Tricking everyone in Roblox Murder Mystery!


You must protect the egg, alright Gold. If you can hit that target you don’t okay, oh I like gold, so you’re the murderer. You have to die anyway, [ Music, ], murder, mystery. This is gon na be good. I think everyone knew that there was a food theme going on because don’t know how, but thank you Pringles right, like I am the holy vbq Pringles Wow you are, everyone must protect, be be cute Pringles, you got it okay.

What I am a Pringles is the murderer: yeah Pringle, just so cute Pringles yeah Pringles, come in here. Come here come here. I have like some cool stuff in the office where you BB q, BB q come here, someone just murdered the BB juice. Hey. I didn’t do I heard that I heard that too it no, no BB cute, no BB q. Oh my gosh! Everyone hey, you know! No, no, no! Run your race car! Okay! I’M just kidding later. Everyone don’t go for this guy in you. You did that. No! It’S too easy: hey cuz! You made them trust you and then you were really hurt, icicle to kill people.

What is that? I must stay like killers D. Look! What happened to Pringles Pringles was so delicious, but guess what I hate: big barbecue flavor. Oh that’s! One of the best flavors: that’s why I killed bebe Q Pringles who’s left grenade. There are stupid made alive. Why is there so many foot? Okay, that’s not a grenade! That’S an egg! I’M safe by you! You must protect the egg. Is that it do it we’re not telling you come on? Okay, the gun is still there, meaning you guys are hiding her face. You could already tell she’s a evilly me. Okay, Kat, you can’t find Pokemon master there. There master you can’t find come out. I have weenies [ Laughter ], that’s gon na definitely lure them out what, if she hates hotdogs yeah, don’t you want hot dogs?

Yeap bass was here, who’s was there. It was these. This must be a really good, hiding spot wait. Are they hiding no way? I’M gon na lose. No, please please, please, okay I’ll, give you him. No, no, don’t betray our master. Oh Brian Cole, I know where it is. It was the vent two key gon na be able to find this nowhereness, I’m dumb, I’m dumb. I don’t know he. Oh, oh, she laughed, she heard they sneaky. No, she no. I lost the god. Oh she’s gon na can win this.

Oh wait. What is she wearing she wearing a VR headset? I lost to a VR, pumpkin yeah, that’s it that’s it! I lost it’s cuz. We can see what about you sure I have to buy the frost pack, guys. Look what you made me do I had to waste a row, I’m being dramatic. Let me be dramatic, all right, all right holiday, let’s put on the frost Lord, we must stick together. Okay, you can trust me, No hey good pals for life. You can trust me. Oh no, she’s, nice behind me. No, don’t snitch I’ll, give you a hint they’re back for revenge. Funny, Oh fresh, because you said you hated battles is raging.

Mad food anger, no Pringles! Oh chuckles, I’m sorry to bring up some side. You get me. It’S not! My fault scared. I’M scared, I’m safe! I these fall. Follow me rainbow. I have to hide I’m a hide in the men’s. Washroom. Do not hide in here like it’s, not obvious. Pokemon master got them, they Wow scary, um Pringles is behind me and I’m scared Goldfinger Pringles, it’s not the time. I trust Pringles.

Both of these people were murderers. Let’S stick them in a room. Can I get a screenshot? I don’t know just stance, I’m staying away. This is really dumb. I’M scared. This is dumb. How much ice cream is too much ice cream? Three! Oh wait! Oh my eyes! It’S obviously Drago! Oh my gosh you’re right here for the food to you me shiner, he’s not here! Think of it! Think! Oh, no, that were a lunar. I don’t want to go with it. Oh wait! Don’T worry to the sheriff.

He has got his brain. Okay! Well, hide! Why be careful of the last it’s kind of hard to hide that guy? It’S Drock! Oh, I think it’s not going dry. It’S not me rainbow run. Oh good job rainbow use your bananas distractions of life saved. You remember all right. I got this. I got this truck, who you got the gun? No, okay. You got ta get VR girl. I don’t know: okay I’ll, be bait, I’m delicious hello about. He doesn’t want your Wheaties. She wants a mint shake. Let me go out. Oh, I was trying to type I’m a delicious hot dog gold. No don’t be done. Avvocato is a gr girl wants to cut this avocado. I swear the nine tails aw. He just died. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

So much I’m gold, she’s. Looking in the stalls, avocado girl she she’s in the soul. She’S searching the stone go, go, go, go gold! You grabbed the gun. You grab the gun. Okay, Gold, protect me I’ll, be the wienie sacrifice. I grab the gun where’s. She. Oh I’m scared. What’S way, she called me. Okay I’ll shoot her. You stay there. Gold go! This way, I’m out here low wherever you are VR master girl, hello. Oh my gosh she’s right there, [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Laughter ].

That was a straight hallway goal. I was so scared for my weaning life. Okay, alright GG guys, if you guys are enjoying this video so far make sure to leave a like for flossin. I know flossin is so thing in 2018. No flossing must survive 2020. Okay, thanks. We need to fool man, it’s not what oh, my god murderer, I’m hiding in the x-ray room. It’S called a guy’s. Oh wait is that, like kind of weird that everyone that I murder is coming back Pringles, where should we hide um everyone in here?

Coming back? All the revenge – this is a smart area, they’re, not what else would turn them a sick patient on the bed. Then they won’t throw me like trying. So you guys everyone’s dead. This murderer: Savage okay, gold, just jump down. So tell me: if it’s safe down there, I don’t know, what’s happening, go just go down just go down, rainbows dead body, sure. So it’s not safe for safe, not anything! Okay! Well, I’m gon na stay up here you can go down there. You have to come down and look up. No, I don’t want no skinny guys.

What do I take? What a back for revenge keep levitate? You love the trading over the vent, you’ll be safe, oh they’re, saying revenge is my. I come in peace, it’s that egg, that we want the murdered. No, they still down, oh yeah, be see being a scaredy-cat work. Just hide! I have a confession to make what I don’t like milk, I only like chocolate – milk, oh okay, so why would you say that randomly because I don’t want to get murdered anyway? I abstinence you stopped her Lu number one. I just got murdered minute account blood hi! No just step away just [ Music ] stay away, stay away from my god. It killed me Drago u-turn, but we’re the same.

One group mercy, Pringles, Ringo’s chuckle, show Grand Master. No, oh, oh! No, oh boy, no ha ha ha ha ha victory for avocados. How do you have two weapons that makes you OC Union and you look crazy avocados for life leave a comment down below if you relate to avocados, if you murderin toy shops, you’d get no toys here that okay, all right, can’t murder me! Well, I’m innocent! Okay!

Thought so everyone go to the toy shop. No murder at toy shop shot me out of saltiness, okay who’s, who committed murder right now, you don’t get get! Oh! No! Oh wait! Why is there an elf? Oh, my gosh dude, it’s the elf, someone get the hell! The elf is Sharon; no, no, nobody else was holding a knife. The elf is a bird. What is that? I don’t know what this little old DBQ Pringles has. Ken has turned into wow. They have a lot of costumes, you some. We got the elf mmm, I’m really suspicious Drac, with a little avocado is hiding in a and the Amish elf [, Music ]. You want to see something cool. I don’t I’m gon na murder me maybe rainbow.

I think you should reply to the oh. Why not? Oh wait: it was a big misunderstanding. He’Ll never find us under. I knew it shoot him. Is someone gon na shoot this guy where’s the gun? Oh, I don’t. How is it no elf, you got nope, allow laughs almost got. You did in the head who’s that murderer spammin yay. Oh, they shot the wrong person, they shot the wrong body. Avocado will save the day. He died on the toei. Well, avocado murder aren’t the guns right there where’s the gun. There know the Elvis picking it back up come on off.

You can do it uh-oh. So so you like the trick to playing this, is jumping a lot on. No one listens your hands. No one. Let’S know unless it’s knowledge, I’m go to them, go shoot. A pen came out boy. Lunars a tunnel. Yeah, wait, okay, buy an egg, it’s the egg. Lunar run. How about surviving? Yes! Wait. We want is the murder. So oh, oh, oh, he ran out of time. Oh good, there yeah, we did it. Alright people, I’m the sheriff, and I say everybody. If you don’t tell me if you’re the murderer, I will shoot you. I say I say: funniest murder, wait. I don’t even I believe it I’ll follow. You share us and murder. A oh come on sheriff you better, be careful.

Is the boss, because I’m gon na be spilling this blow it ketchup everywhere? Okay, we get it. I’M a weenie! Okay. That game was way too fast. We need to select a really great map now avocado. What do you pick? I pick whatever this middle one’s gon na be clearly he has knowledge cuz. He is green and we trust everything. That’S oh, okay. Bonnie years of beauty, ax, he wants to go to the green-screen YouTube room me yeah, it’s a YouTube office. Oh it’s my gaming desk. No, it is, is she tricking us to kill us, make sure hit the subscribe button, whatever youtubers say? Oh I’m a youtuber, I get to say youtubers not follow my socials. If this video doesn’t get 20 million likes, I’m gon na be like like likes. Don’T do anything anyway but like like, so who cares? I’M a u2 like show you today, I’m a youtuber, keep yelling that I’m a youtuber, I’m a youtuber YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube.

You taste like if you like, I’m gon na, did I walk in on something or there’s big meat. You know YouTube YouTube YouTube. There’S a green screen crying! Oh wait! Look we’re in Canada! Me look chips everywhere. I see everybody in that guy swinging swinging. Oh, you figure. Why would you even go? I was trying guys I wouldn’t go: hey baby Wow, see that wasn’t one green tea frappuccino and I’m crazy you’re not better than an avocado, but she is rethink your decision track.

Yeah go next time. You look at all these players. Yard girl, she’s, tough, oh she’s, like your obvious again, oh and then there was one else, is still alive. They’Re hiding in the basement killed dad golf face. Go, go, go, go, she was you got ta, go, get the gun! Lunar murder: what does she know where the gun is? No murder knows no. Guy, that’s murdered only knows murder. I thought I killed lunar. How do I survive little murder? You have to go, get God lunar get out of the basement. It’S not in there murder go camping come out come out wherever you are milk hater you better get out of the basement, there’s no way out of there. Why is there? No man where’s the gun? Fellow murderers, it’s not in the base.

It was in the room. You were standing in the main room. You better be careful, she’s, hunting, okay, just go just go just go it’s right. There go got it, you got it no go to the basement. Okay, how dare you [ Laughter, ], okay, Wow girls? You took too long. You should have found her. She was hiding in the basement for a lot of time, though. Ah there’s some milk in the whatchamacallit, the meeting room meet me in the coming era. No give a meeting room. Is it chocolate milk yeah? Really? I don’t know? No. It’S regular milk though I don’t know if yours and murder, milk, murder, milk, ah, but we have much room.

You know, I’m the one in the elevator, no murder, hello. What is happening? Yo, Oh, Oh, frosty frosty – is that married to her. Oh, they have special effects. Okay, no, no, no frosty frosty frosty! Oh no! Oh wow! There’S murders, Laos right, okay, who’s alive, left gold. I dropped it on the staircase on the staircase right above the staircase. Yeah just go! Get it right. There go, go, go no patrols, you’re right, Frankel’s, right! Hi jingles: don’t do it Pringles, don’t do it? It’S not where the one we go, throw murderer, pinkles gots this the power of Pringles. You know no bingo, there’s only rainbow and the gun, because I break all right egg come on.

Hey yo, the egg beside reg got ta go cyber. It’S gon na hide here. I’M gon na be alright scream Sunday yo good news, cyber egg how’s the gun. Thank goodness bad news. Cyber a doesn’t know where the murderer is, but Google murder, who this map is too quiet all waiter. Upstairs they don’t see, you don’t mean they’re, hiding the elevator, oh the egg, the cyber egg sneaky, I think, um, the blue guys trying to find you rainbow. You better, be careful. They say you’re meeting, all the Colossus kind of a huge banana rainbow. You have to get it in the office.

Meeting room and playable rain boots are giant banana. No well guys I’d love for murder-mystery to if you enjoyed it, make sure to leave a like. You mean murder, Langevin, yeah, murder, the like button, don’t forget to subscribe. If you’re new, thank you so much for watching and crew, we’ll see you on the next one: [ Music, ], [, Music, ]

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