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[, Music ], you [, Music, ]. Yes, today’s the day, it’s late, oh there’s our pilot back from your pre-launch camp out under the stars. I see yep. What do you say ready to get this beauty off the ground? It’S all fueled up and ready to go. Hey yeah, I’m ready if you are in, are you kidding? Of course, I’m ready it’s finally time to test the new landing hydraulics with the pilot. Instead of the auto flight system, anyhoo you’ll need to get the launch codes from horn spells at the observatory. Before you can liftoff all right, I’ll go talk to horns fell yeah.

I’M excited its launch day: baby [ Music ]. Look at that gorgeous sunrise, Hey quit, playing with that stuff that stuff dangerous ghosts matter. Yeah you step on this stuff, it’ll kill you all right, little scamp all right keep throwing rocks at it. Just don’t get near it little bastard statue in guy, hey, hey! It’S my favorite astronaut launch day at last, huh buddy! It’S the translator tools that not your will flight, I’m so excited. It’S making me nauseous, just think you’ll be able to translate any know. My text, you want anywhere, you are the two of us put a lot of hours into inventing that tool, so don’t break it. Okay, oh geez, don’t break it. I won’t.

I promise hey. So what’s the dirt, you hear to see the new? No, my statue. No I’m just here for the launch codes yeah. I get that you’re dying to head into outer space, but seriously you’ve got to see this statue before you go. It’S an amazing find makes me wish. We could see what a real live. No mine looks like, but I guess this is as close as we’re ever gon na get check it out. It looks like they had fur fur is weird. Fur is weird: oh gee, I got a little carried away, there go on, you have a ship to launch and you know what take care of yourself out.

There are you here, yeah will and there it is a cool statue, yeah man. We can find out more about these guys that know my or its Val or its belt, where you at where you at old metal there you are there. You are, I just finished pre-flight observations and local conditions are good time to get a newest astronaut off the ground. Yeah you’ll be needing the launch codes in here’s. A basket of the ground before Slade makes any more modifications to your ships. Thanks for valve sweet, I got the launch codes all right. Let’S do this. What oh it was that okay, okay, okay, oh hey! Did you get a good look at that? No, my statue.

If the statue just look at me and opened its eyes whoa, the statue is doing what listen, no offense, but are you sure, you’re okay, to launch like no medically speaking, you know what don’t worry about it. Crazy statue nosy weird statue, a slate and I got those launch codes. I am ready to go. Oh well, good. That’S good! Uh, uh I’ll talk to you later. All right! Then, okay, bud right! Oh there’s, the moon! That’S where I’m gon na go here. We go by yourself system, hey names, we’re launching today, yeah, you know this yeah already already got the launch codes.

Excellent! All right, are you ready? Are you ready, yeah? I think we’re uh. Where should we go? I think I think I want to go to the moon yeah, the ATLA rock. Should I start countdown up. You know what yeah? Let’S do a countdown we’re going to space? Why don’t you do five [ Music ] in space? I have been waiting for this, like my whole life. This is awesome they’re in space names, after abstruse, okay, we can hit the moon set, an autopilot taking over sit back, relax and enjoy your flight. That was a short flight. Wasn’T it we’re here? Oh yeah, I got it, I’m good boom we are down, probably should suit up yep you’ll, be with me and in the ship I’m aware of how you work neebs. This is so cool that is the Sun.

Yes, that is the Sun over there. I think that’s the hourglass twin, yes, hourglass, twins, it’s Giants deep, oh man! I cannot wait to explore this whole universe. Okay, let’s look at this ancient. No, my structure, Oh [, Music, ], okay, that’s the Sun yeah all right! So that’s definitely this okay. So these are planets. That’S what we’re looking at here, you take. The ball put it towards the planet. I bet that’s brittle Hollow [, Music, ] yep points right towards brittle Hollow and this. What’S this one huh this one uh, this one doesn’t seem to point anywhere.

Okay, let’s go see what’s down below: okay, oh hey, trees, oxygen, refuel, yeah! There’S that damn symbol again. Alright! This is what we’ve been waiting for translator tool. Let’S see all this guy’s name was coleus and he says I was upstairs testing the i signal locator and it can hear and follow the signals from the Sun giant, Steve, drills, huh, okay, so this thing were in is called an eye signal. Locator. However, something strange happening when I asked the Icicle locator to follow the eyes signal, the device indicator rotates wildly and never points just one direction.

So Felix Felix, I see most likely calibrated the locator incorrectly privat my apprentice, and I will make adjustments and try again an update. Disappointingly everything is correctly calibrated after all, except me to possess this, my friends, but I believe we need to build a more sophisticated device. If we want to find the exact location of the eye of the universe, okay, then we’ll build, it don’t lose hope. Our search for the eye is what brought our clan to this place. We won’t give up so easily so there I kissed the know my they’re searching for something called the eye of the universe. Do you want to go there? Yeah that’d be neat about it.

I don’t I guess they were really fascinated by though, because I think that’s what this symbol is. The eye is a symbol for the eye of the universe. Sometimes there’s places that you don’t want to go to that like where I don’t know, Myrtle Beach, yeah. That’S right: Myrtle Beach does suck look at this sweet. Where should we build this more new, okay, so they’re trying to build another one?

The southern glacier on brittle hollow has ample available space. I could construct a new building to house this proposed locator. Yes, let’s build there, I imagine our young friend, Hanoi CoA. No, why would you say Cano? I would call him Hanoi, Hanoi, okay, kenoyer would enjoy that immensely he’s always held a great interest in the eye, especially for a child born. So long after the crash. I will begin construction on brittle hollows, South Pole, immediately, okay, so whatever this is they’re trying to locate the eye of the universe got, you would go to brittle hollow. That’S where you want to go. I think we’re gon na do it. Let’S do it.

Maybe we’ll meet cannoli, oh wait! You know what there was also wanted to visit esker. I think he’s here on the moon feel like having a spacewalk. Let’S do it Wow? Look this there’s our home timber hurt just take a picture, see I send it back to everyone. There we go. We got a photo. Oh you wan na you want to get in it. So y’all turn around okay yeah there we go. Look! Look at us in space. This is awesome, yeah the observatory, it’s so cool! Look at that on the other side of the planet. I’Ve never seen, I’m not sure you’re talking about I’m looking at it like great.

You see that little glowy glowy squiggles yep as a thing. Okay, all right, we got to find what’s-his-face hold on. We got an unknown signal, 109 meters away. I think we found him. That’S a skirt. What’S going on a skirt, oh hey! It’S you! Ground! Control didn’t tell me, you were launching long time no see. Actually I I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve seen anyone, I’m lonely yeah. I guess that was your whistling. Probably actually definitely the other travelers carry their instruments, so they don’t bother whistling. You can pick up their music with a signal scope.

You know the best spot, for that is the North Pole, great reception, harmonica yeah, that is a harmonica percussion rocks. How do you think that sounds like harmonica, okay? Well, that’s that drums. No! It’S gon na! I don’t even know what that is: that’s where we’re going brittle hollow, yeah, okay, let’s go check it out the North Pole, South Pole was it. Let me check my files, I think okay, we’ll go to the South Pole, then, okay, [, Music, ], launching sequence, 1050, ahead, okay, go ahead and just dip information-gathering, okay, all right and autopilot.

You ready beautiful, well done beeps! Thank you! Man, look. It looks like the planets falling apart all right. Well, this is uh that looks like like an observatory to me. Yeah yeah, maybe not really sure that might not be the right. One look there’s another ship here, oh really, all right, we’ve made it to brittle hollow suiting up. We should probably lock up lock what up chip said. No harm. Okay, you can do just you can be the alarm if something happens, yep alarm set. So what are we doing here again? We were just checking out and what I know my ruins.

No, my that’s part of why all we want to do out here. I want to learn more about that ancient civilization. You knows a statue that looked at me funny. Oh really yeah, it’s weird yeah for a statue shouldn’t be able to do that right. Are you one of those people? What do you mean? What are you looking at me funny? Then? You start something. No. The statue looked at me funny, ah anyway, see if we can get in here. Maybe it was just looking at you and you made more of it than it was hmm.

It seemed to do anything here. Neebs was like a door, some sort like a door hold on there’s a tape recorder here, so that somebody somebody was hidden North to the ruins near the equator like there’s another way in huh yeah. We can’t get in this way, so he went searching for another way down right or up or up that almost hit you yeah okay Park, huh somewhere safer, oh yeah, you know what let’s head north, let’s see if we can find those ruins yeah see if there’s A garage or something I don’t think there’d be a garage here, holy whoa, noobs, yeah, there’s a black hole at the center of brittle Hollow no yeah, because it’s a black hole that looks like ruins that at notice at okay.

Here I’m gon na park. You up here on this cliff there’s trees. Here perfect yeah be able to breathe a little bit. Oh, why is this walkie there? We go alright heading out! Oh boy, yeah! That’S it’s pretty shoddy job yeah! I know I could have done a whole whole lot better with that. Sorry, it’s fine sleeve it jeez don’t spend all day in there. Oh boy, that’s not gon na hit we’re parked right. I hope, not man. Now I’m I’m worried about the stability of this place. I just make it quick: hey making it quick, Suns going down flashlights out. Okay, don’t see anybody, Oh feel it burn out campsite. Do you fancy a marshmallow? Is that all you eat?

Yes, I love marshmallows. Let’S see what’s this Johnny here for the South, Pole has been up, I’m going to go with harrowing because of the all the media’s. Okay, let’s see I poked around a little and then some sort of old, no iPad. That starts my site inside the room. Building the trees growing out of it, okay looks like whoever this was cuz, there’s a path down: building oof that stuff. What’S that stuff dude? What’S it called ghost ghost rock or something like that? Okay, you get near this stuff, it’ll kill you Wow, look yeah. I think that’s a no.

My skeleton readings are off what readings olive! Oh, oh, okay, all of the readings yeah well, which one specifically gamma readings, gravity’s, holding up UV readings, what energy levels so everything? Okay! What’S it doing? It’S all crazy! All right – and I don’t know the same – be careful, oh geez, not to mention we got meteors flying everywhere. Alright, so you should we get out of here, you’re, probably fine, to worry about it. She’S! Okay, I’m going back in okay going over to this tree. Nope levels are spiking what levels? Oh gravity, gamma grip, super levels, energy levels – I don’t know what you mean yeah, tell you what one more marshmallow! Let’S go, that noise levels, what levels all of them gone crazy here on the planet?

No! What is that? [ Applause? ] [ Music, ] yeah good morning. You sleep well, yeah Gordon sleep, the Jetta. It’S had a weird dream: uh, hey you’re, ready to get this thing off the ground, ships, all fueled up and ready to go. Yeah did, did I just die, Oh bad dream or something you still look half-asleep, but that’s a negative on being deceased. I know it’s tradition to sleep out under the stars the night before a launch. But if you ask me it makes you all a bit jumpy.

Yeah, maybe okay, Oh hold up you’re gon na want to get the launch codes from the observatory. First, I pick already got him. I must be inhaling more fumes than I realized. That stuff is potent well. If you got the cords, I’m not gon na. Stop you good luck, take care of that ship, yeah I’ll, take I’ll! Take care of this ship. Hey neebs did uh anything weird happen to you, yeah different, all right, so you remember yeah, okay, the levels were spiked and then what now they’re back tomorrow? Okay, no! No, I you told me the levels of gamma levels, all the other ones.

That was bizarre. Would you like a marshmallow? No, I would not like a marshmallow okay, all right. I guess we go back to brittle hollow, keep doing what we’re doing, but yeah we didn’t go. I didn’t go down that path, yeah sure buckling up, okay, I’ll! Let you I’ll let you launch from now on. Put you up on top of this cliff needs. You sleep well already got the launch codes, all right where something is definitely happening. I know I got out of the ship without putting the suit on that was really dumb, but something is definitely happening.

Thank you set the course for brittle. Hollow leaves see that, let’s see what’s wrong with you all right, yeah landing gear hold on landing gears, fixed, yep, cockpit, yep, cockpits fixed just give us look over. I think that’s that’s what sustained the most damage, so I think you’re, fine, okay, all right tree in the middle of a house we’re going down watch out for the ghost stuff, yeah ghost Rock ghost matter. Let’S see kind of figure out a way into this house. We don’t like that feature. What, when I speak, I can measure my sound waves, yeah cool yeah. We know by bones yeah. This is taking me in into the interior of the planet. Okay, oh, I love these things.

What’S that little gravity crystals gravity crystal? Yes, it’s a funny thing to love. It yeah look at this walking around on the wall. Yeah yeah. Nobody made these to get around the place and we have no idea how they did it: crazy technology how’s the ship. We have one. How do you think I’ll walk around in the ship always throw it on the roof? Now we have one inside the ship go side down, sometimes no, I don’t want to go inside that judge. We have the one in the ship notice. What’S this like upside down, got it gravity crystal workshop? Your music sounds like a harmonica. It’S not! No. It sounds like a banjo sure, [ Applause, ], yeah, Phyllis Irving. Did you say: that’s a harmonica. Listen to that!

Listen to that that isn’t it! Okay! In your program – and I want you to remember this – this is the sound of a banjo. Oh you launched that’s great Wow. I guess it means I’ve been out here a while huh, well um. This is brittle Hollow, but you probably knew that if you yes, I did. What are you doing down here? I’M here to see the Hanging City. That’S always been my dream to see it with my own four eyes all right. Well, where do you think I should go here?

Oh wow, where shouldn’t you explore here, not the black hole, actually, which is unfortunate, because the most exciting staff is all below the crust. There’S. Also, this big dome on the South Pole called the southern observatory. You can’t get inside from the surface. Trust me I tried, but if it’s like the rest of the noble structures here, there’s probably a path to it, we need to cross somewhere good luck, exploring um. If you learned anything about the numbe I’d love to hear it.

It’S not too much traffic sure. If I, if I learned something off, definitely let you know hey, don’t don’t look at the statues. I know that much that’s what she said, what it’s just a joke, that you’re kind mates, don’t look at the statues. That’S what she said: that’s that doesn’t work. So, where are we where we going? Are we going who’s trying to save time? See? Well, I guess this leads to the tower of quantum knowledge, whatever. That means [, Music, ]. Oh, you know what this might be.

A map a bit, that’s the observe, like yeah, you said south right, that’s the South southern observatory, northern hanging city hanging, and I don’t know what these are. Let’S get a good look at it. Okay, it’s the Tower of quantum knowledge, it’s a good guess or maybe that’s the tower of quantum knowledge, looks like a bird faking, the bird out of that see the beak and the bird. I hmm, no, maybe a hawk or you know I don’t see. How do you see bird here? It’S a better look at it, hey I’m looking at it, don’t see a bird eye and the beak it’s like an eyepatch.

I it’s wearing an eyepatch, it’s a hawk with it. I still don’t see the beat. Where are you getting the beak out of that black little triangle thing on his face? It’S a beak! What blue triangle? I see the eye right, yep upper, that’s the eye so yeah! Now what do you think of the beginning, black baked our bacon, black burping? Okay, yeah well, you’re yeah, it’s not a bird. We get there. That’S a bird temple, it’s not a damn. Bird temple gravity. Canon East 400 meters, gravity cannon. That sounds awesome. It’S only 400 meters, yes, super close.

Okay. That must be the gravity cannon all right. So if we look at the map all right now, I know what’s going on so that was not the tower that is okay, so that’s probably Tower of quantum knowledge. That’S probably gravity our tower. Okay, tower quantum knowledge, gravity, cannon, laboratory hanging city. I don’t know how, in the hell to get to the observatory from here, that’s where we came from. Maybe is there way down? Oh boy? Oh boy. Oh boy! Oh boy, okay, okay, I think so. Oh me, all right: this takes us to the tower of Corinth of knowledge.

I guess we’re going there. Okay, a bird tower, no, not bird tower. This is pretty cool technology. It’S like a grab. Lift should get one of these on the ship. We have one, not one of those eager one yeah. Well, it’s the tower I get in and out of the ship, I know yeah. Well, we need a big one. We have a small ship you can park on the moon, get on it from the planet. It’S crazy, nice neck. All right the tower of questions. No, it’s not birds. Damn it you’re getting low on oxygen, even paying attention. Oh god! No! Well! I’M halfway! There there’s some trees over back by Ryback. So I guess wait. How do I get back? Can I reverse these, this okay cool? I can get back to right back if I need to okay, cuz, that’s! Okay!

That’S the crossroads! Okay! Middle is a crossroads. That’S where the map is got it easy go. Oh, we got some information here, be welcomed in this place above you stands the tower of quantum knowledge, not bird tower. If you’re, making your first pilgrimage to the quantum moon, send these stairs and obtain NASA knowledge, you need for your journey holy crap. Okay, I’ve always wanted to go to the quantum moon. Have you ever seen that thing noobs can’t say that I have? If you see it, it’s good kids gone pretty quickly. Okay, how do I get up there? Yep ain’t gon na? Do maybe let’s see I can reverse it.

You go okay. She can’t, while he’s on the ship. We have one. Oh this big. No, it’s a little one. Yeah see you you’re way over there yep hello, 300 meters away. I can see my car from here. Okay guess this is the tower Birds, no quantum knowledge, god. I hope, there’s trees in here I’m getting low on oxygen. I know yeah. I know I might have to go back. Oh trees, detected beautifully, worked out, identified, signal nearby could be a major tower. Shard, it’s a quantum fluctuation. Oh, that’s it! You found it! That’S the quarter! Moon, okay, yeah, now watch this great. Oh yeah watch this okay. As soon as you look away from it, it goes where is it?

I have no idea if it moves. Oh it’s over there by timber, hurt okay, see and then I look over here. Look back! Don’T the hell’s that about Ponton man! Quite a moon, crazy! Don’T you see everything you want to see we’re here here? No, we get a picture and go. This is a whole planet. Okay, we just got here you’re getting angry, I’m not gon na hang. For the last time you had a marshmallow, we you’re getting impatient I’ll, see Nick signals coming from the shard wandering moon, okay, yeah yeah yeah also heard the same signal.

This shard producers calling out from giant’s deep timber earth the alibis twins. Supposedly, there are other shards like this one. Okay, I know some earlier Felix mentioned. The strange type Iraq isn’t found elsewhere on Brill Hollow what, if isn’t originally from this planet hypothesis, this quantum shard is from the wandering quantum moon. Perhaps it’s even a small piece of the moon itself. Oh cool! This is a piece of quantum moon, yep neat, that’s the same thing. Look away: yep, okay, bounces!

All over the bat was a good trick. Sir! Don’T dare it if it’s just his! That is weird! Oh boy, this place is falling apart. We better make this clean Wow. All the pieces are falling falling into the black hole. Babes. Oh knaves yep we’re falling okay crap! You might want to boost yeah yeah, we’re really far from ship yeah. I see the ship. You were 11 kilometres away. What is that seems like some sort of satellite or something out here, slowing down whoa? I can walk on this. It’S like it’s gravity activated or something all right going into the satellite that does don’t just gon na start, pushing buttons. Trees detected in here yeah, we got oxygen.

Oh all, right! Welcome to the Whitehall station. If you fell through the black hole by accident, don’t worry you’re at the first. This warped hour can return you to brittle hollow. Every warped hour is tuned to a specific astral body to use the tower stand on the warp platform on the floor and wait until the tower aligns with its corresponding astral body. In this case, okay, look up. While the station is rotating you can see. The alignment happens astral body overhead.

So hmm did you get all that yeah. I think if I look up, but this thing’s not spinning, should align with okay hold on, let’s keep exploring here, yep, okay, okay – and if I understood that correctly, I stand here, I got ta look up and I wait for this to align with brittle Hollow there. You are yeah, oh god, I’m gon na throw up that, oh god yeah. We did it yeah, I’m gon na throw up in my suit, I’m gon na throw up in my suit. That was awful. You throw up, keep in your mouth and then swallow oh wait. Oh, this is quickly lunch. There was one of these on a timber hearth. Remember we saw it from the moon, so maybe their workstations yeah.

These guys built warp stations all over the solar system. I’Ll add that to my files, would it be cool if you could hit a button, and now I could just autopilot back to you it’d be great. We should install that system, I’m gon na pay for that bridge down there. I don’t think I can get to you neeps. I can’t get to you. We just talked about it. Okay, all right! I’M gon na explore these buildings up here. No, I’m gon na just fall right down to the damn black hole. Again, we just got jet fuel packs.

Okay, Oh, what readings will you be reading levels getting levels again, yep they’re all going crazy, all right. So what does that mean? It means you might be waking up in a weird place, again: Hey what killed us last time. I didn’t I couldn’t tell okay hop in the levels let yeah the levels killed us, that’s exactly. What did it? Yeah we’ll go ahead and log this data, I’m on the North Pole of brittle hollow yeah, there’s some ruins here or what, if I can squeeze in some information before the levels, go crazy levels, [, Music, ], great, some outs, alright, I’m above the hanging city yep.

Let’S go ahead and lock that hanging city below, and that makes sense we’re on, though we’re on the northern part, the hanging cities on the north. Okay, I just warped here from white hole station on the other side of British holla blah blah da da da our design work. We’Ve successfully recreated warp travel yeah good job. You guys did it warp travel hey. We should take cover somewhere huh like a subir.

Yep levels are going nuts to build holy crap, it’s the Sun, maybe sleep, we’ve already seen the Sun, the Sun just exploded, oh and exploded yeah so take cover. Where am I gon na? Take cover Sun explodes? Oh good morning, cynics list like the Sun explodes alright. Then, okay, don’t you forget those launch codes better? I don’t need to launch codes, there’s no way it doesn’t wouldn’t matter.

If I landed Sun exploding. Okay, now do it, we don’t. I got to find out more about that statue. I feel like that’s our next lead. I’M gon na I’m gon na go and talk to a horn spell I’m gon na go and talk to Sal. I got to figure out more about the Statue you stay here. [ Music, ]

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