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This Resin Problem Is RUINING Genshin Impact


Hey everyone emtash here and i wanted to talk about something that’s happening in game and i’m worried is going to start scaring away and make the player base quit, and that is the resin system. Now i understand that this is a gotcha game. I understand that this is a progression game where you’re gon na have to put a lot of time and resources in your characters. Now i’m ar 36 almost ar37. As soon as i do my daily commissions today, i’m gon na hit ar 37. So i’m one of the higher players in the game that that kind of started with the north american release – and i have noticed this for days now – uh the issue with content in the game.

Now i understand that there’s more regions dropping – and there are things that i can do uh when i’m not invisible for my green screen, so you get daily commissions, and this is one of the only ways to progress in the game uh once you get to a Higher level i literally i’ve found probably 96 of the chests on the map. Maybe 97, there’s always one or two that i find, and there are some chests that respawn, but the chests don’t respawn fast enough to be a meaningful thing. Where i go all right, we’re going to scour monstaff for chess we’re going to make some progression we’re going to find some some experience we’re going to find some items. They respawn so slow that if i wait a day or two i can go on a chain where i’m like all right. I found a few chests back to back. We got five chests today, good, but the chest respawns so slow that that isn’t meaningful.

Now we’ve got our daily commissions and this is, i would say, great, you get a lot of experience, but this is once a day and once you’ve done this, all your experience is gone. You get a really healthy chunk of primo gems. I think, and you can even use those primo gems to spend on resin refills and and if you do your first resident refill in a day, that’s another 300 expense. Experience on your adventure rank it’s a few more drops and you still would profit. Let’S say: 10. Primo gems, a day now here is the issue. This is a game on pc. It is a game on mobile. It is game. They want you to play all the time.

There are multiple characters uh to upgrade in level, but every single bit of progression in the game is hard locked by the resin system. Domains. You want some artifacts resin. You want some upgrade materials for your weapon: resin resin, resin, resin resin! Oh, what’s this you’ve got six talents, you need to upgrade more resin. There is so much resin that you need that it doesn’t just take. You know a few hours of hard grinding. It takes a few days, but it isn’t a few days because you need to spend hours playing you get about 10 minutes of meaningful gameplay daily. Once you get to the higher levels, you literally get a few minutes each day to progress, and that’s weird now, if all of the chests on the map respawned, if all the chests were there for me to to enjoy – and there was some world bosses or something It would make more sense if i could go into the domain and get half the rewards, because i don’t have resin.

I would be playing this game and and grinding it like no other, but i in order to stream and make like interesting stream content. I’Ve made a second account because there’s nothing for me to do now. You know the spiral. Abyss is a is a pretty cool activity. There’S some really cool rewards in it right, but even this content, if you want to push into the harder stuff, you need all these different characters to level up like like. Yes, the content is there? Yes, some of this refreshes and has some good rewards behind it, but it’s impossible to get anywhere near it. Even if you pay to win. Even if you put a bunch of money in it, doesn’t matter you, you can’t get enough experience.

You can’t get enough resources to get here at least not right now and uh. You know, they’ve got these bosses in the game. They’Ve got storm terror right, and not only can you only fight it. You know once a week you still have to use resin. There’S. There’S um a boss: here we got our. We got our uh wolf boss here this thing’s on a cool down. I’Ve got to wait 42 more hours to even fight it, but then, when i do fight it, i got ta use 60 of my resin. On the day i’ve been waiting to play. I’Ve been waiting to do something meaningful and then i still have to wait. If the resin timer was upped even just a little bit even just a little bit, i think i would have a little bit easier time. I went to bed last night. I got up this morning. I’Ve got 80 resin. I’Ve got four minutes of gameplay depending on what i do that is going to have any sort of meaningful content, and i understand they maybe don’t want people to like beat the game.

But but if i want to max out my venti, if i want to get all my talents, we’re looking at 10 15 hours to level up everything and to get all the resources, i need to get to to complete all the stuff for all the talent and To get enough artifacts and to upgrade his weapon and to like it’s gon na require some time and then we got ta, do it for official and we’d have to do it for razer and then right. We’Ve got 20 something characters, even if it was four hours. Each right, that’s 80 hours of gameplay, of just farming if it was five hours we’re at 100 right. It’S tough to gauge that, but i feel like. Unfortunately, there is this awesome world. This is awesome world to explore and on the first few days it was full. It was full, it was awesome, i was hunting stuff down and now it’s empty it’s empty, and the only thing i can do is wait and now, as you play, you get fragile, resin and – and this gives you some resin and i’ve got 28 of them.

But this is about one adventure rank level for me at this point, it’s like one in a bit, and this would be a huge boost of farming like if i popped that and went ham. I could grind for, like you, know, a pretty good chunk of time, but then i’d be at the same point and there’s no real easy way to get more fragile, resin and i feel, like, unfortunately, everyone else is starting to catch up to me. Everyone is starting to get this level. I’Ve started getting more and more and more messages where they’re like. Well, what do i do now? Well, the answer is wait. The answer is wait because there is nothing else to do. I know they’re going to add more regions and if you were a brand new player joining when all the regions are in, no one could ever complain. I know that people are hounding on this game and playing it like crazy, they’re, addicted, i’m addicted. I love this game, but at this point with the fragile resin with the regit with the resin system, it is a constant waiting game to do anything that matters.

If you could give me some sort of reward for playing the game long term and and playing more hours, i’d be more willing to play long hours, but right now i am literally gon na make another account, because i log in i do my resin and then I do this because, even with these bosses, these little these little mini boss, guys, i need a bunch of materials like a ton of materials for sure, and so doing. This is one of my main grinds for the day that doesn’t require resin, and so, if you are looking for something to do, i would recommend this because to ascend my next character, i need nine of these bad boys, but all of my talents need nine of These ones and mathematically, i need hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of nectar and that’s fine, but even these go on cooldown, so you can’t farm these all day.

If you’ve got a character, you can farm a handful and i recommend you do it and you start now. So that you have the resources long term um, but even if i go and fight every single whopper flower, if i fight every single skirmisher, this grind of fighting all of these bosses and getting these rewards is maybe an hour maybe an hour. I don’t even know if it’s an hour, especially now that my damage is more cracked, it’s probably like 40 minutes at best – and i mean some people only have 40 minutes to play and so between the resin and the 40 minutes. Maybe that’s good for you, but if you want this game to be on pc, you want it to be on mobile. If you want people exploring your world, if you want people diving in and having long meaningful play sessions, if you want people to fall in love with this game, if you want people to experiment with new characters, you need to give us stuff to do and, and One of the biggest ones would be more resin per day.

Increase that amount, the other one would be put the chest back. You know at a quicker rate, add them back in, even if it’s doing the same puzzle again or or or just like, adding enemies that are blocking the chests anything so that, if i’m making my way through the world, i feel like i’m doing something. But right now this account is essentially hard locked behind daily quests and resin, and i feel like that’s a shame, because i think this game has a lot of potential and i think the honeymoon phase for a lot of people is wearing off and you know i Have stuff to do because i want to make character guides right. I’Ve got all these characters that i want to showcase, and i want to i want to. I want to you know, show you how to make them strong and everything, and i’m having trouble.

Obviously getting some of the resources, but at least i have some guides and stuff to make, but if you’re just playing the game and that’s all you’re doing, i can imagine a lot of you are getting bored and – and that worries me because i feel like i Feel, like people are going to give up on this game before it gets to that point where it’s like the god tier free-to-play world, exploring game that it could be or should be. So i know that a lot of my content has been like guides and really positive, but this is something that’s you know really starting to affect me, and i know that i’m seeing a lot more negativity about it and people are getting frustrated with it, and i Really hope that they change the resin system soon because, as it sits right now, that’s my face right. There you see her she’s, just like oh man, i’m just here waiting for resin.

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