Pokemon on the switch has been a very controversial topic as of late. When is it coming, what game will it be, am i not hetero? And ever since the pokemon company’s announcement that they would be developing a game for the hybrid portable console almost a year ago only one of those questions have been answered… *giggle* yes btw. In recent memory there were many people including me that thought for sure Generation 8 was coming in 2018. Sure others thought it was 2019 or diamond and pearl remakes were coming (which if you thought that im sorry you are stupid) but from the looks of things 2019 seems like a more likely release date as the days go on. But with the recent posts found in a spanish nintendo magazine saying generation 8 is coming to the switch, I hopelessly am super hyped about the next generation of pokemon. The most exciting thing about it to me has to be the edition of a ton of new pokemon, and that’s going to be the topic of today’s video. What pokemon would I like to see in generation 8? And after you watch this video you no longer have to worry about that question, so without further ado welcome to my Top 5 Possible NEW Pokemon for Generation 8.

For this list I have rated these pokemon based on design, but I will also go into detail on possible stats and moves for the pokemon. Speaking of which I do not own any of these awesome fakemon designs, all the creators will be credited in the description as well as in the video. If you guys enjoy this video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s get started. 5 Now when it comes to animals being in pokemon games one that I think isn’t the most uncommon to find is a bear based pokemon. I mean for the last 3 generations alone we’ve had one bear in each region.

That being said these AMAZING designs made by Smiley still in my opinion manages to make a pretty overused design base seem fresh and new. Flambear is adorable and perfect for a pre-evolution, but it’s evolved form brugburn is what really sells it for me. It’s based on a bear rug and rug burn which is already interesting in it of itself, but what really gets me is its typing, fire and ghost. Fire plays on the whole rug burn thing but its ghost typing refers to how the bear was once alive and was destoryed and turned into a rug. Smiley even has a cool pokedex entry he made talking about it. Moving on to stats Smiley has this pokemon as very strong physical and special attacker with relatively good defenses.

And to balance out those powerful stats he also lowered its speed to 55 which I personally agree with. As for moves I’d love to see Brugburn gain access to shadow sneak, bulk up, shadow claw, flare blitz, flamethrower and will-o-wisp. I think with its tanky wall breaking capabilities combined with a good priority move could make this pokemon very powerful in the metagame. Plus flambear is adorable I want it. 4 Route 1 bird pokemon have been a staple in the pokemon franchise since the very first games back in ‘96.

Some have been very powerful while others… not so much. But it is tradition to always include one of these bad boys in the pokemon games and to continue it I would love to see this design made by Smiley in generation 8. Amparor (Show this Ampere + Pardalote + Emperor) as he likes to call it looks absolutely perfect for a starting bird. It’s got a small and cute starting stage, a cool and simple middle stage, and a completely badass final stage. I think my favorite thing about this pokemon has to be the design done on the head. It reminds me a lot of a japanese shogun helmet which just looks very menacing and intimidating. And if you guys are avid bird watchers like myself then you should definitely be able to tell that amparor is based on the pardalote which is native to australia. But not only does this pokemon look cool, but type-wise it’s got an amazingly strong dual-type in electric and flying. If you wanna know why it’s so strong I have another video coming tomorrow explaining why so stay tuned! Or if you’re watching this after the 21st, you can just click the top right corner.

Moving on, stat wise smiley has Amparor as a strong special attacker with pretty good to average stats all around. As for a moveset having moves like thunderbolt, volt switch, air slash, hurricane and roost would be highly beneficial for this pokemon. All in all I think Amparor would be a much welcome addition to the pokemon family and I would definitely have one on my team. 3 Pokemon Fan Games over the years have really developed some amazing fakemon designs that sometimes even look better than the actual pokemon. There’s pokemon uranium, ethereal gates, insurgence, but I think the most ambitious and interesting fan game in terms of pokemon designs has to be Pokemon Sage. I mean come on just look at their starters all three are amazingly well done. So it’s no surprise that when I was looking for possible pokemon for generation 8 I would come across something absolutely badass from this fan game.

And this evolutionary line found of course in the pokemon sage fan game is fantastic. Coltergeist and fantasmare as they’re called are both based on the puca of celtic folklore. Theses things are essentially ghost shapeshifters that take on the form of humans, cats, dogs, goats, and yes horses. There is a lot more to it than just that so I encourage you guys to read into it it’s really interesting. And with all of that backstory in mind it’s no surprise that this line is purely a ghost typing. As for stats I would love to see this pokemon have a strong special attack to make best use of those ghost type moves and good speed and defenses but have its special defense be slightly higher. Move wise I think the most important ones for fantasmare to have are calm mind, shadow ball, will-o-wisp, and maybe moonblast for coverage. Fantasmare is an amazingly well done fakemon and I would love to see one pop up in generation 8.

2 Now I am a BIG believer in the fact that you can literally turn anything into a pokemon and make it interesting. Just look at Chandelure, klefki, and palossand all of them manage to turn boring random things into amazingly well done pokemon. And coming in at number 2 we have yet another pokemon to add to that list because this design made by smiley manages to turn a GRASS STALK and DEW into the most adorable things ever. JUST LOOK AT THIS LITTLE GUY, HES SO FRICKING CUTE. Sure these designs don’t necessarily have an amazing origin behind it but not everything has to be so complex all the time. Things can be simple and still be good. And not only is kyogame amazing design wise but I want this thing to be great in battle too. So let’s do it. First its typing. I think it’s no question that it gets the grass typing, but I would also love to see it gain the water typing as well since it is based on dew and later on rain.

Stat wise Kyogame looks to me like a very bulky pokemon so I can see it having strong physical and special defense with great hp. And to maximize it’s use let’s also give it passable special attack just so we dont go overboard. And finally for moves I would love for it to have access to giga drain, scald, ice beam, surf and maybe toxic spikes. Add all of this up together and I think you got yourself a very strong pokemon. 1 And Finally my number 1 fakemon that I personally want to see become a pokemon in generation 8 has to be this insanely cute evolutionary line made by ko-mono. I really have no other reason to put this thing on the list other than the fact that it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. But I do have to say that my absolute favorite of the three designs has to be the middle stage Kepiringu.

So if this pokemon was in generation 8 I would probably have to pass on the evolution. But this wasn’t just simply designed to look cute, there is a base to it. Piringuton is based on pilling which is the small balls of fluff that appear on your clothes, plankton, and I think an asian make-up brand called kesalan patharan but im not sure about that one.

I do see the resemblance to a powder puff though. As for typing I think a perfect one that would match this pokemon well has to be a dual typing of fairy and psychic. With a paring like that there’s definitely room to pack a serious punch. I will admit though Piringuton does not look like the greatest battler in the world so I’ll have its stats reflect that. I think having 100 special defense, 85 physical defense, and 85 special attack as its best stats does a pretty good job of that. It’s not too weak to the point where it’s useless but it also isn’t considered amazing. As for moves moonblast, psychic, psyshock, calm mind, and dazzling gleam and are a must have. Like I said before I don’t really want to see this pokemon in the next games because of its ability in battle, but more so the fact that design wise it’s one of the most adorable things ever.

I freaking love it. Thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already subscribe to the channel to become an Eryibro today. I’m actually thinking about making some more generation 8 videos because this was very fun to make so let me know if you want to see that in the comment section. If you want to check out the previous video I did be sure to click the annotation on the left. If you want to see some more generation 8 videos click the other annotation on the right. And with that being said I will see you guys next time.

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