Wasn’t Expecting This… GLACIAL EVENT IN POK?MON GO!


Welcome back to one of my favorite places on the planet, Joshua Tree where the snow is mostly melted in town, but over in the park. It’S looking good. We are in the midst of a winter event and as long as I’ve known that it snows occasionally out here in the high desert in Joshua Tree National Park, it’s been something that I really wanted to see. So last night my dad sent me a picture told me it was snowing out here and this morning I hopped in the car, and here we are about to eat with the family but snow and maybe find some snowy shinies. Maybe let me just squeeze in a couple shiny checks, while we’re out here where I have service because, as you know, once we get in the park no more Pokemon, but it will be a very beautiful experience. I promise you that it is unfortunate that it’s not actually snowing right now, so we don’t have snowy weather in-game, because I still don’t have cryo g” l cry agonal spawns on Glacial lures.

It seems like it’s a little rare from the Glacial lures, but it does spawn in snowy weather fairly common, so if it were actually snowing, it’s not maybe we’d have a shot at cry, agonal, otherwise glacial or is how we’re gon na have to do that. All right bird, let’s go eat, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] sunsetting are on our way out of the park, but as we’ve gotten closer to the exit, I actually have service here, Which means Sandra wait Sandra come on out. Let’S we’re gon na visit a new place together all over the place, high-contrast. First of all, let’s get let’s get it nice Joshua tree in the background. Oh that’s beautiful smile, Oh photobombs. Okay, we can get your allo one cousin to come out and play all right, smeargle. First of all, but Sandra’s here we’ve got the maze loop trail, polka, stop that’s a new place for me in Sandra a Sneasel shiny check.

How great would that have been, and we’ve got to catch the smear goal it’s like from now on, every smeargle I catch is just gon na have mud shot sand tomb, whatever moves standard has alright before I freeze out here. Let’S go you. The adventure is not over yet we have an event today, I’m here with Glen Long Beach, Raiders lured up all of second Street, which I haven’t seen yet because this egg just hatched, but we have oh, I have more eggs. Hatching I’ve been using my free incubators, so I am actually hatching eggs and they suck. This is why I don’t hatch eggs. These honestly might be super old too, because I haven’t been hatching anyway. Glacial lures lasts an hour today. They’Re attracting some special Pokemon, including Lapras, give cry agonal, yet I still don’t have really yeah. I’D have felt my name today: okay, alright, so, hopefully I’ll get one, that’s kind of the goal. For today we have Reggie Ison raids, yeah, okay, but uh plenty of shiny checks. As we walk around look at this all glacial ores shout out Long Beach, Raiders thanks for the lures. Hopefully they bring me a shiny today. Good luck, those Dark Matter, wolf and look. Here’S the first laparis of the day, wow, it’s not shining Wow. Also, we missed our chance to cross the street because we were talking to Dark Matter, wolf, whoops, Len Glenn, I found it. He did I found it is he Carly already saw it here. It is finally my first cry: agonal 37 CP.

Do I need to pineap — this for any reason here, I guess just cos, like I’m not gon na see him very often it’s only 37 CP, it’s basically free candy. Do we hope this is good for PvP? I should ask King either way new Pokemon in the pokdex. That was the goal for today goal complete. I guess the next goal is maybe a shiny if I’m lucky um, that’s not very good Ivy’s, but I got one about one of these yep that seems secure. You’Re, just gon na keep a hand on it just in case, so we do have Reggie ice raids today you know not a high priority, but I didn’t get the shiny last time around. So I wouldn’t mind I wouldn’t mind: I don’t have the best Reggie ice counters squad, but it is sunny weather. So I’m using the fire types. We got a little bit of a boost there and some help. So we we might be okay, maybe also smells like cinnamon rolls right here, really really good cinnamon rolls.

Here we go good, you ready. Are you ready? No nope just-just, the torture of cinnamon rolls. That’S that’s what we got out of that raid. This happened a lot faster than I expected ultra buddies with Sandra feels like just yesterday. We were great buddies, but now we’ll find locations and souvenirs, which I guess are different than the presents, because I get to keep them and look at them or something like that. Oh, look: he’s got one right here. What’S up to you, let me see, let me see what it is. What’S going on, yep, that’s it what’s the same as a gift, is it a gift? No, it’s a tropical flower just just more things to collect in the Pokemon collecting game nice all right thanks soon, yeah the whole time I’ve been out here. I forgot that, right after those eggs hatched, I should have done this. I was holding on to you hatch. Seven egg: that’s Lapras too Lapras checks right here it is a Lapras man. Remember when Lapras was like so special remember when I went all the way to Japan to catch a Lapras, and now it’s like Oh Lapras, where was when they first dropped it in Singapore. Right, it’s crazy! Oh, how the turntables! That’S not really! It doesn’t really apply. Jeez Lapras relax! Oh Sandra Thanks! Oh speaking of Lapras, look at that another one and another one another one! That’S too! Ever ever ever, alright Glenn’s got like four shinies for the day, but you’ve been here a lot longer than I have an hour longer all right, yo, dark matter.

Cool I found one. I got my shiny. I was just saying earlier, like Lapras, isn’t special anymore, like as a pokemon, what as a shiny? Definitely this is a shiny that I’ll use an ultra ball on. Oh that’s, a terrible throw there. We go excellent. One thumb one thumb with a cut by the way crossing the street hustling the streets – oh, oh there it goes. I really need this. I need this. Oh, my god give it a Barry. I’M like I’m really struggling here, takes the whole arm come on come on shiny for the day I mean I’d like like another one, but I don’t want to be too greedy there. It is shiny Lapras. We did it. How about this one all right. I think this is it for me: oh wait, one more Lapras check. I’Ve got a lot to do tonight because something fun is happening tomorrow. In the meantime, this soundtrack is provided by this accordion and I’m gon na close it out by finally evolving a cub shoe. This is my 96 percent, so you know it’s a it’s a good one. It’S not gon na get used for any raids. Probably, but now I have a bear with a frozen drool beard, two new pokedex entries for the day, shiny Lapras and we got to play in the snow. I’D say that’s a good day,

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