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[Music] Let’s It’s such a noisy way to write letters. It’s fierce, please enter a commentary It’s been a great battle, and I love the monsters of the disaster that rushed to the plains. Eh, the link bee of the Hyrule Kingdom is stretched Please say art In the Grace of the World, it was an adventure of Link alone, but this time it is a waste of monsters in cooperation with the Kingdom of Hyrule and other races. Ifc I was able to implement those monsters with a cannon, so from now on Akanuma says that all Lincoln are fighting by submitting other things until tiny to create things It’s a situation, isn’t it? It’s called an idea because it also includes equipment.

There was a person who said that the suicide bomber was a matchless one. Abe character action, eh, for each high-et character There is a unique character action and I want to put anything in the Impressed Breath throne Yes, that’s right, it means to do bowing After that, it’s not good enough, isn’t it? I think there is Press Ozawa. As you can see in the action of Link, yes, the activity is good. Well the letters are unmatched with pure options It ?s the world before this year, so Hyrule Jogger This is a natural story. Yes, the image of a doctor in a beautiful state is the one before my wife wakes up. There is a place like that open space for food with luck.

Well, that’s just the beginning of the battle, it’s just a yes-style ceiling. I’ll show you [laughs] Shall I show you some mornings? [musics] u will be turned The long forest wind The battle with good morning and evening is displayed Weak point gauge is a trick that we are always fighting for There is also a tank in September, so it’s not too much Why not just fight from the front, but fighting while hoping that it will be an enemy’s gap or a counter Fenwick point If you reduce 0 o’clock, it is not made of jun if you cooperate The feeling of exhilaration around here is still so yes The operation is Hyrule Warriors’ inspection par. There is such a person and it seems that he is playing and hurt. The feeling of the base is also like Hyrule Warriors, right? That’s right, if you cache the enemy of the base with a sword, the base to the screen The gauge of is coming and a small child powerful enemy will come out, so if you defeat it, you will control the base If you avoid it by Rush Oh this We will accept the table from Saidaiji Just with a flash and a big day point.

It’s an impact on the latter nest that occurs now. I didn’t succeed at all in rehearsal. You’ve succeeded now at the perfect timing, and now it’s blue, so it’s overwhelmed. It ?s the next battlefield after winning. Heading to the next base You can get it. 7 It’s okay. High-tech people will be the main safer. And then the next battle I was eating Perhaps you can set even more captain’s harmony There is an ally 2 That’s right, this is the best in the battle 100 years ago Grace-san, was the world alone linked? [musics] I’ll put it on this time Yes So I’m on the right now I’m going to do a mission to share points It’s good to control one of them, isn’t it? There is a plastic in the lower right, so this area where you are going to capture it It’s a system similar to all the Musou so far.

Yes Please do it Yeah yeah yeah yeah Is Ah ah ah Something Was [musics] Yes open what you want to go ah ah ah ah Um [laughs] I’d like to ask you a lot, but it was in the hospital book. That’s right, I was busy watching it, and I once said that I wanted to hear that I waited for a bruise on my butt. Is it okay for the core? Well, it’s okay. The white medium guardian-like stick that I’ve always been interested in in that visual Do you want to start? It seems that he is the first to live. It feels tall if the hawk’s eyes are a little more than the usual Grace of the Maru.

I felt like I was having a very day Yes, you may forget that you are on the actual machine. Maybe that’s right. For some reason, you can use c-sliding. Yes, now. Doesn’t it destroy Bob’s uptake with a remote control bomb? Of course I have already made it i can enter It is an action that allows you to make exchanges appear and connect with aerial attacks, but let’s do it like this It seems that moving flowers are coming to you. Yes, we are capturing the force while making full use of the character action and the c-kai as well. The target I mentioned earlier is also small, but it’s just right I think there is an icon Par like [music] wh I took a picture of 8 remote control bombs that are solidifying the guard Against the guard of We made full use of Yokkamura to shoot, and we were full of throwing squares and rounds alternately. It was all-you-can-eat. Yeah, I’m afraid of the ring space 100 years ago. I like the arrangement of bgm, which can be punished. Well, with regard to bgm, the naked team was involved, and it was an arrangement of the sound of The World with Beso.

It ?s a brown house. There are strong people. Blue can fly the face at that time. It’s a familiar thing, it’s a high-seeker item, it’s specified using such an action, it’s an environment How do you feel when you fight with a slack? It’s prospering I couldn’t stay in spring I feel like I want to compare it for a moment. If you can make this a student, it will be about 2/3 suppression, right? Also, I was welcomed by the sugar content article and had a chance to counter it. It was a little far. I think I’m attacking with that monkey seal. I also have a book that says that the general election is a geji eyebrow. The opening and closing girls were able to succeed in one shot, right? Oh, that kind of chance is yes, the enemy’s rush attack is good It’s a proposal and a maker, so my grandfather can immediately get all the points at 0 o’clock. It’s a form that puts together a lot of things, isn’t it? Make one with ice and make time 3 The base is a little far from the remaining one base, isn’t it? It’s a guy When I try to get a job, I wash it.

It ?s okay to wash it. It is said that it has become operable and I will switch it, but even if I enter it, it is a hobby Ahhhh, I’m Impa I think it’s so cute I had a cool image, so I don’t want to talk by chance It seemed to guide the link 100 years later, but as a referee 100 years ago Yes Operate image [Music] In the link, zr attack is a feeling of considering that child’s action.I told you the meaning of the bow, but in the case of lymph Minute singer when you get it as a member It ?s increasing, yes, because it ?s more books.

It ?s a little nice, but it ?s like a bullet. It ?s a seeker miso. important Oh x it’s dangerous mh 4 car By absorbing a little member, the alter ego will increase. Of course, the number of steps in the world will increase and there will be a chance to give total command of the 3-point gauge. is not it In the state of collecting pins, it has become powerful for a long time and will be appointed in the environment 9 e Then, in a melee, hmm, is that around here? It looks like it was a little bit, but before the succession, it ?s not a dog up to this area.

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