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Valorant Update 1.11: New Agent: Skye • Icebox Ranked • Agent & Economy Changes



Don’T worry, kids, daddy is not leaving cs go. He just wants to cover some damn updates. This is my second update video for valrant and it’s for patch 1.11, which will get released very soon. It was actually released a short while, but they had to revert it. As always, i like to focus on the most important bits, and there are a few in this update. Let’S start with the changes made to some of the agents breaches, flash ability has been buffed and will now full blind you for 2 seconds. Instead, this makes it roughly 18 deadlier and 1.11 phoenix flash has also been buffed. Can you guys guess how no has nothing to do with the timer? It’S how flashed you get during the fade out notice how you can see much less on 1.11. This next change is pretty much the biggest agent update, which i absolutely love, because i hate the guy, but if cipher dies the traps will now get disabled. A lot of cipher mains will definitely be more careful now and it will change the overall meta for ciphers. Moving on to killjoy, when she recalls her turret, a cooldown starts and with 1.11 it’s been cut in half. This allows her to use the ability, more often and with more freedom to reposition the turret during the round. Speaking of cooldown, her alarm bot has also received the same treatment where it’s been reduced from 20 to 7.


That is a 65 buff also, the bar is yellow instead of green, so i suppose that’s to indicate to the player that it’s been used once already with those buffs. The target range of her alarm bot and nano swarm has decreased slightly, but the nanoswarm damage has increased, which is especially noticeable without a shield. The last important change with killjoy is that there was no limit whatsoever to how far away she could be from her gadgets. They would still work, and this could allow her to place a turret on the opposite side of where she’s currently playing so the alarm, bot and turret will now only activate if she’s inside the activation range, which is 40 in-game meters. It’S a debuff that reminds me a bit of the one for cipher, automated solutions and valorent are going to be less rewarding from now on now i’ve covered the changes for the agents, but it’s time to introduce a new agent to the game.


Sky sky is a new radiant agent, with hyper natural abilities as a result of the first light event from the valorant lore. Her abilities are regrowth, which is aoe healing trailblazer, which allows her to control a beast to find and stun enemies guiding light that seeks out enemies and blinds them and finally, seekers the ultimate ability, which is pretty much an upgraded version of guiding lights. But it’s totally automated and can find up to three enemies, they’re all quite useful, but remember that she’s got a healing ability. This actually means that sage is no longer. The only healer skye can heal all teammates in the radius, but not herself. This allows for some variety for whoever wants to take that role. Moving on to something that changes, the meta, completely economy, changes in cs go if t’s run out of time, they get nothing. Valorent is kind of going with the same thing, but instead of zero, you get a thousand credits which is 900 less than usual, and if you survive the round of a spike exploding, you also only get a thousand instead of 1900


That’S a bit sad for defenders. It’S not the same in cs go well. At least the spike will no longer count as a death. So that’s still something now. This is a pretty big one for competitors. Icebox. The latest map to the game released around two weeks ago, will now be playable in ranked mode before that it was playable on all other game modes and for even bigger news. You can now choose left handed. Finally, for some notable bug fixes jet could move around. Like crazy with the rope and dash technique, now she has to decide if she wants to dash or use the rope. This snowman bug pretty much allowed anyone to get stuck, and even though it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes, it’s been fixed. That’S pretty much a summary of the update like the video. If you enjoyed it, stay awesome and go peneanos.

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