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Using *ONLY* Fishing Loot to WIN Fortnite 2!


Yo we got a weapon. Ah, okay, I was a part all right, let’s be honest as soon as chapter 2 started, you knew every youtuber and their dog we’re gon na upload. This kind of video, my dog, can’t play fortnight, but we did another separate video where you kind of played for night with me, so you could do you check that out, but today, of course, we’re doing the fishing only challenge. The way this is going to work is, we are only allowed to use the weapons and items that we get from fishing. This includes healing items.

I can only use the slurp fish to get shield the fluffers to get help, but I can use environmental shield like the slurp lake or the chug splashes or the mushrooms I’m allowed to use those the other thing a lot of pickup outside of it is mats And amber from enemies I eliminate and spoiler alert the table. I get this with it’s kind of a big game, so make sure to watch to the end you guys going to enjoy, make sure hit that subscribe button down below and, of course, this video separately make sure that that, like button, I’m like always, if you guys Are picking up any items in the item shop make sure to be sporty creator? If you only supporting me as a creator, that’s code lucky for yourself very much.

So I’m pretty sure everybody out to use my code, let’s jump into it. They should only challenge or don’t fish Shelley challenge. We got ta go to a place with good fishing roads and good fish. We’Re gon na get a gun, so essentially we’re only allowed to use the guns we get from fishing and I’m gon na go a step farther and sack you only use meds from fishing as well. Alright give me the rod, give my boat okay, let’s go fish fish fish, fish fish! Oh, that’s! Not what we want guys come on. Maybe I do pick up. Skills come on, I’m not even a slurp fish. Are you serious dude, my boats, running away? Oh, this sucks dude this on epic yo. We got a weapon. Ah, okay, I was a bot come on slurp fish or gone all.

I’M eating scared! Huh! You kidding me dude, all you love that he killed the other guy, but I got him alright. Well, we’re doing it all with a sniper. Oh yeah. I can use rusty cans as a weapon. They do 20 damage by the way. Oh, we got a gun, epic. Alright, it’s only a pistol, but it’s still something. Hopefully we can get like attack or something we’ve got slurp fish. Oh here we go. This is the guy, I’m pretty sure. Oh I’m so, cracked, hmm, ah damnit why’s the pistol suck so much eat, eat, eat, eat, eat and then eat that one alright.

Can I get a gun, please you look. I heard that I heard that I’m pretty sure that was a ball, but still I heard that and I wasn’t letting it go, I’m a lot of use traps because I can get them from the fish. Yes, hogs in chat, we got a pump shotgun. Oh, we got a bed a pump, shotgun more pokes now that we can play the game, it’s old, it’s just pulled on from here. Oh wait, I’m just cracked. What can I say? Oh, you know they give me a blue sniper end up getting like four Snipes in this game. A sloped fish. Look fish. Look fish! Oh another sniper! Don’T actually need that. Can I see these people fighting I’d rather get a slow fish? Oh a that’s! Actually, not bad, though alright, let’s keep playing for tonight, yeah it’s a bit of a backdoor there buddy all right. Well, we need to get some slurp fish Jesus Christ. Oh that’s! So an epic all right!

Well, whatever you know what I have shield, sir you’re, not epic, give me a gun, you, wouldn’t you wouldn’t give me a gun right off the bat you wouldn’t do it. I spoke to epic, I said you wouldn’t do it boy pagas, let’s go. We got a gun. You know. That means guys. We can play fort night. Slug fish hey this is this – is rather epic. That’S toxic! All right here come the sniper, Reno’s, okay, [, Music ]. I actually don’t have enough for this [ Music, ] Namah. Let’S go start a new life over there waiting for the kid about to just dump me or something get the pedal to the metal chief da, all of that alright or alive, and that’s what does matter. I was like Oh Luke. That sounds good. All this is suspiciously all here in the middle of a floor. Oh oh, wait! A second, maybe dad all right II never have enough rods. Am i right? Alright Chuck?

It’S the slide fish Chuck us the gold pump shotguns. I want it all! That’S what I don’t want, hey! That’S that’s good! It’S a weapon I can play for tonight. Hey! Let’S, go Punk, shotgun! Okay, it’s a ball! I’M very confident that was a ball, but you have a lot of loser. I told you don’t try and be slick with me. Did you know that fishes is actually a word so lucky to the plural of fish? Is fish but fishes is used to describe many plurals of a fish so like different species of a fish. So technically these are fishes because it is is like a like a specie, plural or something. I found that out the other day while watching the gyrocompass on today’s episode of why I hate the burst assault rifle all right. Let’S get some.

We got a double fish Monday, video get some slurps. Thank you very much. I appreciate your service. I very much appreciate it. You are a very awesome person. Thank you very much chat. We see that’s a rough one because that’s actually a good trade. I don’t know, but I like to just like I like the pump too much, but the tax these days are way better than the pumps to pump damage so inconsistent, [, Music, ] he’s like there’s that noise, it’s like a gold sniper. I actually saw Shane myself as I missed, that the initial pump lie. I’M actually sad at myself for doing that, like the gamer over here would be low. What else have no idea? I can then fire them whoppers? No, I needed to get that hit like.

I do have fluffers, but at the same time sometimes I wonder why I even bother trying if kids are just gon na hit these nutty shots. Oh perfect, cute he’s tensing, Oh bogus goodbye, all right. Okay, I’m pretty sure that was the ball. Okay, we got the gold ska, we don’t have any shields, but we’re gon na go to slippy, swamps and sort ourselves out. Cuz they’re gon na either just stay in the river and fish all we’re gon na get slark fish. Well, uh we’ll probably win this game. Oh okay, it’s not a balk cuz. He built a ramp. I don’t want to engage close cuz. We don’t have a shotgun. You actually hit that. Oh, my on epic gamer. Ah, just let me freakin play against one. Yes, I fished for 20 minutes and did nothing.

Yes, that just happened this week, hey, I love RNG. Alright, I want to get like a nice set here and I just want to run. I want to get all the e limbs give me gun straight away. Oh it’s a triple pwned. I think don’t do it. Whatever you’re gon na do don’t do it dart? Do that just don’t! Do it don’t scare my fish away? Okay, yeah yeah dance around the mushroom, don’t eat it, though, as soon as I get it gone, you’re dead! Alright, how many slurp fish hey buddy, come right here! Goodbye! Thank you! Oh it’s that! Oh, it’s a sniper all right! You know what I’m down I’m down for a little slime. Oh maybe I eat one and then I’ll have a stack of floppers yeah. It sounds good, come on fuck, Oh who’s, the on epic gamer.

We got a slurp fish he’s literally juggling. He literally has one hell. Okay, are you kidding me, get the rods, slurp fish, fluffers, pump, shotgun, scold scars and no sweats equal, a free video for yours. Truly, hey there we go. This is good. This is good. We can play for tonight. We’Re gon na barrel it into. Is that salty? Yes, let’s go alright good setup. We’Re barreling it into salty saw dude, really miss how many shots smart. It’S a swap. Okay! He sucks and I suck okay, we’re live. That’S what matters! Alright whoa whoa, oh no diner down their daughter, died [, Music ], but if a yikes miss on my pot well will pay the price we got mats now at least, but now I need some more slurp fish. Who is the unhappy Gama? I’M actually done here. I’M actually done here all right end it because you got head, should snug again for like the fourth time, this stream yeah it’s kind of standing still, but still that is ridiculous.

All right! Let’S run it again, shall we? Oh, we got a gone off the bat. I think it’s a guy over here he’s doing the exploit where he gets unlimited shield, you know, there’s an exploit where, if you run into a shield like this, like how does it work, I don’t know how it works, but you just like run into a wall At a certain angle, like that, all right, I think that’s too far, you’re kidding me dude, alright get cooked. I want another gun. Oh there, you go what the hell dude he’s boss all right. Well, we got a slurp fish. We got a decent load out and they’re gon na have a lot of shotgun shells, but that should be fine famous last words. I think it’s time we head off another ball, I’m pretty sure all right. Well, he’s been mining.

For me, you, oh he’s been mining. For me, love that place is just full of balls. Your love to see it Scarah, someone started shooting him by did enough things, shooting it was another bot or wha like it’s, not yeah he’s got some got some help. Boy, come here just say, usually shooting over here yeah, why it’s going on here, dude there’s so many bolts like love to see it, but what the actual health Yates. I spend my game as ol boss. I’M convinced at this point I’ve no look at the start, but I but geez man, so many balls come on yeah. I take that for bus all right, we’re out of here. I’M solo love that 10-10-10. Look at that love a scoreboard like that got a double pool, Chuck us a slut fish for the run. You wouldn’t you’re scared what ah yo? What is that that is a sniper rifle all right, give me a couple slopes and we’ll pick that up all right.

Saying goodbye to it, cuz, that’s a gold sniper! You guarantee it picking that up! It’S like 125 buddy, 116 hahahaha. You do love that making sure to check twice for traps: ain’t full for that again boy. It’S a real player too, and I got the follow up tag thought it was 125. Why is it 116 dude? It’S a gold sniper’s things should deal damage these for sure got meds. You actually hit that okay, good. All right. I don’t feel comfortable drinking the slug fish just yet cuz. It could be a little bit of a waste, but I will pick up another rod. I reckon interesting couldn’t reset the edit there a bud, no traps, alright slark fish on any looking for a rod milking our rods. Oh, that was all, and you know it yeah that one might have been involved. Oh give me, the blue, yellow ding! Just do it! I’M scared of me get sniped. It’S been like story of my life lately, just getting sniped.

Oh, there come on dude still here come the other ones out of the woodwork things for my bought, though [ Music ] and what I said might be a bought yeah, [, Music, ], okay, so one go down the storm. I knew those a guy in the storm – it’s a1 b1, so we’re both playing a little side-by-side game. [, Music, ]. Let’S go that prediction boy, let’s get it that is gon na, be a pretty shows 15 or 16 Elam dub with fishing early challenge. A lot of bots, but we don’t care about that, because that was an epic game where’s my stats, what where’s my stats! Why doesn’t shut 16 eliminations? It should show your elimination, somewhere man, what a game a fortnight battery, yeah well hope you guys are out to enjoy. You guys did make sure to chuck CELAC rating down below I’ll catch. You guys next time, peace, [, Music, ],

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