WILL THIS GAME BE BETTER THAN POKEMON? Temtem Part 1 – First Look & Starters!


Hey guys Steve here and welcome back to a brand new video now, as you can see today, we’re playing damn time a game coming out very very soon. It’S not Pokemon, but it’s something very similar to Pokemon. You probably heard about it. It was like this massive kickstart for it, and a lot of people raised a lot money for this game to be created. It looks really good.

I’Ve seen the trailer, but that’s all I’ve seen this isn’t a sponsored video. The guys that made this game just very kindly gave me the steam key, and so I’m playing it over the next couple of days. For you guys, obviously we can play like carp and everything looking like a really good game, so with all the ways to jump into. Of course, if you’re excited for this video – and you do want to see me – play Mort mm, please do drop a like on the video drop. A comment subscribe if you’re brand new. I do want to do a bit more tempting content, because the game looks really really good and it’s kind of just a breath of fresh air.

Like I say it’s very similar to Pokemon as well, so you can strap. The back is the minor character which I’m very happy about. I could just go with that. I need my trousers sword right. Okay, ah go with shorts on my lord. This is so good man. You can literally customize. So so much. It’S ridiculous!

Choose your pronoun! Oh! My look dude cater into everyone. You can literally okay voice. That’S so good! Alright finish. I just want to jump into this game. It looks so good. Alright, hey Stevie hates me still sleeping come on wakey-wakey right. What are the controls? Don’T know what the controls are. I don’t know other controller dude, the graphics, look incredible for this game right, okay. Why am I in why my shadow right? Now, I guess that’s cuz, I’m not talking, so I guess it.

What is that? Is that a toy or is I literally like a brand new 10/10 today? Is oh dude, I’m loving the facial expect dude already got more facial expressions of Pokemon as ever put in their game. Cuz Pokemon, just you like literally the character you listening to the fight. Every single time like the world could be ending you just there like it’s just the most stupid thing, but this you actually just you shocked. You know you want to be starting. Your Germany there’s my apprentices Eve.

I’M actually talking, as I just realized, I’m talking it’s game. I love how they have like sound effects as well. I got one Tempe dia right, the quintessential device every Tama should have the Tempe. Do records crucial in point every temp time scene in court users present from it? Okay. So that’s like my pokedex they’re waiting for me right. So, while the controls does, I have no idea. Oh my lord dude. It’S so we’re playing this on PC because it’s an actual PC game Bret.

This text, you are mine, it’s just like some massive on think dude. I can see myself prop again into this right, so I can also move through that. Okay, alright, I can do some twirly world’s alright love in the bedroom. By the way, I actually have a nut look because that staircase, I love the the Sun coming through the window. This is the Alpha by the way as well like I don’t know how to.

Oh hello, alright, so I can say hello, I don’t know if anyone’s playing right now I mean I’m probably not even in a server right now, you probably don’t go online until you actually get like your first time, town like in the interior design, though design this Got one geez, I’m living this okay, let’s go out okay, so om to open the map. Wait! You’Re kidding me: why is this region massive brick? This place is huge right, well, study. First, steps on my lord there’s: a taskbar feels like a player escape on tutorial island right, John professor constant is lap.

All right can i I don’t know any the button, so I want to click anything to like blow the game up. What is this? There’S a mouse: oh my lord Brett, you can emerge, I’m just a moated, don’t mind me, I’m vibing over it! Ryan always lab is okay. So here we are. This definitely looks like a lab. Okay come over here. All right. I found the place to get a final. Please go very well kids, as you know this, your apprentices Eve, meaning you have already learned all the basic theory about temp temp. I have learned nothing about 10cm, so you know just you basically take them a drive and test without learning to drive is what’s going on right now, they’re ready to do your first ten times see those glass jars each contains a different temp temp from all around The earth either another word a teach. Do you have any digit?

What’S the digital digital temp time, a very recent invention, my old friend, they are very sold and found. What is that yes, bloody digital Denton? Would you gather doesn’t matter HP from the faces, but the fanciest to the humblest attempt M? It is the tamer that makes all the difference. Oh my lord Brooke. What is this dude? Looking like a x-men or something I got aslan x-men, I’m guessing. These are the types in the back. That’S I have no idea, that’s looking like a fighting, I kind of like this dude. You know, I’m a kind of a fun crystal crisp crystal is a crystal temperature in his strongest electric and mental but weak against fire and earth.

I call this one. Oh no. I don’t want him yet so what’s this, then what’s this typing, so I’m guessing this is fighting, is melee ten times mozzie a struggle against earth and crystal but weak against mental. I wanted to put broad ones. I don’t want this time town and then there’s this one. I have no idea what these are like. The Taipings are different mental tempted maestro gets neutral melee, but we gets crystal a boy from my own. I kind of I’m kind of digging this. This grass one. You know I kind of like this one. I mean it doesn’t really matter.

Why go for because light me out like what I’m playing right now, it’s just gon na get W in when the game comes out, so it doesn’t really matter. So, let’s just go with I’ll go with this. Do you, okay, with snazzy snazzy? I love him excellent choice. Jays bow got a new temp temp. Snazzy fever assist his tray. These are all his stats. Was s fees and they the it — like IVs so level. Five melee, I can said it’s my squad. I can rename it don’t get a move on kids, alright, okay, checking your new temp temp press tab. I want to check out this 1010 squat this in my squad bro.

This one looks so so good Marshall strike. What does this do? How do you? I don’t know how you click it our details when getting a stage condition guess attack boost bro, that’s broken a so broken IRA. I need to continue on with this game. Dude cuz, I’m just chilling right now guys go out here. Alright teachers pay, you think you’re better than me. I so I’m guessing. This is my first fight and I have your brand attempt M. Let’S see we can do this. Is that first fight, I I’m gon na body, I lose my first enzyme, bowel bro, alright Yugi moto. Oh, I made the right choice. I hope I did anyway right. Martha strike, wait what’s this 8 and 5, so it’s technique and choose target alright, not ready. It’S not ready right, i’ma kick him!

Then all right come on. Ronaldo brush use the target on that all right data. First, Jesus hello. I just got one shot. Do you supposed to lose that right? I kicked him in the face and he just like semi to the Shadow Realm like legit, legit images. Pakora me, okay, so I’m guessing! I’M wait. You give me another one Bret. I love this professor, my man’s chilling giving me all the temp temp bro this game. I’M Ashley in love to you. If just follows you as well: [, Music ]. Why is this game better than Pokemon? Why is this game actually better than Pokemon?

My and this is this – is alpha. This is already I’ve already enjoying it. I mean how to already enjoy this monster shoot, and this is the bloody alpha wait. So can I just like to change my squad at any time and then like? Do they always fall? My god dude you’re kidding me. I I’m in love. I absolutely love this game. I’M gon na be playing this or submerged. I have like two days to play this and there’s co-op as well. It’S co-op, I feel like I have to do something to unlock Hitler.

Oh, a trainer, alright bro, your Pokemon literally, does things in, I said Pokemon your temp them literally. Does things in the background like actually has their in this game? Isn’T incredible, but it’s a double bow. What are those Higgy pick and Pajaro right? Okay? I don’t understand this whole like thing like taking time and stuff, so I’m gon na just kick this pig and those two happens: windblade windblade, I don’t know anything about typing’s or anything like that.

So I’m just chillin right now, but I’m taking out the stronger one. First rocket in the face right, Peck, ouch Lester, that meant nibble – is he nibbling on me? Is he nibbling on my power right marshal strike? Can do that? Alright, let’s do it on you. I let me just wind blade you I don’t know. I’M feeling like this is like manner or something like this is what it takes to like, so that in half damage, but it still killed, gives AG speed. But you staring at me, I’m guessing that paralyzed and or something my defense is down. Okay, so that’s XP! Right, kick it in the face again and we’ll have a little Peck right.

This is clearly a faster tempo right. I took out the Pajaro or the fahara, whatever its called. There were 75 times, I’m just in this alpha. By the way, this game is literally incredible. It looks difficult as well, but I already just had my first battle roster and my second bow all it took that dog age. What is this? What are these guys doing? Oh you know even gay.

He would have to bow do it. I might even lose this right. Okay, let’s things looking like it’s week to win boy right, you got ta be week to win play shortly, sniper week to win blade, dude tenderness, we do intimate. We don’t mean my attacks down brilliant, a cheeky scratch jeez. I did a lot right with Marshall. Striking you pal cuz, you got ta, you got ta, you got ta sit out of this right. Take out. The music is hitting DJ tent em on the decks right. Okay, I didn’t Brooke. Why is everything strong, I’m literally dying over here right, this, the I need to go heal? How do i heal – where do i heal driver, kick finish me off with a cheeky, with blade, WB right now. I need to go here, cuz, I’m literally about on this one.

This game is difficult: shrill voice, widely used by academia, teachers, a neutral technique. The fact defens whole class 18 is priority, is to my lord. It shows you a priority and everything. Okay, so I’m getting those levels. Okay, this game is hard man, I’m loving it well doing. You’Ll be great table one day. Well, apparently, knocks I’m getting bodied.

Who are you I don’t about? You know I can just hold it. Okay, oh, this is a battle. Is everything double in this game or something do I want to cash? These capturing temp time select the backpack and use 8m cards. Try to capture this temp temp uh where’s, my back there. It is what do I want? I kinda want a bird, this thing’s ugly. Looking like awful thing with, like imma lose here, you can catch things whilst is at the blue bow as well. My invoked when you have to that’s such a sick, catching animation bro. That is so good. Was this dude damage taken from Earth techniques reduced by 50 % [ Music ]? That’S so good that caching animation dude!

It looks like your swirls around I’m guessing you don’t catch. It doesn’t swell the whole time or something. How much I mean if it wasn’t obvious by now, I’m literally in love with this game, but, like I live over, we live here. Why heal me yeah? Anybody want to heal me. What is that thing?

Next to you is that little like plankton, new Chilean spongebob called he want his his archenemy back you’ve yeah. What’S this you kick it. I found a revive sweet yup, I’m chillin, I’m bloody chillin right so much grass. I know where to go. Yes, yes, this way. So I can jump down there. I will again this time. Show me the money, hmm bro why’s that thing the cutest thing ever room from bowels choose the room, and I can literally from about. I don’t want to run away. I wan na catch this dude, oh dude, you can click Anthony, oh sweet.

I think I might kill this thing way. No, to a little kick. Ok, I’m catching this dude top 6 pause. Oh, is that gon na poison me? Oh, some point. Wait! Vive rush, my taxco! No, i guessing that’s how long you’re poison for brave that right right, i’ma catch this dude, because mr

Shrill voice come on. This is catch it. I’M guessing. The light at the heart. Be kind of thing is like the roles on pokeballs Drago, khaki, caffeinated, press, the provenza’s, Pokemon, asleep stage condition. So it’s a grass nature, I’m guessing, throwing that bad boys blood till that poisoned homage mass quads growing. What’S this, I was nothing [, Music, ], okay. It looks like the poisons faded, so I think poison loosely just last for three turns which is gon na, be like super white butch swallow all right. I don’t think I want this. I feel like this is gon na, be like a grass type.

I already have one of those: it’s not like a romhack or anything as loosely. It’S like own game. Dude looks really good, we’ll go ahead and kick it so yup vital apple, an apple a day keeps the ten-time fairway restores 25 % HP. So that’s like rock climber, I’m guessing! I can talk to my tam-tam okay, so that’s I got ta catch up to max. I’Ve got another double battle. Brett. This game is actually difficult and I’m living it. I’M all about it. I’M all about how difficult this game is. Wait what’s going on I’ll, beat you both anyway, that was a long talk. Look I’m probably on a meal. What is that? Oh dude? I love that.

What is that is that fondue. If I find one of those sand. Oh no way to find anemias, Pokemon and don’t know typing, so I’m literally just hitting everything and hoping for the best. Let’S kill this Babu or some boo-boos or like stops that are. We shows you the top right, all their Pokemon or they’re 10 times dude. I’M gon na keep saying, though, so I need to switch out my two-way. That really does. I have no matter. Oh you get mad at the end of every turn. Okay, so that makes more sense all far-fetched from another dimension.

I either in power right. Let me let me take out this this little book over here. [, Music, ], that’s not spur effective. I don’t know typings, I’m gon na definitely have to find that out. So that’s resisted clearly get some rest which mean get some rest. You ain’t game to arrest. You ain’t no rest for the wicked of this bitter cheeky. Wait! Wait! Yes, all right side looks like you, [, Music ], all right. What’S this, then? What’S this spider, dude yeah I’ve got the Boise’s right stair. What does that? Do? I don’t know I’m a peck right, so these are both very high levels: toxic spores, oh, I didn’t heal, sokaku still weak, Oh trouble, losing rice, that’s not that’s neutral water plate. Can you not take out my Tam town? Please Ram just got a poison both of these boys cuz like drink a lass who wasn’t affected. That’S bringing you wait.

What do you mean poison didn’t affect what you mean. Poise is not effective right. You got ta, go shy shield. I don’t know what this does. Can you hover over it? Of course you can okay, so I only have briar less toxic breath. This is Ashley. I feel like I’ve got a boss battle right now and it’s just not right. So you stand me down. That’S not great, hey cheese, dude right less! Please say that I got the professor: now we weren’t even close you weren’t even close. Do you heal me how’d? You know my name. This looks like a shop. It just is sent 10 cards 15 bombs medicine.

So I think I’m gon na have to be using a lot of medicine. That’S the PC! I’M guessing! Oh, my god! This game is beautiful, dude right, the music right. I got a switch you and I got a switch you I may have to use some bombs. You know so I can interact now, so these are all the people in my lobby. Oh my lord dude is this. Is this a lot? You have a mutt down here, I’m literally just exploring this game. How do you save? It is something that you can mount things in this cow.

Of course you can right: [, Music, ] bro. Why do I love that Fox? I haven’t hit one super effective attack here by the way, no 6 to be frack. I don’t want to get rid of that. Hmm, I kinda want to get rid of cat food because it’s just got a poison be constantly constantly, but I kinda want to destroy this box. I feel like it’s gon na, be a problem. Sam splatter ouch right. There’S a toxics ball 1. Don’T affect me, don’t affect me! It’S effectively right i’ma! Kick that Fox! I’M a wind blade this! I would think that wind blade is super effective on this, like grass thing, but I don’t think it is it isn’t.

I don’t know anything about high things, alright, shy shoes, that’s all! I can really do so. That’S fine, alright, defenses up two more attacks on it should be dead. Wait. No! He has a little one, a gang key right, I’m still gon na okay, I’m gon na Marshall strike. You got a wind blade, you again cuz that should kill that’s the obvious or effective. It’S nice just level, three, okay, okay, there goes the Kaku and e12. I need to this is an electorate. I’M I’m guessing special attack is booked right. Give me the XP, yes lovely. I learned tail strike. Let’S try our tail strike right right, knocked him out. Lesstm time. Oh, I don’t know what that means. Does that mean co-op cuz? I’M bad, it is important to recover stamina, there’s so many battles here, my like legit, everywhere right. What’S this we open it.

This bad boy is with you to ethers. Ok, so I’m guessing that what does that? Do I’m guessing that just recovers lighting, stamina or something I kinda want to dodge these trainers, but I I can’t, can you say if you want a fire smell, because I’m just gon na skip you through every time to gank you I need to heal last. That’S why I need like this room is really long. Okay, I’m just gon na pack in okay. This is a difficult game. You know bimbo, I don’t know what that does that increases? Okay, speed? Okay, make sense, be fair, windblade, Lagos, mozzie he’s out for the cab, where Hyman shoot poke poke. Is motherhood yeah? I might lose this battle.

I generally might lose a bow right. One blade! Okay, take this thing: okay, just half damage to me. So I resist with just water – oh my lord. I’M gon na lose this battle. I’M gon na lose this bow, so I wind blade is not option right. Let me get rid of you. I should be okay. I have a revive anyway wish. I might just use we’re blade, isn’t even that good on me, though, how much they’re doing six, okay but level nine now am I gon na learn a move, no right! How much is Pat? Do it huh just not off sparks? That’S fine, that just look crazy! Okay: okay, I should be okay, but there is no way I’m doing a battle after this because I need to heal.

But my team is that right, legit everything. No, I just think wood blade. What does ganky get some rest me? Does that mean? Does that mean you just recover more stamina that turn or something I think it does? I see your dad yeah you’ve been defeated. Pal, don’t know how, because my team is dead, I feel like I might have made it through no more trainers, fantastic um, so we’re gon na end it here, because I have no idea how to save it and my team’s dead.

The thank you all so much coming out and watching this, though, if you did enjoy, please do drop a like down below leave a comment. Do you want me to play more 10/10? I definitely want to I’m also going to be doing some car with my brother as well that video should be coming tomorrow, but yeah, if you guys want to play some more attempt time.

Just let me know in the comment section down below subscribe. If you are a final attempt time, I do want to be doing some more of this and yeah reminder education about everything from you know guys. Thank you so much for watching hope. You guys enjoyed the edits in this video as well, but yeah, that’s everything. So until next time peace, [, Music, ]

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