The *RANDOM* SKIN CHALLENGE In Fortnite Zone Wars!


Fortnight, random skin challenge, but in zone Wars. Now, if you know me, I love a good random skin challenge done quite a few of them in my day now, this time, of course, we’re switching it up and going into zone Wars, and that is because it is the only thing holding this game together. Right now doesn’t have skill base matchmaking yet and zone Wars.

Do we? So if you guys aren’t aware on how the random skin challenge works? Essentially, I am only allowed to use the weapon or rarity class of whatever skin that I random. So every game – I’m gon na random, my skin and we’re gon na play a couple rounds with that skin and try to get a Vic row using only that color. So, for example, if I random The Tempest skin here, I’m only allowed to use legendary guns. For that round now this is the last time I’ve done this. We do have a couple more rarities in the game. Obviously we have the Marvel DC and dark rarities. Now. What I’m going to do here is the dark rarities. It’S just gon na be another version of purple the DC rarities, I’m gon na change to grey sorry, I can get Batman Catwoman or the default skin for grey.

Only. I don’t know if there is any great guns in these zone – wars, Maps but we’ll find out. I think there is gray ours, no there’s grass and geez yeah we’re good and then for Marvel. We’Re gon na make it Orange as well, and the only exception is that if I am to get codename eltz somehow out of all these skins, if I ran em card, a melfin lie to use everything because it’s just the skin. You know what I mean. I don’t even see I’m not the goo, because I don’t even know what rarity that skin is so this should be exciting. You guys going to enjoy today’s content, make sure to hit that subscribe button down below, of course, like the video, if you guys going to enjoy it and don’t forget Season, eleven is going to start on Saturday, the 13th of October, I’m gon na be live-streaming the Event and apparently it’s assumed that it’s gon na go straight into season 11, so it’s gon na be a big live stream that day make sure you’re there for it. Just a heads up in advance just booked in your counted out: 2 p.m.

Est Saturday 13, an array for 9 random skin challenge, but it’s urn Wars. Let’S get it alrighty game number 1 and we’ve got the like. I know what this skin is. It’S like the it’s like the Waypoint skin, but the guy version yeah probably des, and it is a blue source not enough for a blue first round come on blue and oh, we got one. Okay, that’s uh! It’S better than nothing seriously. I was expecting a lot of rounds in a row where I just don’t get anything and I’ve been so embarrassing. I mean I could play this two ways I could play to win.

I could planning at a Lim’s, I feel like I got a chill got him. Ah, there’s a blue! Yes, it was a shotgun gim me auto Jesus. I just got a blue gun. Oh No got him! Oh there’s my first game as their horse today, by the way, all right, ah all right, first game, first game: this is a lot harder than I thought it would be come on. Give me the blue guns. Give me the blue. I saw a blue pump perfect. Let’S go come on, this guy doesn’t add a building. I love that okay, huh, okay, we’re alive and well. Okay, that’s not what we wanted. That is so on epic. That is actually ridiculous. Like order a place like that, that’s so insane she’s gon na die yep. She is alright: oh [, Music, ] darn it here we go again roll the dice. I see a blue SMG yep alright, and we got some good stuff there too. All right, hey is the problem. With only have one gun that, when you’re out you have no I’ll be gone, you’re kidding me you’re, really gon na 200 pump me okay, yeah.

That’S ah give me any rarity. I’M sorry, filthy about that! Oh yeah! I got the blue skin and guess how many blue weapons I got yeah literally everything bought a blue weapon. Hey sometimes, are these games taking the piss? Alright, someone died. Oh I just had him pump shotgun jumped on me, love that we just get gifted a gun. There’S wand, we are so dead, I cut the bill, I didn’t know I did. Oh, that’s a double any Goods, not quick, Swift hundred help there gotcha, let’s go didn’t, have a single blue gun, but then I gifted a palm shotgun and that’s five. Eight limbs and a dub, that’s what I’m talking about. I think blue is definitely the easiest one to win, because you get that blue pump shotgun and that’s really all you need in life. Well, I pretty sure I got literally every kill with that blessum G and now I get kicked out of the game, but doesn’t matter cuz I can get a blue gun anyway.

Oh no, here we go. We got the first DC Batman, please gray, a gray SMG. I think it’s like: oh, I got it alright, we’re actually in the money DC Batman, it’s a gray skin for the purpose of this video. So let’s not lose to the guy with a shotgun. Almost just did alright there’s anything. You can get great tax in this. So it’s literally just gon na be old about using this. Oh no! I’M in the 13 bullets left kind of forgot about hammer, consumption, gotcha, No gotcha. Let’S do it nothing in the Batman. Let’S go! That’S great weapons!

Only and that’s gon na be body limbs. What do you want? You gave me the great only one you think: oh no, it’s impossible. Now, I’m actually gon na drop the best game with it with only a gray SMG. That’S why there’s over sking. Can I do it again? Probably not in fact I don’t. Even think I got it, oh I got it again all right, you know what you know what they wanted. You know give me another shot at it. I won’t say no. Okay, it’s like one hit. One hit one hit. No, I almost went back-to-back on Batman. Dude. All right well we’re out of here whoo, Oh first legendary round in a while, so I was looking away there and we got a shotgun, so this is going to be interesting. Vendetta coming out, whoa, cheeky, green Vendetta. Okay, where are we going here? Boys, hey yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, not, okay, don’t even think about rushing me, don’t even think about it.

Get cooked all right. A lot of use these whoo yay get them all in we lost one all right. Have my kill stole about his ginge got ya. He’S gon na die? No, no! No! He was gon na die. He had no match Lance. Oh my god, are you kidding me? He had no max laughs, he had no max left, I could have just I mean it could kept running, but that was a thrower game. I threw that all right. Well, we’ve been given another gold gun to stop, which is good. This guy’s solo, okay, give it up. Instead, I want to fight doors, okay. Well. This is also just as bad that kids blind that kids blind. I nearly pick accident. Everybody was just not stupid. With my shots actual to kill him, I understand he killed the other guy, so he looked top decent.

I’M just shocked the guy didn’t do anything, I’m actually shocked bunny. Oh this one’s! Actually, a greeny and I’ve got a perfect green outfit. For this all right. Let’S get this bread just get railed boy. I’Ve got the aim on today. Okay, aims off: okay, [, Music, ], okay, [, Music, ] nah. Oh, I so totally got that all I was a guess. I could even see him throughout all the shields and stuff. Let’S go a green round: how many kills six sealings? Let’S get it! That’S the first! Try that everybody leave already alright, just like go afk for too long all right. We got a green pump. 200 boys. We can go back to back here. You don’t even hear you did good all the guy in here. I didn’t actually want to fly so make sure I rail this guy yeah.

I don’t exactly know how the rest of these guys are playing this one. Oh yeah, wow, it’s just him. I mean that one didn’t really count because there’s like five people in Lobby, yeah literally five people in the lobby – I don’t know what happened. No sorry, the first round was like no one in it all right. We’Re really gon na hit him with a renegade raid up. We really are out here hitting them with a renegade Raider. Oh you love to see that that’s a blue again, but different map and a way more sexy skin dude renegade radar. Alright, let’s see the blue uh uh, I don’t think we have a gun uh. I knew this was gon na happen. We’Re gon na wait for our opportunity, see a dead body and go for it. We’Ve got a pad flap and get that yeah.

It’S been seemed weird to go to outer zone. Oh he’s sucking at these stink bombs. It’S too far away. Now my trying pickaxes kid. It seems time clueless he’s, got ta be low, Oh got him know your life. I just want a gun. Dude you’re live right. Now gon na kill some out. Oh no, give me a gun say you had to glue guns. I were to roll them kids. I had that alright, let’s do that thing where we got a blue gum this time, a era to get ready. Let’S get a blue gum; let’s do it. Ok, I see a blue yeah. That’S enough all right and we got stinks as well. Epic, come on dude.

Ok, give me that all you kidding me dude! Oh, oh yeah, okay, someone! P1! Ah, oh I got me through the way I just fell on my chair. He got me through the little crack. Oh you! So, Lord sir, I should easily have that. Okay, I got a green gun. Oh I got green guns. Let’S go it’s all reform. I got the perfect blue loadout, you just hit me. You better watch what you’re doing buddy. I just drop my shotgun. I start my shotgun. No now we’re in trouble. No one. This is the one I win. X6 bullets yeah, which wasn’t happening. I can’t believe I threw my shit. I got ta leave. I lost my shotgun that is so embarrassing. You know, I actually don’t know what rarity this guy is. I want to say: he’s blue, oh yeah, he’s blue all right show us the blue.

Let’S wear this Coliseum: let’s go no seriously, don’t get another blue weapon! Oh come on dude like lot really I find that very disrespectful. No-No-No got ta, kill nothing else. That for me, got another kill. Apparently this guy above me got chicken shotgun. You do oh dude. I hate it when there’s just saw on Epic gamers. Oh finally got a full load out and then I get rolled by this guy come on. Show me the blue shrub in the blue schember, the blue, wash their blue palpable SMG is deserved, form hey! It’S our ball. It’S our game. Now this is our game.

To win, see doing theme. Add it on me: you got ta, kill how Dave all rights are disrespectful get over there. Don’T I just get bored sitting around you know I want to get in here. Yone are for me, oh I got ta get me. Oh I put that ramp down. That’S what called me all right: blue baby, blue baby, blue baby blue. I think I saw a blue tack there yeah all right – we’re on oh yeah didn’t expect to, but I got ya. Okay, I don’t know how he’s just giving that up, but he very much so did go yeah all right. We got everything we need. You have a crazy spray weapon, but we got most of what we need. Okay, oh my god. That’S got ta get him hold on. I cut myself. Mine got him find HP. Oh I didn’t kill myself own stink, ha ha ha don don blues done.

We got the random blue one done. Finally, oh, what a swag church so many shots, so many shots. Alright, give me a new rarity. Oh this game is a purple all right. We got a couple Purple’s here heavy sniper attack. They are having use that in a while. Alright I’ll set the problem, you know dirty wait. What’S it connected to like Moroccan he, okay, do you have any purples? He actually had no purples alright. Well, he had no Purple’s, but that doesn’t mean these guys. Weren’T have purples, like I swear, you’re welcome. He didn’t have any Purple’s live.

Oh got hit, No [ Music ] every one infantry rifle discounting your purples and another heavy sniper. Our bounce pads know shotguns, oh yeah. Let’S go and everybody blame me. Oh you’re, in trouble. If you think you’re getting away with that go ahead, let’s go dude purple only round and I got how many kills yo seven aliens of the purple is good. That’S what I’m talking about. Alright, I think on that note, we’re gon na wrap it up. There hope you guys went on to enjoy the ransom. Skin challenge. Buds are worse, if you guys did make sure Chuck’s life great exam blur, and I catch you guys next time more fortnight and we’re maybe minecraft see you guys that peace, [ Music, ]