They Added LIGHTSABERS To Fortnite! (Star Wars)


All righty here’s we’re gon na do gon na do a little roll, okay whoa, so the big one does 150 whoa through the wall. To do that’s, epic! Well, everyone today was a very epic day how epic you might be asking. Well, we had the Star Wars event. Of course we streamed it here, live on YouTube queued into the game. Everything was going smooth for cup nice and early at 3:30 a.m. and then this happens. Lana came suck me invite see if it works. Um yeah Kay yeah Chucky’s noon, but oh my game.

Just crashed you’re! No, but every one of my chat saying that game just crashed as well. I thought monster loves play-doh. I was just in it. I was just in it, but I’m actually yeah pretty much game. Crashed as soon as I jumped out of the bus, you love to see it now. The problem with that is. It was too close to the event that I couldn’t actually sign in, because the service were being bombed. It’S like once you’re in the service you’re good, but if you’re not in you’re bad and we were bad. Fortunately, there my brother was able to watch the event and I was able to watch it with him. The event was, it was okay. It really wasn’t that great the focus thing was cool and stuff, but what is cool is that at the end there was lifesavers given out to everybody, and there is now lifesavers in the game, and I got ta tell you these things are aspic.

We’Re gon na jump right into a gay if you guys going to enjoy make sure to Chuck’s a like rating down below, of course, subscribe to the channel. If you are new, let’s jump into some Star Wars action shall we, let’s get it [ Music, ] yeah? Probably anger like the crash shots of whether the things did and you can like pick up light service. Oh okay, that’s a it’s like a crash site near the lake. As I see a few oh there’s like droids around the crash site, the hell. Oh, I got a mini shield. I got a cool couple, lifesaver little right yeah I got the the rifle I’m trying to eliminate everybody all whatever heated. I don’t know if these are players or oh, these are like bolts, oh wow I’ll see the lightsaber excuse worth.

Go lifesavers got one just wild cuz like they can, what the hell it’s like different lightsabers in school, yeah, yeah, there’s all the different colors got him yeah. It’S just 30 base damage interesting and you can block bullets. Apparently, with these things as well. Let’S say and there’s like a bunch of Lights: Avis, kylo, Ren, interesting. Alright, I want to get the green one, so it can be. Like the elf know, what the green one yeah Luke Skywalker there we go! Alright! Gamers! Let’S play fortnight! Sorry, you can Bluff bullets. I don’t know if you can block whoa block an evade look an evade. Oh it’s sick, oh it’s so dope! I wonder how effective it’ll be there. It’S almost makes up for not getting into the event. Yeah really not accurate there. Let’S get on real key blind. What stop good finish him with this? Let’S go whoo light savings baby, it’s so hard, cuz you’re like what do I play with the guns in the game or the cool stuff, it’s sir conflicting, because that the rifles actually suck, I think it’ll work. It’S a good follow-up weapon, but they’re actually not great all right, a little campfire cuz. You can do the block and roll, but it’s not it’s not the greatest cuz you’re a block.

First, all right, but the fov is lit. I think you got faster too. It might just be the FF either it’s not like the soil where you run around everywhere, though oh you can roll in the air, wonder if you can use that to avoid fall, damage on to see hey, kiddo backflip. Oh again, Oh sick! Well, that’s like all inside flip boy, let’s go well Shing Shing Shing Shing, but again it is not as good it’s the rest like because, realistically it actually doesn’t do that much damage ready. Here’S we’re gon na do go and do a little roll, okay whoa. So the big one does 150 whoa through the wall. To do that’s a pig, that’s so random, so you need to like build it up kind of even okay, he’s on top all right scared to get back out there. Let’S go baby. Let’S go, you want to play we’ll play all right and then once I met kitten here, dude lightsaber is pogchamp. I mean i said it before.

This always makes up for missing the event. I don’t know if this is actually foster. I want to believe it is. It can be kind of used infinitely, though I guess alright where’s everybody else, it’s time to get epic, so I think the good thing with these is that they don’t have damage drop-off because of their like we’re blue man. These things suck there gone skis anything here. Yeah, take that all right, let us go oh we’re, probably dead. I didn’t realize how far away we are potentially from the map. I’Ve got to make it here all right. It’S get rid of our stuff we might be able to make in and with bandages. Maybe no way of getting to oh, I have to hopefully get there sneaky wise. No we’re gon na close.

This gap, hopefully doesn’t see me or hear me coach yeah. Let’S go all right. Give me that buddy give me that cuz, that’s how you engage. You got roll bang, bang, bang. That was actually a ball interesting. What if you still take full damage with it? Scott everyone guy over here bheemboy go away, got him Wow another! We gon na check what he’s got she’s cats on epic he’s coming. Where is he gotcha? Let’S go whoa whoa lightsaber action. You love to see it all right. Well, let me get it. I wonder if you let me get it: it’s only 20, not really mine. So that’s then, you just waiver to get on top and then you just go for it. What’S this kid doing, Wow I’m low okay geez. What was that kid up to you? So I I don’t know if it blocks all the damage or all the bullets or what yeah, what you up with like a little bit of a fat game right now. Well, cheeky fourteen eelain’s, you love to see it. I want to test if you take fold average through this, but I also don’t at the same time, let’s test it a little. You do take the whole damage.

Okay, all right. Let’S beam them up a little bit. It’S a ball! Literally a ball yeah. It’S literally a ball, so I want to test to see if you roll out of the full damage, whether or not okay he’s taking some shots. Let’S see if I roll out of it no code on it wrong, I’m pretty sure their SWAT. I go up this kid stive see shall make sure it’s definitely a ball. Okay, let’s go buddy dan. That’S a lot of butts in that game. I wonder if, for a night did something for the Star Wars thing and maybe made all the lobbies bought lobbies or maybe because no one could actually get in the game. I had a few more bolts but hey lightsaber, zing zing, zing zing. You love to see it hope you guys once you enjoy that’s lightsabers important. I hopefully got some meme shot to come with this bad boy. Until then, a bigger one I’ll see you guys next time. Peace,