parts they get answers to in the second half of the game. It just ends up being a really good experience.

Each playthrough is a little shorter, then some of there are five of them’s, but across how many times you can play that game and how many different ways you can really kind of approach it each time. It’S honestly genius, it’s a really cool, interesting, different approach in the rest of the series and in such a way that I kind of hope they don’t make another one in the same style. But I really like this one existing it’s its own, isolated, awesome, cool experiment. Actually order this Chris, because I saw a cabin Kenson setup, looks so nice. I had this sweater first though, and had the Amazon receipt approvers like you’re, embarrassing yourself in front of Kevin, can’t turn his Stewie’s got such a nice studio Kevin and I go way back with great friends. You don’t know keV, you know this is your first time meeting big keV, big keV, oh yeah, I know Kevin. We hung out once I could do a little bit less of beating me to the switch controllers yeah. Well, that’s because they send them to him, and sometimes me, like I said before, if it came down to what I thought was the best game of this year, it might go to pokemon sword and shield, despite what some vocal fans had to say, it did a Lot for moving the franchise forward, I’ve spent a lot of hours in it, but I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. I haven’t had this much fun in a Pokemon game since blue back in 1998 and being able to do raid battles with your friends. Even if you’re at vastly different parts of the game really made it that much more of a great experience for me not as much as Mario maker – but I admit it’s probably the better game with a broader appeal to everybody.

So the best game of 2019 is obviously Resident Evil 2. It just had everything I was ever looking for in a game like this and also damn it. Okay, fine. So I can’t pick Resident Evil 2, but that’s okay, because Resident Evil 4 came to the switch. This year – and I still think it is the greatest dammit – alright fine, Pokemon, sword and shield. Yes, this is about as far away from Resident Evil as you could get, but you know what game’s still very good for a lapsed fan like myself looking to get back into the world of Pokemon. This was the perfect way to do it. It felt familiar and that I knew exactly how to play and what to do in the world, but it also felt fresh and exciting and wasn’t too bogged down with a lot of old-school outdated elements. I know this game is controversial amongst the purists, but for me I can’t remember the last time I had fun doing things I generally don’t like in games like getting lost in open worlds, with completely no direction ahead of me by grinding all my characters endlessly to Level them up like doing turn-based combat all these things I keep doing and enjoying I keep coming back to this game more than any other game on the switch this year. It’S just this element of wanting to keep going to keep progressing, to keep trying to be the very best like no one ever was. Pokemon has always been excellent at doing something like this and sword, and shield continues this tradition for the next generation. I’M also excited to see just exactly how I crush hops hopes and dreams.

I am fully accepting the fact that I am the bad guy of this story now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a rabbit that needs evolving. I’M done looking at his emo teenage ass. Goodbye happy holidays, everyone Bob asked me well, my favorite Nintendo switch game of 2019 is and uh. I had to pick one and that’s a little hard. I really do have to say that my first dive into a Pokemon game that I could play on a home console was really fantastic. Until now, it’s just been like a very emulating idea of being able to play a Pokemon game while sitting on the couch but with Pokemon sword and shield. That’S an experience and I could just play it in my hand or I could dock it on TV and that’s fantastic, the game. Well, it does have its flaws and its exploits. It’S brought me so much fun. I’Ve put hundreds of hours into it already, and it just brings me back to when Pokemon Sun and Moon X & Y came out, and I was ready for a brand new generation soon. My Nintendo switch game in the year for 2019 is going babe. The pope commands Happy Holidays, everyone on to the next guy hi on the next guy. As many regular wolfmen viewers would know, it’s only right that my game of the year for 2019 is Pokemon sword and shield. After all, in the years since Nintendo switches released, I spent those years talking about what I wanted to see the Pokemon franchise accomplished. Next for the platform, a lot of those videos Beardmore on the negative side, there’s a lot of old parts of Pokemon that I don’t think age very well. But that said, the goalposts I think they need to be aiming for is to improve on their last at-bat, and that goes for any franchise, not just Pokemon.

So the question then becomes do Pokemon sword and shield improve on game freak’s prior efforts – and I would say the answer to that question – is a resounding yes pokemon sword and shield are by far the best Pokemon games to come out in the last decade. At least some people take issue with the graphics in the game. You might have heard many a gamer cry over the tree textures in the wild area. Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news and everything but pokemon sword and shield are the best. Looking Pokemon RPGs by a mile, so you started crying a little late. If that’s a deal-breaker for you, some people take issue with this story and how it feels less grand than some past Pokemon games, to which I’d say. The story has never been Pokemon strong suit. It only serves as a conduit to the main point the league challenge, in my opinion, if any of those things are enough for people to say that pokemon sword and shield, don’t make any meaningful strides forward for the franchise, maybe Pokemon isn’t the game for them. I love this game for the quality of life improvements they made with core aim casual players alike. Shiny hunters won’t know what I’m talking about here.

I love this game for the lowered barrier of entry for competitive team building. Pokemon sword and shield, of course, are not the breath of the wild of the Pokemon franchise. What they are inspite of, that is the best Pokemon games that we’ve gotten to date, but you don’t have to take my word for it. That’S just my take and who am i but the humble Wolf Den Pokemon guy. I might also put katana zero up there as one of my favorites, which games of the year, I played it a few years ago at PAX and then again this year at PAX and then again when it came out, it’s the type of side-scrolling action that I’m Into it’s difficult, but the levels are short enough that it’s easy to replay over and over again without it feeling frustrating it’s almost like a puzzle games trying to figure out the best way to finish a level. It wasn’t my favorite because reowww maker, but it ended up being Izzy’s favorite. My favorite switch game of 2019 has to be katana zero. The elevator pitch for katana zero is basically imagine hotline miami also available on a switch, but it’s a 2d side-scroller kind of situation. It’S a devolver digital game and it shows because it has a lot of the same familiar elements you’ll find in their games the insane amounts of violence, the emphasis on the soundtrack, the super quick action. It’S a great game, although I have to say when it comes to pacing. I don’t like how it’s broken up so much by a lot of plot, and I know this sounds weird – that I’m complaining about too much blood in the game.

But that’s definitely a game that could have benefited from a tighter focus on the action itself, which is what katana 0 really excels at you play as this badass samurai. Who is doing all these assassination missions for who knows exactly? It’S not super clear. Why you’re doing these things? It’S just! I have a problem with games that do something so well, but then the makers feel like they have to add some stuff that isn’t exactly the strong suit, like all of this plot development that doesn’t really go anywhere in this game. At least there are stealth missions which I again don’t understand the point in a game. That’S all about quick action and speaking of quick action. One of the cool things about the game is that you have the ability, through some drugs, that your character takes to slow down time. It’S like a bullet time very matrix II, so you can dodge bullets and hit them with your sword to make them hit. Your opponent, you can pick up objects and throw them at people, it’s a really fast pace and when the gameplay is super hectic like that, there’s a lot of enemies. That’S when the slow motion comes in and you feel like a real badass by dodging all these things and doing these roles and it’s it’s a lot of fun. If I had to sum up katana 0 – I guess I would say it’s super violent, very fast-paced and I really could do without so many cutscenes. I might not be that big of a Zelda fan, but I did like a Link to the Past so when I first played Link’s Awakening it immediately clicked for me, it’s a very fun top-down Zelda game. Also, I’m a big fan of the art style. It’S cute issue. I was a little bit surprised at how much my friends liked it done. Hey guys.

What’S up, my name is Holly wolf. I must say my favorite game for the switch of the Year 2019 would have to be Link’s Awakening. I might be a little biased because I’m a huge salta fan where’s my Triforce there. It is, and I thought the fact that Nintendo was able to bring this game out again in such a gorgeous manner, like the animation itself was stunning, so just being able to play this story again and the visual details that it had was awesome. Listening to songs like Ballad of the wind fish, fully orchestrated and realized amazing – and I got to play it with my seven-year-old son rainin, and it was really really fun to be able to experience a classic game which I love it I grew up with now with. I guess the next generation, so it’s really really awesome. So yeah, I would say I would say, Link’s Awakening – is my favorite game on this patch for 2019 peace out guys, hey everybody dance cyber here to tell you about my switch game of beer, which has got to be the legend of zelda links awakening.

I remember playing the original all the way back on my gameboy pocket and to see it remastered in such a unique way. Just it just warms my heart, damn it I mean I mean look at him. I mean look not only that, but we also got to see what a Zelda maker might look like within the game and that’s huge. I don’t I just I don’t care who you are. That in itself is a huge accomplishment. I love the game and hey all of you guys have fantastic holidays and I’ll, see you in 2020. Maybe I don’t know Bob said: hey, never call me again and well. I just sent him the video anyway, my favorites, which game of the year is this one. I might be a little biased because it’s like my favorite 2d Zelda, but they perfectly recreated it for the switch and made it way more accessible to a ton of people who have never played it before they fixed a bunch of the issues and streamlined. The whole thing I know the framerate stuff, but the game is really good. It might be based on a game, but it is a full fat Zelda game, at least where the 2d games are concerned. Given the fact that the switch itself is a successor to Nintendo’s handheld line, it’s the perfect place for a remake of one of the best Game, Boy games and one of the best Zelda games ever made. If you could see past the framerate thing, which honestly never bothered me and never ruined my time or anything, what you’re left with is a game with great dungeons, a whole island to explore and is simple, yet melancholy story. That’Ll, probably pull on your heartstrings a bit.

This has always been like my favorite 2d Zelda game, and I eagerly awaited its release on switch and it did not disappoint, and that is why it’s my favorite switch game of the year. Luigi’S Mansion 3 was also good, hi everyone and it here from the retro future. My favorite game release of 2019 without a doubt is Link’s Awakening. Link’S Awakening was one of my favorites and Game Boy games of all time and to have it released on the Nintendo switch in such high-quality graphics and reproduced audio. It’S an absolutely heartwarming pleasurable experience. I really like just how unique the whole thing looks. It sort of looks like a plasticine model with the toe shift effect. It makes it look very realistic. You can actually, you feel like you, can just pick up, link and move them around with your fingers. It’S not an easy game. There are a lot of levels in here that are very difficult, but inherently Link’s Awakening is not an incredibly difficult game. Your boss, fights don’t tend to last too long, which is a definitely a complaint of mine, but they never really seem to do in the Zelda games. Anyway, there’s a lot of hidden sort of puzzles and stuff that honestly without a walkthrough, I could don’t even know how people managed to do, but it makes it a very sort of in-depth game with lots of different layers of things to do.

If you enjoy puzzle games and you enjoy adventure games without a doubt, Link’s Awakening is a game for you and I only wish I had never played it before, and then it got to experience it for the first time in such a beautiful form, by hey dude Would leave cuz we’re up to his game now? No, I’m still here, I’m listening! I just you got this you’re doing great. I already really need to be here. I don’t know why you would invited me to the entire thing. I I do appreciate that, but we’re up two builders now quest builders yeah. By far my favorite game, look Dragon Quest builders. I didn’t like crafting games. I refused to play Minecraft. I don’t know what was in my brain. That made me think I would not enjoy a game of the style and then somewhere in there very quickly. I fell in love and widly. What I fell in love with the most other than the likeable charming characters, fun little story. It was the crafting and the building and Dragon Quest. Builders too, stepped up the game big time and crammed smashed in so many extra new features that just blew me away.

I think the biggest one would be the online component, inviting friends to your Island and getting to build things together that stay there on your island and they can come visit whenever they want. It’S therapeutic for me to play dragon quest builders too, and I will never not have fun jumping into my world and building another house or swimming pool or fish tank or whatever it is, I feel like making you know. I had to really put all that much thought leading up to now and what was my Nintendo switch Game of the Year? I would definitely have to say it’s astral change, I’m not counting Dragon Quest builders, while that would be my number one if we’re talking exclusives has to be astral chain.

For me, this game, in my opinion, has some of the best hack and slash action. Combat Platinum Games has ever delivered, I loved having kind of two characters having full control over one and sort of partial control over the other one, but being connected with a chain that you can also use as a weapon. It led to so many possibilities, especially when you start mixing up all the different legions and their own abilities. I feel like everyone that plays this game, would have a totally different gameplay style, so yeah actual chain for me, is definitely the number one. You know what, if Kevin can sing can have two picks. Then you can have two picks also, it doesn’t matter because none of your picks are gon na be number one.

Anyway, we talked about all the big major ones, but there is one little tiny, indie game that stole everybody’s hearts and keys and rakes it son time, dudes game, I’m talking about a thousand goos game that was blockhead gaming’s pick for a game of the Year 2019. Yeah, I don’t they were in the right headspace when they picked that one, but I will let them take it away. What’S up soon, I’m easy from block a game. Yeah, I’m serious! Oh my favorite switch game. No, no! No! The friends we made along the way. What’S up guys from botching gaming and we’re all here for christmas time and for a game that we thought was game here and what came to this game? Why? Because your little goose and you go around going to people, we pick on this game because it’s an indie game that blew up, it’s really fun and it’s I think it deserves.

You can see what a game it’s goosey deserves a game of your right to you. Coco Coco Coco guys ready three two one Merry Christmas, one said something dude again: okay, we get the idea. So, while all that was going on, I tallied up all of the votes and please, if you liked any of the creators in this video check them out in the description below they’re all in order of appearance. Okay with all of that, it is time to find out what won our unofficial game of the year. I have it right here in my envelope, but Bab. If you would please take it away alright. Well, number three is a tie between basically everything’s number. Two is a tie between Luigi’s Mansion and Fire Emblem Pokemon number one with four votes surprisingly goes to Link’s Awakening a whole thing. What’S that Game one gave me the yeah out of all the games. We had to choose from there what yeah he filmed.

That part. Like way before, he doesn’t know what the actual game is that one I put, I wrote on Thailand gaming, but anyway again, thank you to all of these creators who lended their time for this stupid video with all of those gaming websites out there giving their game Of the year, I think it’s pretty cool to have like a conglomerate of all the new tennis which creators game of the year. You know I’m also shocked that it wasn’t fire mo more Pokemon. Also, this Sun is a pain in my ass, but anyway, what do you guys think of our little game of the year?

Did you agree with some of these games? Is there one that you think should have been included? What was your favorite game of the year and that’s not best game of this year? That’S your personal favorite they’re different leave it in the comments below at me on Twitter. Any and all this other social medium go Babb seriously. You’Re about to end this video without plugging you know the other video you’re in today on my channel. What do you think I stuck around all day? I didn’t want to do it. I did it for your benefit and your audience’s benefit to make the video a little less insufferable. No, I’m kidding I a lot of fun here today. I hope you guys enjoyed having me around the video and I didn’t um ruin it.

If you want to see more of bad or more of me, you can check me out and bat out on my channel. I love collaborating with Bob we’ve done this before a few times, because hey we look so similar. Most people can’t even tell that it’s a collab video I by I don’t think we look the same at least not today, because I have Dollar Shave Club. Thank You Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring this video. This is my hibernation beard now the holidays are here. I got ta make that guy, you know, leave the house Dollar Shave Club covers your shower oral care and deodorant need and, of course, shaven. This holiday season. You’Ve also got gift, sets gift cards and the brand-new robe LAN show it’s a combination, robe blanket and poncho, but of course, there’s always their starter set. That includes the executive handle and blades and a 1 ounce tube of dr

Carver’S shea butter, which goes on transparent, so you can see, what’s going on underneath, say a dog died head on over to dollarshaveclub.com, slash wolf to get the shaved starter set for just 5 bucks and while you’re there make sure you check out all those cool gift Sets after that, starter set to restock box shifts regular sized products at regular price and a special thank you to Dollar Shave Club for helping support the channel for as long as they have and for making YouTube well monetizable. When it’s not don’t forget to check out everybody else’s channels in the description below here, we got new videos all the time we got wolf then live every single Wednesday at 8 p.m. to you sometime.

That’S our live podcast. Where we talk to you guys – and we got streams over here on YouTube and over on twitch.tv – slash, Wolf Den but of course the most important thing that you can do to help support the channel is just subscribe. That way, you know we do have new videos and share this video with a friend a friend who either likes one of the creators in this video or maybe just likes one of the games in this video. Thank you guys very much hide yourself a good week and a happy holidays or Merry Christmas.

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