TOP 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO TO YOUR NINTENDO SWITCH The Switch’s portability can put your console into a predicament from time to time; sure, you want to play on the go, but when is playing on the go going too far? Well, thankfully we’ve put together a list of activities and habits you should be wary of when using your Switch. This is our list of the top 10 things you should NEVER do to your Nintendo switch. 10 No Carrying Case Carrying cases are essential if you plan on taking your Switch around with you on the go. The system was literally designed to allow players optimize their gaming in practically any situation, elevating the console experience to a whole new level. So naturally, you want to protect your Switch when you’re moving around, whether its bringing it to the office with you for some necessary lunch time gaming, or taking it on vacation and protecting it from the turbulence of an airplane flight. Most carrying cases boast fun little compartments that you can stash your Switch accessories into too, so you never have to feel like you’re going bare bones while on the go.

9 Drop it No shit Sherlock. Right? Well, generally speaking, dropping any piece of technology probably won’t help it all that much when it comes to functionality. Or, you know, turning on. If you’ve got butter fingers, it might be best to be mindful of where you pull out your Switch. Avoid concrete. Don’t play while standing in the middle of a road. If in a moving vehicle, ensure that you and your Switch are buckled in, and that your Switch doesn’t get too excited and tries to jump out of your window. 8 Throw it off a bridge If a person can die by falling or jumping off of a bridge, so can a Nintendo Switch. Think before you act, people.

Stop throwing your Switches off of bridges. 7 Pay it a fair wage You know, we here at top 10 gaming are all for equality. But the second you start paying your console a fair wage, that little bastard will become entitled. Next thing you know, it’ll be preaching to you about how it works so hard to put food on the table and you never appreciate it for all of its efforts. You never buy it flowers anymore either, and you know damn well that insult will just SLIDE RIGHT IN THERE in that argument. Just save yourself the stress now and throw that idea out the window. 6 Give it a bath Sometimes it’s necessary to give your Switch a clean every now and then. But, just like you cat, your Switch doesn’t really bode well with being dunked into a tub of water. It also isn’t a fan of hefty soap residue, I’ve been told. We suggest you take a damp cloth to your Switch instead, while using essential oils to gently massage the edges of its joy-cons in order to help it maximize its relaxation and improve your overall gaming experience.

5 Take it white water rafting Similar to our last number, it’s a big no-no to expose your Switch to the wettest of the elements. So maybe it’s time you rethink your summer vacation plans, and be considerate of your Switch’s needs. Sure, we’ve all wanted to take our Nintendo Switch white water rafting or portaging or scuba diving before. You know the little guy would love to hang out with the sharks. It’s an adrenaline junkie, after all. But here’s the harsh truth for you friends. They don’t make life jackets small enough for Joy-Cons. Do you really want to be the one responsible for your Switch drowning? Think of how traumatizing that will be. Not only for you, but for everyone on the trip. And your rafting instructor. Then there’s the funeral, and funerals cost a pretty penny. You have to arrange for the service, pick out a grave plot, sort out the catering for the wake.

None of that is any fun. And all because you wanted to play Breath of the Wild out in the actual wild. Shame on you. Why don’t you think of someone other than yourself for once, you selfish twat? 4 Take it to a Rave A party here or there is never a harmful thing. It keeps your Switch in good spirits. But raves might be a little too intense for your Switch. Those bright flashing lights would definitely make it hard to see anything on its screen, and don’t even get us started on what your Switch on E looks like. Let’s just say, if you think it goes fast when playing Sonic Mania, you don’t want to even imagine what it’s like on happy pills.

3 Give it Cocaine Speaking of your Switch on drugs, one drug you don’t want to give it is cocaine. Switches are known to have an addictive personality. Once they start snorting coke, there’s no going back. It’s not only an expensive habit that you’ll have to maintain and will come out of YOUR pocket, but it also isn’t good for its operating system, and you’ll find that when not on cocaine, every single one of your Switch’s games will decline in terms of mechanics and responsiveness. Sure it’ll be super sharp when on coke, but the withdrawals man, they’re just not worth it. Plus, when the coke builds up in its speaker holes, you’re the one who will have to drag it to the doctor and pay for its surgery, and there’s a good chance it’ll affect its ventilation permanently.

2 Feed it after midnight In 1984, a man named Joe Dante directed a feature film for Warner Brothers that’s an iconic and important cautionary tale. Gremlins. When a Gremlin is fed after midnight, it will transform into a small destructive evil little monster; it will no longer be cute and loving. It will be out for blood. Your Nintendo Switch is of the same kind of brand. It’s all adorable with its joy cons and Super Mario Odysessy and what not. But feed it after midnight? I’ll leave it at that. 1 Teach it to summon a demon Satanic rituals are not something one should take lightly. And sure, spending some quality time reading ancient texts on demonology and malevolent revenants is a wonderful way to bond with a loved one, but be warned; your Nintendo Switch might have a little too much fun with the idea of summoning a demon. Who wouldn’t want a personal demon to run around and do all of its dirty work, like smiting those who have wronged you, or you know, picking up your dry cleaning? Next thing you know, your Switch will have downloaded a oujia board app, and it’ll be communicating with spirits left right and center, and your home will basically become the real life Paranormal Activity because of that little asshole.

Cause you know damn well your Switch won’t take it seriously until it gets dragged out of its charging dock, tossed around and then eventually murdered by you, who OF COURSE will be the one who becomes possessed, and then at the end of the day, it’ll be smashed on the floor broken, you’ll look like the girl from the Exorcist, and no one will be happy. It’s not a winning scenario. There we have it friends! What do you suggest not to do with your Switch? Give us a shout in those comments below and let us know. If you dug this video, spread the love and hit that like button, and don’t forget to subscribe to top 10 gaming for more gaming lists, fan theories, news, highlights, lets’ plays and much more! Thanks for watching everyone! I’ll catch you all in the next video. .

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