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It’S that time of year, again, everyone where we collectively look back across the last 12 months of games, we’ve played and try to choose which ones deserve accolades: the gold stars, the 5 stars, or at least the games that are the least disappointing during a bad year. I’M William strife – and these are my top 5 games for 2019, along with a handful of extra mentions right off the bat. I have to bring up two separate games which are blood-stained and control. Somehow these two managed to both catch my attention and slip through the cracks. In fact, I’m not even showing you proper footage, because I don’t own the games, that’s how hard I’ve missed them. I’Ve heard good things about both and still want to go back and give them their fair shot, blood-stained with its art, style and Castlevania appeal and control. With its seemingly supernatural space venting powers.

I don’t know what to expect from either of them, but I know I’m still interested and just can’t put them in the running. I guess you could file them under games. I missed that. I wish I hadn’t anyway with that said. Let’S move on to the games I have played starting with number. 5 Devil May Cry 5. This one was an easy contender for my Game of the Year as it’s an installment in a franchise that hasn’t seen, action for years, Devil May Cry. 5 doesn’t break new ground or improve on the formula of previous games in any substantial way. If anything, it’s more of a revisiting of what already works. Its no Devil May Cry 3, which is commonly considered the best of the series, but that doesn’t really matter because it holds its own everything from Dante and Nero smarming attitudes to its sense of campy humor. That’S both unapologetic and indulgent and the satisfying action combat where you’re grated for how stylish you are it’s all here. The story continues to build the world mythos, which helps bring back a longtime fan like myself.

In fact, the only real problem with the game is how the world design hasn’t changed with the times being more linear than open. This is actually what causes it to be so far down my list at slot 5, the linear nature of the game’s design. Somehow and honestly for reasons, I don’t really understand myself make me feel less interested in playing through it again. In any case, though, Devil May Cry. 5 is a great game. That’S plenty of fun in a franchise. I was happy to return to which solidly puts it in spot 5 of my top 5 list. Next up is number four in the outer worlds. The placement of this one will probably surprise most of you longtime Watchers. The outer worlds was highly anticipated by a lot of people myself included, but all that expectation can cut both ways, and that is what honestly puts it so far down the list. For me, it’s not a triple-a game, but just a double-a game and the lack of cohesive, open world to explore and no extra small dungeons to dive into made things feel less adventurous than I was expecting.

Don’T get me wrong. I still dump tons of hours into it and I loved killing, looting and exploring all of the possible topics in dialogue. At the end of it, though, there was no proper antagonist for most of the game I could set a face to which sets it back a lot. Even with that, though, for me when it comes to RPGs, it’s not about the big overarching story, but the small side quests the dark corners of the world with the untold stories that don’t go into your quest log and the incredible collectible that gives you a permanent Buff sitting in a pile of filth at the dead end of where death makes its home. That is what I look for in an RPG and while the outer worlds has a lot to offer it just wasn’t enough. For me, there was just enough exploration to make me want more. Then I saw how there wasn’t enough of it from my tastes, it’s honestly difficult to put outer worlds in slot 4, but at the end of the day its biggest downfall was making me want. More of well what it didn’t have, even though there was a lot there that I enjoyed number three a plague tale innocence talk about coming from nowhere. This little indie like gem, was something I never thought I’d see a plague tale. Innocence is a fairly straightforward adventure. Stealth game that takes place during an outbreak of plague. In 14th century France, you play as a messiah a privileged noble girl, whose life comes crashing down all at once and has to flee with her younger brother Hugo, whom you discover, has special powers honestly, given how linear and story-driven this game is.

If it was made during a previous generation, it would blend right in as an impressive experience, but be replaced by another lesser game, just like it within a few months. However, because it came out in 2019, a time of live service games that heavily pushed microtransactions, it stands out due to pure of competition for single-player story driven one-and-done games. Make no mistake: plague tale is a fantastic, harrowing experience from the start, you’re constantly on the run. Trying to stay one step ahead of your pursuers or evade their gaze, but even when you get some good distance after evading capture just by the skin of your teeth, you’ll suddenly be dealing with swarms of plague-infested rats, they’re, not normal rats, either.

If, given the chance, they will eat you alive and on more than one occasion, you watch and manipulate them into stripping flesh from bone and all the while you’re trying to understand and solve the mysteries of Hugo’s illness and eccentricities some sections of the game. Have you moving fast, others, slow and still others? Have you solving puzzles either for plot purposes or just to try and avoid the plague? No matter how you look at it. A plague tale. Innocence is a great game with incredible character, development, enemies. You love to hate, quality, art direction and a satisfying story by all measures. This game deserves to be on any top-five list and the only reason it falls to slot 3 for me is because of the next game number 2: the Resident Evil, 2 remake. What’S a good round of top 5 without a zombie game? Well, not a normal list. That’S for sure preceding the bang-up job, that was Capcom’s Devil May Cry. 5.

The Resident Evil 2 remake that came out a little over a month earlier, was both an effective update to the 20 plus year old original and a reminder that zombies can be a real threat when they’re done right with brain-eating shufflers that refused to go down easily And gobble up a limited number of bullets, this game returns the concept of survival to survival; horror carefully, plotting out your plan through the Raccoon City police station questioning, if you want to venture through a particular room again because of various enemies, you left behind and worrying Whether or not a new freak will be around a corner to jump you before you can save again. All this spells out the unique way that Resident Evil 2 came to matter in an age past and proves how the core formula still matters now when updated. Moreover, though, is the sense of urgency felt when the infamous mr

X appears taking time to plan or comb through any room after this hulking stomping tank starts chasing. You suddenly comes with the risk that he’ll corner and ruin your day and there’s nothing quite like the panic in some of the scripted sequences, where you’re in a dead-end room – and he comes in behind you. Adding to this entire experience is how the game is worth. Two playthroughs, with both Clare and Leon. Not only does this unlock the full ending, but just enough of the game, world weaponry and puzzles are changed to make playing through 80 % of the same areas feel justifiably different. This is actually the only game this year that I played through four times, or maybe two depending on how you look at it. First in the Leon Clare order and then in the Clare Leon order to be certain Resident. Evil 2 was a great success, proving that a return to formula for this zombie franchise was a worthwhile effort to make now before moving to my top number one game of 2019, let’s take a bit of a sidestep and discuss a game that was a real stinker For me well, stinker might be a bit of a stretch, but it was by far the biggest disappointment.

Save me for what I’m about to do here, but it was the legend of zelda links awakening. There is no way, I’m not going to catch flack. For this. I mean when I reviewed this game earlier in the year and voice my displeasure with it. I was accused of not understanding older games or never having played the original, so I couldn’t properly judge it. So I’m just going to respond to those criticisms right now. I’M a longtime fan of the Zelda franchise I own and have beaten both the original game, boy version and the color DX version they’re prized possessions in my small collection of games. So when I said, and still a test that Link’s Awakening for the Nintendo switch is an overpriced fossil with no more than a bit of visual spit-shine on it, I mean it. Let’S get right to the point here. I was expecting this game to get some much-needed updating to bring it at least somewhat in line with 21st century game design. Instead, it is an exact recreation of the original which shows off how poorly the world, design and overall game design have aged key word.

There being aged this is an old game people. I detail it more thoroughly in the review, but in essence the game world is just too cramped and the order of the day is backtracking. When you remake a game, there’s always going to be a need to decide how much to be faithful to the original and what you need to redesign to keep things relevant. In the case of Link’s Awakening its 1 % redesigned 99 % carbon-copy with a new coat of paint, it’s an old game that looks new but feels and plays old, plain and simple. Now all of these things can be forgiven, but then you consider by far the most important thing I haven’t covered. Yet its price Link’s Awakening is a 30, maybe $ 40 game with a 60 dollar price tag. There’S a lot to be said about the market. You release a product into and with recent remakes of other classic 90s trilogies like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro Link’s Awakening has no business being $ 60. It boils down like this. Link’S Awakening is a Nintendo classic that got almost no functional updates, yet costs the same as a new innovative game and the similar competition to it.

Our other remakes that come in three packs and cost 30 % less the cost to value just isn’t there, Link’s Awakening doesn’t have it and the way it perfectly preserved its shortcomings, while updating its price tag is why it’s my biggest disappointment of 2019 with that little Rant out of the way we are now at the end of the list, but before I tell you my number 1 game of 2019, let’s some clear the air and recap everything so far: number 5 Devil May Cry 5 with it’s fantastic, combat and campy humor number 4, the outer worlds with its deep role-playing elements and fantastic dialogue; choices; number 3; a plague tale innocence with its immersive environment, design, stellar character, development and hand-wringing stealth and puzzle; sequences number 2 Resident Evil 2, with his return to formula making zombies a real threat and Putting you under strain by chasing you while you deal with them and now my number 1 best game of 2019 Luigi’s Mansion 3. I have to say I will surprised by my level of enjoyment of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

I’M a huge fan of the original ghost catching sim for the Gamecube, but after a second game for the 3ds, which didn’t quite scratch, my itch the right way. I felt like this. Third one was going to be much the same. Well, I’m happy to say the third installment is more original Luigi’s Mansion than it is dark. Moon and old boy. Did it didn’t trance me? It can’t be understated just how much it counts that I thought this game was going to do something not quite my flavor but then delivered on the exploration and money collecting. I fell in love with from the original. It’S not a perfect game, but even with its mistakes, it’s more of a three steps forward, one step back type of situation. Anything here that bothers me is vastly outweighed by the sheer amount of hidden gems pearls coins and pillows stuffed full of dollar bills. What’S more, I just can’t get enough of how expressive the ghosts are in this game from the big bosses on each level to the generic spirits that randomly wander the halls they all have so much character.

Additionally, fighting the ghosts is tons of fun, especially with how you can slam them around and break things that decorate the environment. Now, in the review I did of this game, I took issue with the forced backtracking and similarly, that’s a big part of my critique for Link’s Awakening backtracking is a double-edged sword, though, when you force players to do it, you likely won’t get a positive response. It’S not the same for everybody, but in general, that’s, the rule. Luigi’S Mansion 3 is no exception to this, but I also backtrack through the entire game on my own, just to collect up all the coins and money I could. This is the exception to the rule. When players do the backtracking of their own volition to have more fun and that’s exactly what collecting money is in this game: lots of fun the ghosts and their personalities, the fun battles, the pleasure of vacuuming up money.

All of this is what makes Luigi’s Mansion 3. My top game of 2019 – now you may think that’s the end, but before we go, it only makes sense that I give up my gold star award. This is an award reserved for a game, that’s not new and specifically a game that I’ve played a lot over. The last year, that’s given me a lot of personal enjoyment, the game that I play whenever I crack open a cold one or sip a cocktail on a Friday night. For me, that is dying light if you’ve never played it before it’s a fantastic first-person, open-world parkour game that takes place in a quarantine city during a zombie outbreak climbing all over the place is fun. The looting animation is super satisfying, there’s an addictive weapon.

Greed system similar to the ones in games like destiny or Diablo, and I just can’t get enough of how this game lets you drop, kick zombies. It also helps that lately they keep running in game events to hype for dying light now why they run the events. Doesn’T really matter, what does is how they spawn overpowered weapons that turn zombies into beach balls, making sure that every whack with a baseball bat scores you a home, run but yeah dying light. It’S a great game that I don’t know how to put down, which is why it gets my gold star award. Do yourself a favor and at least give it a shot.

Now that I’ve said my piece, though, go ahead and hop down to those comments and tell me what games you loved in 2019. Until then, though, thanks for watching and listening, I’m William strife and why not like or share the video or maybe, if you really like what I do, help support me with a donation over at stripe, dot solutions every dollar I get is super helpful until 2020, though I’Ll see you later

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