[, Music, ] it’s Valentine’s Day and pink Pokemon are spawning more in the wild. I got the pink hat on we’re going in on this event. Well, not really just just gon na do some shiny hunting. No, oh, there are new Chinese. The first new shiny Happiny is hatching from seven kilometer eggs. It’S a shiny that, but I can’t even tell the difference. So it’s not something I’m interested in hatching personally, but Chauncey [ Applause ]. I don’t. I always do this. I always do this right. Next to the street, and it’s it’s loud here – wild Chansey can also be shiny. Wild wild wild chancy, while Chauncey can also be shiny during the event and Chauncey is a good shiny, so baby do I want to try to hatch it?

Not really. I don’t want to. I did. I did buy a box during the last event, so I have incubators left over, but I think I’m gon na save those for an event with Pokemon that I’m actually more interested in trying to hatch, because we all know that there will be an event in the Future, where some really cool SHINee will only be hatching from eggs, and I think I’m gon na wait for that. Instead of trying to hatch the happening now, there is one other thing I need to take care of now. The event has started. I actually need to open my woo bat box. It’S been two weeks and I finally remembered to complete enough research to get my first whoa bat it’s Valentine’s Day. I think it’s appropriate.

We do get bonus candies for this plus it’s double candy during the event plus on pineapple. So let’s see how much candy I end up with here, not as much as if I had caught one a week ago and then was now catching this one. But I get some extra candy, it’s sixteen thirty-two woo bat candy, plus a new pokemon in the pokdex. This will be my Valentine here, because Sierra just she she said no all right and with that taken care of, I can finally open these, which were from the Sinnoh event. That’S not shiny. That is also not shiny, and now we can start picking up new research because we do have event themed research and some of it has pretty good rewards. As you’re probably aware by now my favorite place to go to get up-to-date information about research tasks. Is the Silk Road so Valentine’s Day tasks? Event tasks will always appear right at the top of the list by the way Valentine’s Day, catch 14 Luvdisc for a new pokemon. That was just released, a Lobo mola which isn’t actually the evolution of love discs.

Despite how much it looks like it should be: 14 Luvdisc. I haven’t seen a single one, yet this morning and Aloha mola, along with a dino, are both released in Pokemon go but are supposed to be very rare in the wild they’re, also hatching from 7 kilometer eggs. But I don’t want them bad enough to use my incubators on that defeat. Three team go rocket, grunts is chancy, of course, chancy can be shiny. It’S the only good shiny in the family. Happy knee and bliss II barely look different at all hatch three eggs for lick a tongue. If you pick this up, it might be too late by the time you’re. Seeing this, but don’t claim your lick a tongue until raid day starts on the 15th um evolve. Aha pip is gon na give you charity in case you still have not hatched one and catch five slowpoke or Whismur for a thousand Stardust incentivizing you to catch those non-shiny Pokemon.

I definitely want hmm hatch, three eggs. I can hatch three eggs before tomorrow, without using my paid incubators, definitely [ Music ]. It must be my lucky day because of it worth Chauncey. I always do this set the camera down, get ready to record a clip. One of the pokemon is out of range. Now, but first up aloma mola right here found one in the wild and I will definitely be silver pineapple, not that I well it might be okay in PvP from what I’ve heard. Aloha mola, you big fish thing: three got it: okay, welcome to my pokedex for the second time today, a new Pokemon, Aloha, mola, hidden power, grass 15 attack. Those are not PvP IVs, but who knows all right? There was a chance. He liked right across the street. There she is first shiny, Chansey, Chansey shiny check, failed it’s Saturday. It’S like a tongue day. I changed the hat. I got the yellow hat on because that’s what we want shiny, like a tongue, is here we’re a few minutes late, but I’m in Downey, with my brother and sister, we’re gon na get some raids in we’re just gon na. I think we’re just gon na speed through these until something shiny happens, he’s good luck I know for, but not for who for yeah chancellors playing on my mom’s account, which used to be his until he I don’t know discovered fortnight or whatever happened still play fortnight. No for tonight’s, not cool anymore, we’re –

I was gon na say like let’s check together, but you guys will have minimum brightness right now so well, this is pretty okay. Can you see that all right, [, Music, ], okay, libraries under construction? I can’t reach that gym. Walking around while we’re on this long trek around quick update – hopefully it’s too late for me to be sharing this information by the time the video goes up. But bodyslam is the exclusive move. Today, you can get it on licky licky by evolving during the event or up to an hour after, and you definitely want to do that, because licky licky is good in ultra league. It get slick now body, slam, earthquake Shadow Ball, so it can make a great alternative to Snorlax. It can be a a great Giratina counter. However, you do need a hundo because it maxes out under twenty five hundred twenty four sixty something I think so you need a 100 % like a tongue evolved with body slam for Ultra League. If you’re interested and OH my first one was nowhere near. Oh okay, we made it we’re hopping in look at songs, an important Pokemon and my Pokemon go history. It was the last Pokemon I needed to complete my pokedex, and it took me forever felt like forever, there’s a long time without regionals right that regionals from like like something to six o’clock until 5:00. Ah, don’t worry we’re not doing this till 5:00.

It’S not that serious bonus challenge go nope. Oh I got it. I got it watch me Sparkle, like a tongue 7:59, though I think that’s like really really bad CP, which is unfortunate, huh yeah, but I never thought this day would come after struggling to actually get like a tongue in my pokedex for so many months. Back in 2016, it was probably 2017 by the time I actually got it no 16 before Gen 2 came out. I think, let’s see well, that’s bad bad Ivy’s, but you know, maybe maybe four great League one day. I can use this one. Alright, I’m good! I’M just kidding we’ll keep going we’ll keep going. We have more free passes. Go Oh oops, Hey, okay, this one’s better! 771! Hey did I forget to record my screen on that sorry, I was just. I was excited about the shiny oops. Alright, next one ready, if you do it someone else, they go. Okay, two one go: oh there, it is Kent’s got it chance.

We hit all the gyms more or less in downtown Downey, so we’re gon na head to a few more. But that means we have to drive a little. Oh whoops I went to earlier go go! Oh my god. Did you Hut? No, I did not transfer enough. Go go 795! Oh! What CP is perfect? Ivy’S huh! That’S eight something this. I think this is gon na. Be our last one. This is like the last kind of Jameson idea. You know I have to chance house too, and that’s all that matters you can trade mom throw on. I will all right ready, go weather’s getting warmer we’re headed back to the classics. Acai bowl headed home to evolve some like a tongue, something some like a tongue last step Eve all because I want those body slams. Ah, let’s see neither of these have great IVs, but I’m gon na evolve. One. I think I’m gon na do here’s what I’m gon na do see how these IVs work out for great League 11:15. 10:00.

It’S gon na be bad rank 894. It hits 1,500 exactly 10. 10. 14. Oh, that’s, not good! All right! So I’m gon na evolve this one for great league. I might have to do a lucky trade to try to get a hundo for ultra League there. It is oh, it looks so funny when they’re just on the put away. This was the best IV I caught today. It’S not close, I kind of don’t want to waste candy evolving this, but I won’t get body slam. If I don’t well, I made up my lucky friends. I think my choice here is to not evolve another one and just just wait till I get lucky trade, someone for a better IV with body slam, so that’s it for lick a tongue raid, a Valentine’s event which is almost nearing completion by the time. This video goes up, but thanks for joining us, you