What is Outriders? (Starter Guide)


Hello guys and welcome so in this video. I wanted to answer the question: what is Outriders this video is aimed at people who know nothing about Outriders and have always been curious, so this game is being developed by the studio. People Can Fly and is being published by Square Enix so, and it draws similarities to God, for which I did or what his video about recently. So it’s a up to three player, co-op shooter that is based in a sort of dark and evil universe and the main planet that this game is based on is called Enoch.

So the idea is that the general summary they gave to the story is planet. Earth has died is dying whatever, and people have had to flee and half a million people have ended up on a spaceship called the ark and then found their way to Enoch. Now the thing is Enoch is already occupied, so the Outriders are the people who are here to help colonize the planet. Basically, that’s what they’re here to do so you are play as an outrider. Now the Outriders, like I said you, can see, there’s always free on the screen. It can be one of four classes. They’Ve only announced free, though so we have to wait to see what the fourth one is. I said the fourth one is still a secret for now, but the free classes, they’ve announced, are the Pyromancer it’s at a medium rate fighter with the power over fire, their abilities, lean towards area of effect, damage and work to cover the area, an explosive and dangerous Hazards and then the second class is the trickster that these are hit-and-run fighters with the ability to control space and time they can slow down time and teleport while doing a lot up close and then the third one is the Devastator. This is the close range tank of the group.

They can control gravity and the earth and can use that to crush their enemies. If you like ground pounds, this is a class for you now, basically with co-op sewers, so the other computers that are worth mentioning are the division are also games, like even anthems. Now I know that anthem wasn’t well-received, but I thought they did. The co-op shooting really really well I’d, feel the anthem wasn’t treated fairly, but that’s a subject for a different video. Now, in this sort of game, you need to work together with your team to get through all the challenges that you have so these games. They usually they do feature obviously online game play and you can usually co-op with random players. So but it’s just way more fun. If you go into these games with friends, you know people, you trust people, you know people, you can have a laugh with.

So if you can team up with two friends like I already know who I’m gon na be playing this game with then yeah you’re in for a hell of a time, regardless of what you’re doing now the developer has said. They said during the reveal stream that they are very heavily centered on the story, but the first mode of the game is the story campaign that they’ve announced, but they are going to feature other gameplay modes which they will be revealing throughout the year now. This game is gon na, have full character customization. As you can see, you can be male, you can be female. You can change your hairstyle. You can do a whole bunch of different things and also as well.

You’Ll have a lot of customization options of how you look the gear you wear the different style of fighting and so on, and also there will be a skill tree which will be featured later in the video where you can customize your talents towards your style, a Gameplay, so it’s there is a lot of customization options in the game from what they’ve announced so far, also as well. This game is gon na be coming out on PlayStation 5 Xbox series X, but there will also be compatibility with PlayStation, 4 and Xbox one as well as PC, so, but it just means that they can really try and push graphically and all the systems. All the modes of the game as far as possible and I’m sure that when the new systems comes out, digital foundry is gon na, have a lot of work to do have with the comparison out now going forward. Basically, one thing that the developer said, which I thought was quite interesting, is that it’s not typical in sense of good guys or bad guys and you’re the good guys and you’re going against bad guys.

Okay, there’s a skill tree. As I told you, the idea is simply is that everyone has got questionable morale and it’s just a case of like survival of the fittest. I suppose now, as you see on the screen, you can get a whole variety of interesting, looking weapons with different skills and so on and feel free as well to pause the video to take a closer look at what you’re, seeing now with a game like this. As well initially, when it first comes out, it might be to a certain standard. People might have gripes about it, but I would say what is best to approach a game like this is to keep it positive, like the developers are not gon na know. Ahead of time, oh well, if everything that works and doesn’t work, and so on, there’s gon na be things that work and don’t work for the players as a whole. Well, if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to give the developer constructive feedback and then potentially with patches, they will improve that as time goes on simple as that, and because that’s what’s happened with all these looter shooter games as we’re time by anthem, is Getting completely revamped at the moment, the division two had a good betta mode which did improve the game vastly and so on. So this is not a game for just simply, you know, put in 2030 hours or whatever and then you’re done it’s a game that will probably be played over a very long period of time, so yeah so and and it’s the point I’m trying to emphasize – is The like positivity will win out so, as you can see now here is some of the gameplay that they featured during the reveal stream yesterday. So, as you can see, cover shooter, you have to work tactically with your team and so on.

So it’ll give you a lot of so yeah so because, as you can see, I cut out some of the bits from the on the reveal stream, so you need to work tactically with your team voice. Communication is really really obviously useful. If you can actually say you know, I’m going this way, you flank that way. Let’S get ready to take on the enemy, I’m sure as well, that it’s not gon na just be run and gun and so on by constant action right. There will probably be situations where it might be beneficial to take your time and so on. Now you can see as well that the different ability he said that the you have so when it said, for example, that the what’s it called the trickster can slow down space and time. It’S almost like the way it was slowed down time in quantum break and sounds off. You put a bubble around youth and within that sphere your time is slowed and so on.

So if people are shooting at you and bullets coming to the sphere, then they slow down and so on so you’re not slowing down all of space and time. The hike is just in your immediate vicinity. So I see that’s the thing, as you saw it with the gameplay we just saw and also as well. You can see that it’s very, I can say it very dark, very gritty and so on. We did have somewhat similar gameplay him in anthem as well. There was a heavy mode tank that was able to run in and devastate people up close, while some of the other classes generally would stay from ranged. Now there is gon na be a hub where you can accept quest, do customizations and so on. As you can see, he’s walking around now very sort of typical of these all games, so the hub is basically where you generally accept your question. You it’s almost like your resting area like your camp, essentially, which is where you rest up. You get ready for the next mission, you upgrade weapons, you have the ability, as well as you can see, with the weapons and the gear to see and examine which gear will be good for you. It gives you the you know, red down or green up arrows to see what is good and bad for you.

Also as well old gear will be able to be scrapped and literally the currency in the game is called scraps, so you’ll be able to use the scraps in order to buy new gear and so on. So I am very interested in this game and Outriders. We will see over time over the next few months, what is developed for it, like I said, if you want a comparison, I think the division and think am firm, think even think Gears of War. If you want, you know the sort of the way that the soil game works and if you can go into this with a couple of friends, you’ve members free players max so just find two friends that you know would like to play through this game and you’ll, Probably have a hell of a time playing it so yeah so anyway, guys that’s it for this video. I hope I have given you a good introduction into the game. Outriders if you are interested in this game. Let me know in those comments down below and also as well, like I say, we’ll just we’ll see was time as things go on I’ll, try and make sure I keep everything up today.

I will always think in the description as much information and useful links as possible, and I will also update the links with time. Should there be any new information, and so obviously, at this point in time. This footage is just based on what we have right now, but we will see in the future if I can add more to this, hey guys so right. So as you can see outrider stop now, I will link that in the description as well. So anyway, guys. That’S it for this video, thank you for watching and as if you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up, you can watch a random video over there. You watch let’s upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye, bye,