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#NewWorld #AmazonGameStudios #PlayNewWorld Hello gamers, Fryster here. In this video I’m going to be covering the brand new game from Amazon game studios, New World. New World looks to find a home in a popular and growing market as a sandbox MMORPG. Set in the supernatural frontier of Terra Vitae Aeternum, players will scavenge for resources, fight other players, and craft items in order to help colonize a fictional land. New World is built on the Amazon Lumberyard game engine and will use amazon’s cloud technology to take this game to never before seen levels. Amazon Game studios goal is to have 10 thousand players on a single server using their form of spacial OS. Sandbox MMO Survival games can be a ton of fun. It feels incredibly satisfying to gather, craft, improve, and evolve through a progression and see the fruits of your labor turned into success.

One thing that is integral about online survival games is that everyone is on an even playing field. While some games rely on microtransactions to create a revenue stream, companies sometimes have a tendency to take things too far, causing a scenario where players can, “pay to win” per say. While Amazon is a publicly traded company and is widely known for making a ton of money, I would be surprised to see them sink their Flagship game for their new Studio with a pay to win situation. This game can really help legitimize the studio and help future games and content be successful if they stay consumer friendly. The game has been in development for several years and it would be a shame to see all that hard work not pay off.

One feature of New World which may be appealing to the larger crowds is that there is no immediate offline raiding. While some other sandbox pvp games such as RUST can be a lot of fun, if youre not able to invest heavy amounts of time all the time, you can lose all your progress after logging off one time. In New World, if you want to take over land that someone else controls, you have to save money to go to war with that territory.

After you’ve saved enough money to go to war, a timer will start after which the target can be attacked. This timer which is at least several hours gives the defenders time to make adjustments, create more defensive fortifications, gather more resources, and prepare for battle. Although you can still lose what you’ve gained, you can at least lose it in honrable fashion in the trenches, not after you just logged off and decided to get some rest for a few hours after a long gaming session. Attacking player settlements involves blowing up the walls to an opponents structure and destroying their protected sigil with explosive kegs. After the sigil is destroyed, the attackers can lay claim and take over the plot. In the future players will be able to build cities choosing to open the gates and allow opposing guilds or lonely travelers in to do business or offer protection. When not at war, the player structures will not take damage so there is not a risk of imminent destruction at any given time, fights are more on a scheduled basis which makes for a much more fair fight and enjoyable for a more casual player.

The map has preset claim spots witin which you can build and have various points of interest which can give a tactical advantage such as on top of hills, tucked in valleys, or in dense forrests. each claim spot is named in order to better communicate where an attack is happening. Just because the structures cannot be damaged, doesnt mean there is no risk at all. Players can still sneak into opposing player structures and steal items so players become almost like guards of the city when not under attack, chasing away murderers and thieves. New World will rely heavily on its social aspect, as it should with so many people in one server.

Even the largest guilds should have a tough time competing to stay dominant with how much organization will be required and how many potential people they will have to defend against. These are all good qualities for the average player as they will not feel as if they don’t have a chance. Players can take on any role they choose, and fighting doesnt even need to take place if you choose not to. A player could focus solely on a profession such as advanced alchemy or high tier armor and weapon crafting and take refuge within a city and rely on the city as a whole to function and protect itself while they manage the interior affairs. Everything within the city will be built by players and therefore, upkept and managed by players as well. The more diverse of a skill set and the higher level of your guild members and their skills, the better the liklihood you can control bigger parts of the world. Should you choose a lifestyle of combat, and engage others in combat, you will be flagged as a criminal.

Normally when a player dies, you will lose everything that is in your bag at the time, but NOT your equipped items or tools. On the flip side, if you are killed as a criminal, you will lose everything. PLayers can put down campfires as a respawn point or respawn in a graveyard which they have recently selected. Not all zones allow you to freely attack other players as some are marked as safe where players can build and craft without the fear of being attacked. Combat in New World feels very fuild and deliberate and has clearly been polished as this will be a huge focus for many players in this game. For melee weapons left click attacks and the right click blocks. Each weapon type also comes with 2 special attacks and 1 attack meant to counter a block. your special attacks and block counters are longer animations which cannot be canceled but do deal more damage, and also leave your character in a more vulnerable position.

The game also has ranged weapons such as a bow or muskets which are aimed with the right click and fired with a left click. Progression in New World is split into two categories, your attributes and trade skills. Attributes make the player more powerful such as increasing basic stats such as health and stamina, making the player stronger against various different types of attacks, and making the player more resistent to debuffs such as poison, frostbite and disease.

In the other tree, trade skills make the player better at crafting and interacting with the world such as your crafting skills, gathering and refining, and personal skills such as treasure hunting and bounty hunting. Together you can create a very specific kind of character and provide a unique skill to a larger group of players and fill a niche within an economy. Thats all for now friends, make sure you subscribe if you liked the video and let me know what you think about New World in the comments below. Enjoy!.

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