There has been some pretty weird s*** released over the years when it comes to video game accessories. All the gaming giants are guilty of it; from controllers that make no sense, to kooky add ons meant to make your gaming experience more unique, our list today has it all; it’s the top 10 weirdest console accessories! Bizarre, unbelievable and often outlandish, these peripherals all at one point were thought to have been great ideas. Someone somewhere in a board room signed off on all of these, which, considering the oddities on our list, will probably having you chuckling quite a bit. So let’s get to it. 10 Nintendo Power Glove The Nintendo Power Glove is often cited as an early attempt at virtual reality technology in gaming. Back when it was released in 1989 though, it was nowhere near where we are with VR now. The glove, made by Mattel rather than Nintendo, was clunky to wear, and was only supported by two titles, and often the controls would act up, either being inaccurate or flat out unresponsive. A for effort, I suppose? The other controls on the glove that weren’t motion operated were located on the wrist of the glove gauntlet thing, which also made playing uncomfortable and not institutive.

The only reason the power glove lands this high on our list is because its been featured in many of our other lists when it comes to weird controllers and impractical accessories. Gotta leave some room for the other odd crap in the history of gaming. 9 R.O.B ROB is the acronym for Robotic Operating Buddy. Unlike our last number, ROB was actually produced by Nintendo. Essentially this little dude who strikes a painful resemeblence to WALL-E was a toy-meets-controller, and responded to optical signals coming out of your television screen.

ROB was an overcooked attempt of Nintendo’s to try to win over consumers at the beginning of the 1983 North American Game Crash, in which there was a recession in the video game industry due to over saturation of unsold titles, like the infamous ET game for the Atari 2600. 8 Gameboy Camera Man when I was a kid these were all the rage.

You could take photos on your Gameboy! And then print them out like a photo booth! WHOA NEAT! As you can imagine, the Gameboy Camera and Printer did not age well in the era of smart phones. But at the time, this was the precursor to cell phone selfies. At the time the main issue with this wasn’t its concept or mechanics; it was actually pretty cool since the system incorporated games with the camera in an interactive manner. Rather, the biggest complaint about this was the printer, and the lack of support for the tech. Plus, if you didn’t buy the printer, you were kind of s*** out of luck in terms of finding a way to print your pictures off. 7 Nyko Hip Clip When you’re carrying around your Gameboy, don’t you just wish you had a something you could just clip your handheld console on to that would second as a fashion accessory? As fashionable as a phone clip on someone’s belt is, this accessory took that look one step further, letting gamers carry their Gameboy around and have it available at a moments notice without ever having to worry about the nuisance of opening up a carrying case.

Oh gee whiz, isn’t that swell. Cutting the crap though, it seems like an accessory that would be more weight than it’s worth, making your belt heavy and not helping it much when achieving what its actually purpose is; holding up pants. But really, there’s nothing like a Nyko Hip Clip to ensure your pants never come off again. In a sexual way. You’ll be repulsive. 6 Wii Inflatable Kart You know what will improve your Mario Kart game? Sitting inside an inflatable go kart, that’s what. Or at least that was the logic behind the creation. Essentially, this blow up toy is a clip on device for the Wii Remote that lets you sit down and pretend you’re driving a real go kart while you play the game. Luckily, back when it was still available it wasn’t overly pricey, and hey, for those of you who actually bought one of these things, it probably makes one hell of a pool accessory, probably.

5 Sega Dreamcast Fishing Rod What is it with sports gaming accessories? The Sega Dreamcast fishing rod was exactly that; a fishing rod themed controller. But considering its purpose, unless you REALLY loved fishing games on the Dreamcast, it feels a little extra, doesn’t it? But perhaps the best part about this controller though was that outside of the small handful of fishing titles that it was supported by, it would also work with other games the likes of Soul Calibur, which is strange AF when you think about it. But arguably hilarious to try out, really. 4 Sega Scope/Famicom 3D Wanna look like Ray Charles and see just as well as he could when playing your favourite game? If your answer is no, then the Sega Scope is most definitely not for you! This contraption combined LCD glasses and Field Sequential 3D in order to make your normally 2D game appear to be 3D.

All in all, it was like a super flashy version of those old 3D glasses you’d get at movie theatres before 3D movies became more sophisticated in their technology. What killed this accessory wasn’t its mechanics, but rather, the fact that sales were pretty low thanks to poor advertising. 3 Aura Interactor In the early days of gaming, there were no wireless dualshock controllers that rumbled in your hands and ever so slightly made the action of your game more immersive. Instead, there were various weird gimmicky accessories that companies created in hopes of simulating that kind of vibration, the oddest of them all being the Aura Interactor. This big fella came with straps that let you attach it to you like a vest or as a cushion on the back of your seat, and it was vibrating in an attempt to make you ‘feel’ the gameplay.

It also had a speaker in it that would emit ‘feedback’. As you can imagine, it didn’t work all that well, and for its price point of 99 bucks, not too many people were eager to buy into it. 2 Wii Bowling Ball I can almost 100% guarantee that no one, when looking at the Wii Bowling Ball, thinks oh wow, that’s a really intuitive piece of sports inspired gaming technology. Now for starters, Wii Sports was actually pretty cool. It found a way of enticing gamers to get more active. But, many of the accessories were slightly laughable, including this little guy. A bowling ball. That acted as a controller. The funny thing was, when you mounted the Wii Controller inside of the ball, it actually made the controller less precise. 1 Nintendo Switch neck stand And finally, an accessory that’s still relevant! Unfortunately. This weird little creation is for the perpetually lazy. Don’t feel like holding up your Switch? Is it too difficult for your tender little muscles? Well fear not, you can use this neck stand to hold your screen up for you! Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a controller stand you lazy bastard.

It just goes to show that the gaming industry will never really run out of its absurd attitude when it comes to pointless peripherals. There we have friends! Have you ever owned one of these items? Would you ever try one out, just for s***s and giggles? Let us know in those comments below! If you dug this video, spread the love, hit that like button, and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more gaming videos, from lists to news to fan theories and much more! In the meantime guys, thanks for watching! Catch you all in the next video! .

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