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What is PUBG Mobile? (Starter Guide)


Hello guys and welcome so in this video. I wanted to answer the question: what is PUBG Mobile or’Mobile’? As said in the UK, this video is aimed at people who know nothing about PUBG Mobile, but have always been curious, want to see how it works and so on. Now, what I’m gon na be doing during this I’m going to be playing a random game and playing on the emulator Memu. The good thing about this game is that it does detect when other players are using emulators. So don’t worry, I’m not gon na be keyboard and mouse thing of versus someone on their phone, so yeah now PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of PUBG, which sounds obvious right. Playerunknowns BATTLEGROUNDS was released in 2017 on PC now. The reason why I like this game, more than I like the also called the original game, is because this is really simplified.

So, like you, don’t have to worry about gear management too much like when you pick up gear, you automatically loot it and so on. Also as well, it looks great for a mobile game and because the developers know full well that a lot of people are using emulators to play the game. They have added full mobile support and emulator support, as well as they’ve added like increased graphics, good audio and so on so and the good thing with the mobile version. It’S completely free. So of course, is in-app purchases. But if you want to play this game for free go for it, PUBG Mobile’s available and the emulators, I can recommend arm mu Knox, BlueStacks they’re, the big main free by use menu.

Personally, now the thing with this game, this game was developed by the PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Bluehole which created the original game. What I’m gon na do is in the description I’m gon na link as many resources as possible, which are useful, so the links to download the game as on noclip did a fantastic interview and documentary with player. So if you don’t know player, Winona is actually a dude he’s actually a person, so he was originally a model for Daisy and the documentary goes into how it went from there to creating battle royale to them. Creating pubsey, completely and blue hole. Is the south korean developer, who made it happen now? There was a lot of controversy with this game when it first came out because of things like the sorry I’ve. Just let me just get some Lube. Oh someone nearby.

I need a gun. Oh really, okay, there’s a pistol in here. Let’S, let’s see if I can takes on that, but there was a lot of controversy because of it it’s not. It wasn’t very organized and optimized and so on when it first came out. Ah, it has since been improved vastly and the mobile version of the game has been really really improved. Let me see if I can actually find the machine gun, as you can see in this version of the game, I’m not even moving I’m not there. We go. I’M not even like having to pick up is auto picking up. I think that’s what attracted me or sort of stopped me playing the main game is because I’ve seen a lot of big streamers, like the the doctor, disrespects or shrouds of the world, who play this game and the amount of time they have to spend doing. Loot management – I was kind of white now, because this game there’s auto looting. I really like it.

I really enjoy it. It’S sort of like a beginners version of pop G so, as I say guys, I’m going to make as many useful resources as possible in the description below I’m going to link like I said to the documentary to the download links and so on. If you have mem you or if you’ve always been curious about pop G and check it out, there is also a Call of Duty mobile but I’ll cover that in a separate video, so yeah. So what I’m going to do is for the sake of it, because maybe people watching will want to know how I did this game, I’m going to basically fast-forward until the ending until either I win or get killed, so I’m cutting from now whoo. I wonder if I should put on a wig and the best it’s already been done: yeah, okay, so obviously the primary goal of this game is one to survive, because it’s a free-for-all. Everyone vs

Everyone, and also, as time goes on the game becomes restricted with the zone you can see. The Sun is as restricting in, which means that you’ll have less and less space to run around it, basically forces players to run together and to actually fight each other. So the games – don’t last too long, I would say, probably on average 10-15 minutes a game and the reason I like this game.

So much is because of the simplicity. It’S just basically point-and-shoot there isn’t any of the complicated loot and so on so I mean you can still mess around with things, but it is I like the simplified version of this and also as well. If you’re outside the zone, it will do more increasing damage to you and, as you go along, so that again is what is motivating you. The smaller the zone is remaining the more damage you receive outside it. Ten players remaining – let’s see if I can get the winner winner, chicken dinner, they have to make sure you sneaking off of me. I was literally about to say make sure you use your ears, not just your eyes, of course apply drops as you can see. Barely visible, I’ve give really good loop.

Of course everyone can see it. It can also be a way to get ambushed as if you want to risk it now, obviously, towards the end, given there’s only free three of us left alive, people are going to hide simple. As that, well, there’s a minute left or the arena shrinks even further. The last two players are fighting each other. Don’T you ever see them some on player to go guys. There is and that’s how you do it: okay, winner winner chicken dinner, the best remember to subscribe. I’M kidding now guys. So that’s that’s what it Pub G Mobile is it’s a bar Royale Last Man Standing if you can get winner winner, chicken dinners. It’S obviously really really fun and kills oh yeah and it’s free. I want to also emphasize as well how fun and how popular this game is, why it might this so what sort of a lot popular in the west, but it’s very popular everywhere else.

So it’s the reason why pub G Mobile is one of the most basically high ranked games on YouTube, gaming and twitch, and so on, like pretty much all the time is because of that, but especially here on YouTube more on YouTube than on Twitch, so check out Pub G mobile is really really fun. I’M going to link a circle set as many useful resources in the description down below that was really fun. Is nice getting the winner winner, chicken dinner? That’S for sure, anyway, guys, if you liked that video be sure to give it a thumbs up, you can watch a random video over there. You can watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye, bye,

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