UI and Ping Tips / Tricks / Guides – How to Carry with UI and Ping


Hello everyone! Useful tips for you. You can view and select yourself or allies by clicking F1 ~ F5. Order is exactly same with this list. F1 is always you (Fizz) and F2 ~ F5 for Warwick ~ Morganaana. You can view and use target skill to each champ with F1 ~ F5. You can change this order by drag and drop. You can order them by your preference. In my case, top / jungle / mid / adc / support. Enemy can be ordered too. Then you can compare each lane more easily. Changed list will remap the target viewed and targeted by F2 ~ F5. In this case, F1 is you (Fizz) and F2 ~ F5 is Caitlyn / Blitzcrank / Chogath / Kogmaw Now change the order. F1 is always you (Fizz) Now F2 ~ F5 is remapped to Kogmaw / Chogath / Caitlyn / Blitzcrank. Use this to change the view and target order easily.

Many skills, items, runes have effects if they are ready. so you know that easily in the game. (ex. Mundo W, E) But there are things that have no effects in the map. How do you know if they are ready? If you click the enemy, you can view the enemy?s status at the left top side. Check AD AP CDR etc. For example, you can calculate enemy?s skill CD with this.

You cannot calculate those with tab info as you need full rune list, shard, special skills. And you can check things which is not or hard to see in the map when they are ready. Please check this to win the trade! (Especially if you are in the high elo) You can view the FPS and ping at the right top side with Ctrl + F Use this to check your computer and network status For example, if ping suddenly rises, it means that something is wrong with the network. Usually happens if you upload / download something. Check some auto update or sync process like cloud. You can see your stats in here. Same things are listed. AD AP CDR etc. If you click this runes panel, you can view the numbers of each rune effect. You can get many information by hovering the cursor to these.

If you click C, more informations are displayed. HP / MP regeneration, Armor / Magic Penetration, Skill Vamp, Tenacity, and many more. Always check these informations to do anything you want to do in the game. If you left-click something in the HUD with Alt clicked, related information will be displayed in the chat. Almost everything in the HUD is possible. You can give info to your ally easily with this. I will list things which is possible. For example, you can tell them you have XX % towards lvl X. Skill is not learned, skill is ready, skill is in cooldown for X seconds.

HP / MP is XX % Has XX Gold. XX?s Ult is ready. XX?s Ult will be ready in XX seconds. XX is alive or dead. XX respawning in XX seconds. Ping is good or bad. Active item is ready, or will be ready in XX seconds. In the shop, you can do Alt + left click too. Can purchase XX, Need XX gold for XX. You can do this in the tab info without clicking Alt, just click it. XX has XX rune, item, XX has ult and spell ready or not. XX is level X, bounty is XX, etc. Click the top side of the tab info to check time. Blue is ready, Baron will be ready in 3m 4s, etc. Use this to share info with your ally easily! You know that smart ping is used if you drag the cursor while clicking Ctrl or Alt. There are 4 smart pings available with the drag. 2 normal pings for Ctrl / Alt + left click.

But one thing you really need to know is ward ping. It is used with H by default. It tells ally that there is a enemy ward. Use this ward ping for the ally. Remap H to something else if you need it. People could be so toxic or could do the flaming. It never helps you to win. People use mute all to avoid this. Unset All chat and Allied chat. You don?t need to type mute all in every game. Will give you general tips like this periodically. Thank you for watching!.

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