After finally reaching the end of 1.1 update, Genshin Impact has definitely received some interesting changes and there’s 3 reasons why one mechanic has had the most influence. Up until the introduction of 1.1 , the most common team building strategies revolved around one main damage dealer and 3 support characters. And out of all of these support characters, only Geo element and Beidou had shields as one of their advantages, the former only available with Noelle or Crystallization elemental reaction and the latter from Beidou’s elemental skill for countering attacks. And most of these options for using a shield character we’re still not a very popular team building strategy choice because Beidou’s shield only worked for a split second to counter enemy attacks and Geo characters weren’t the most popular choice when it came to team building.

And that was mostly because of their defensive play style nature and lack of elemental reactions. But after 1.1 has finally released all of the promised characters, 3 of them came with an ability to produce a shield. And what’s even more surprising is that Diona and Xinyan aren’t even from the Geo element and yet they still produce shields that not only bring advantageous elemental absorption but also still provide elemental reactions. And even though world exploration isn’t the most challenging it still has its moments where a healer won’t be able to fix the mistakes you’ve made while doing your usual leylines or fighting annoying enemies like the Hatchlings. And thanks to this influx of shield generation, currently 7 out of 23 characters can provide a shield either through elemental reactions or with their skills.

So it’s almost inevitable you will end up using one of them in some of your explorations. And it’s clear that shields have given us more freedom in terms of combat where we can make more mistakes without getting punished since the shields absorb all the blame for us. The only thing that’s very important to understand when it comes to your shield management is that it doesn’t matter how many of them you have on you, they simply won’s stack together. For example, if you have a shield from the crystal you picked up and activate another one with Xinyan, if an enemy attacks you, both shields will receive the same amount of damage so they might even break at the same time, which totally depends on the amount of damage the shield can absorb.

So make sure to rotate your shields responsibly or at least don’t collect all the crystals from the ground at the same time. All in all, the world exploration has become much easier thanks to shields and things like environmental damage is a thing of the past, especially if you’re actively using any of the shield characters. Probably the most annoying thing about domain farming is that some of the trials are just too punishing, especially for the mobile players. While it’s normal to go on co-op missions together, the addition of shields has certainly made a big change in players how they approach their domains. And there are a couple of notorious domains that have definitely become easier to players who use characters with shields, the first one being Forsaken Rift.

This is an especially annoying time trial that requires you to dodge icicle attacks from above not to mention the cryo debuff you get from the stage which reduces your stamina significantly. Luckily, characters like Diona have made this domain very approachable, especially for someone who uses their mobile phone. Then there’s Taishan Mansion where one of the fatui agents’ pyro aura generates a seeking fireball that explodes in a wide area making it very hard to damage the enemies without getting hit by the blast several times. But for someone like Xinyen , her shield absorbs these explosions without too much trouble thanks to her shield having an increased absorption rate for pyro damage. And of course, let’s not forget that those who pursue to use Zhongli as their support and specialize in his Health to create a bigger defense against these attacks can also expect similar results. And if you’re interested to see some team compositions you can make with the newest shield characters, make sure to follow us on Twitter where the teams will be shared.

Overall, shields have become increasingly more common and while damage will always be the king in most of the content, it’s still a very useful mechanic to use especially for players who are gaming on their mobile devices or have trouble with reacting fast to enemy attacks. Arguably the most important change happened in the Spiral Abyss which all started after Tartaglia and Diona became available. And even though Tartaglia is absolutely one of the most amazing damage dealers out there, the more surprising discovery came from using Diona in the final floors of the Spiral Abyss. In particular, the last floor of the Spiral abyss completely changes the way how the game is played by severely limiting the amount of stamina you can use.

And it’s a very hard thing to adjust to, especially if you’re used to spending your stamina without too much careful planning. So once Diona became available, couple of things like the ice trap and the icicles have become more manageable thanks to her shield. And now that Zhongli and Xinyan have also arrived, you can make an even more defensive team than before. And while it is true that above everything else, your damage output matters the most in the spiral abyss, there’s actually some players who struggle not with damage but with survivability and sometimes you might give up on the stage before you even clear it, which means you still miss out on the clearance awards such the 5-star artifacts and Mora. So getting a boost in survivability before bigger damage output can help out the players before they plan on achieving perfect star score.

And the best part is that you can collect these clearance awards every 2 weeks with 0 stars achieved. And let’s not forget the fact that characters like Diona and Xinyan actually belong to an element that’s not neutral like Geo, which makes things even better against the most challenging enemies in the game like the Cryogunner or Electrohammer Fatui agents. Breaking their shields while having one of your own is definitely a good feeling. Overall, the introduction of more characters that can generate shields have definitely made trips to the spiral abyss more relaxing, especially if you struggle with dodging enemy attacks or getting caught by one of those annoying traps like the ice prison or electro wires. But to summarize, before 1.1 there were only a handful of characters who specialized in shields but after Diona, Xinyan and Zhongli got released the gameplay has certainly changed for players who have obtained at least one of these characters.

Things like world exploration have become less annoying since you can pretty much just ignore enemy attacks especially if you prefer more direct combat. And for certain domains like the Forsaken Rift, using any of the shield characters have also made things much more easier, especially if you don’t play in Co-Op and want to save up on those roundtrips to the statue of the seven. Finally, even if the Spiral Abyss values damage over everything else, things have become surprisingly more easier thanks to shield characters like Diona or Noelle, who can give you more room to make errors and still clear the trial, even if you could be missing out on some stars.

However, one thing is clear – if you’re a mobile player that struggles with surviving, a character with shields will make your adventuring easier. Let us know in the comments which of the shield characters are your favorite ones and why. Also, don’t forget to subscribe and enable the bell notification as well as make sure to gently press the like button. Thank you for watching us..

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