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And welcome if this is your first time here definitely be sure to subscribe. It would be a great help and today’s live stream. It’S gon na be a little bit different. We are gon na go over some of the things, but I think we can look forward to in bidets to come with blizzard and I’m hoping I’m wrong a very big time. I’M hoping I’m wrong on 99 % of these, but I don’t think I will be ok, so let’s go ahead and give it a few minutes for some people to pop in. We are a few minutes early, actually just now starting. So we are a few minutes ahead now. Let me know what your what you guys have been doing up to this weekend, you having a good weekend, it’s cold raining snow. What kind of setup have you got for your app here? It is been pretty day. I mean overall, it’s not been very much rain or anything now that looks to change over for the next few days. So if that’s the case, I may actually go ahead and do a second live stream, so we’ll have to wait and see so we’ll go ahead. Give it a few extra minutes and in the meantime, I’m gon na go ahead and today we’re gon na be playing hitman hitman, because I am at this point very frustrated with World of Warcraft.

I’M very very frustrated with World of Warcraft and Novus is not my way of saying, but I will not be streaming or doing videos on World of Warcraft at all, but I kind of think we have a lot going on in the very near future. That’S gon na be a bit of a disappointment again I’ll give it a few extra minutes to get some more people in and apparently for some reason we have a it says I have an excellent connection, which is very good, but for some reason it’s kind of A few seconds behind and billy-bob welcome to the live stream. Hopefully it pushes your first time here, hopefully we’ll have a new subscriber, just let me know one way or the other. If this is your first time here and if you have any questions, be sure to pop them up and I’ll be happy to answer now, we are gon na be, like I said, play in some Hitman. There’S no secret, but hitman is one of my favorite games. Now world of warcraft obviously, is the one, but i play and stream and do videos on more, but this is definitely going to be one, but i do a little bit more of now, for example, in today’s attempt i should say, because it’s very difficult to do What i’m getting ready to do?

I’M gon na try to do the silent assassin suit only and obviously it complete the art society assassinate your targets with sniper sniper rifle only eliminate the targets, do not get spotted and if you’re detected a race or destroy the evidence. So how’s everybody doing today, let me know and be comments. Let me pop over and open that back up where I can see the comments. Okay, I just watched your bring per guard and when trying to get the plaints literally none are here. Do you know why or are they just rare? Yes, it is actually are you a herbalist about by any change, because if you’re, a herbalist, you’re gon na find them a whole lot more and you’re gon na find them a whole lot more easy. Otherwise, the way I do it is, I stay right near the water and I just make my route like I showed in the video and I go from there, but it may be, but blizzard made it a little bit more, a little more rare.

I don’t know now are you and I know this is gon na sound like a silly question, but Oldham are you in the new or old version, because I had someone tell me just the other day that Bay was attempting to find the herbs now that may Be it Billy Bob, you may need to go into like zandalari if you’re horde or coal Terrace, if your Alliance been here with two people for 30 minutes and have seen zero okay. So are you horde Orleans just out of curiosity, and I mean it don’t make a big difference if your horde or if your Alliance, no no big difference there. But if your horde head on over to Zandalari, if your Alliance head on over to Cole Terrace and pick up, be Cole Terrace if Human Alliance – ok well, that may be hit too, but definitely yes definitely go ahead and pick up be the new herb. Okay, yeah. Definitely switch over to the new new Oldham and go from there, because that would definitely be it. I’Ve only been playing the game for like 20 days, so didn’t really know things. Hey no problem Billy Bob any time be sure to subscribe to the channel and we do live streams weekly most of the time it’s on Saturdays like today. However, there are some times, but I cannot do it on Saturday and I’ll pop one up on Sunday.

So definitely definitely subscribe. So, but okay, perfect, perfect, hey, don’t give up. Man Pat is one of the easiest melts you’ll ever find you know, but, like I said just if you have any questions now or in the future, you know if I’m not on live stream. At the moment, drop a message or a comment in one of the videos and I’ll be more than happy to answer as quick as I get. The comment popped up on my son and usually, but it’s only a couple minutes if I’m home, which I’m home, like 90 % of the time, so that shouldn’t be a problem, so you said you’re new to be two again. How are you liking it so far, because I know some people have said that I know some people have said that the gang has kind of lost it for film. You know it’s not what it used to be. Some people love it exactly as it is. So it’s really, you know, dependent upon the person. Of course you know I may be like something different than you for me. My main thing with the game right now is making gold getting the brownness or mount and doing things like that.

Oh, it is it’s very addictive. I mean the game can be so addictive that you, you don’t really even notice how addictive it is one down a little overwhelming at first, but now I get the hang of it. Did my first heroic Bo phase today, hey perfect, did you get any good gear? Hopefully you did, I know, but at times that can be you know, a lot of people are overwhelmed by trying to get the gear and of course getting the gear is what the games about you know you, you play the game, you get the gear and hopefully, If you get the gear, but you need, you get stronger and you move forward, but it doesn’t always work that way, but most of the time it does okay. What am I doing wrong here? But definitely – and this is something I would highly suggest to Billy Bob – is get yourself a few characters. A couple on the Horde, a couple of me alliance or, if you’re all if you’re all 100 % Alliance, are all 100 % Horde.

Then you know, that’s definitely a choice, but you would have to make but get yourself at least two to three 120s and what I would suggest is, but you get all the gear, but you can off of your main, send it on over to your alts and It’Ll help you get geared there yeah, I got a couple. Four fifteen pieces excited to try rage soon. Man raids are absolutely but the backbone of the world. Warcraft I’ve been playing since 2004. During that time I took one small break that works out too, because I get the Shadowlands pre-order so got a free 120. Hey, definitely always use the. You know 120 s. If you, if the boost, if you can you know, never anything wrong with that. Okay, so I missed her for some reason: it’s she is harder to kill than you would think and boom one down. Okay, and this one is gon na – do a lockdown how much one a bet these are more difficult to get than most people would think. I’M never more difficult to get than I would have felt you know, especially when you’re trying to do it from a sniper’s nest and they’re not making it easy.

So Billy Bob. What is your favorite part so far, um on World of Warcraft and our what cat? What place are you playing? Are you, you know warrior hunter. What are you yeah poor poor me I’d, definitely and a bustin jail how’s. It going man how’s your weekend going so far. Are you a shadow priest or a do you Hill, and the only reason I asked is so many people prefer DPS over the healing, and you know it’s always interesting for me to figure out who who prefers walk. You know, let me go ahead and get out of this house. There are a few things I wanted to show you guys now. You know, I don’t know if any of you are interested in merch, but I do have – and this is something new to me. So you know overlook it. I also have a patreon page here, but I will be putting in the bottoms in the comments I do both depends on the situation. I like Helen Cole’s, short queues and definitely definitely – and I found that some people like, for example, if you go in as a Hiller, because a friend of mine, he he will queue up as a Hiller and go in and automatically change to a DPS have been Say oops no, I came in as as DPS man. You know, I don’t know what to tell you and then they have to kick somebody.

Well, usually, it’s him just saying: let’s see who else we have in love, chat, okay and bust in jail how’s your weekend going now like I said if – and this is not a me trying to tell you guys, but you have to bet you have to buy You know any kind of merchandise or anything, but I know, but one of my regulars he he bought love bought some merch and he he seems very happy with it. Shirt jacket, Kelpie cups, a couple more shirts, never a hoodie, never shirt, and you can get them in different colors, of course, but if you’re interested in that I’ll be putting it in the comments below once this goes up for playback or a matter of fact. I can pop it in there now for you if you’re interested and also the patreon page I’ll pop it in, but now I do plan on doing a video, maybe tomorrow or it’ll, go out on Monday. I know that for B, I’m gon na do a response to this video.

The bliz responds happy with corruption, Shadowlands beta teeth, BFA, ending and exciting changes news so I’ll be doing a reaction. Video to this now I’ve not ever in in the pace. I’Ve never done a reaction video, so this one should be pretty interesting. It’S definitely gon na be a first for me. Now have either one of you or any of you got a a long boy amount, yet the by million gold melt. I know it is definitely a warm bag, it can wear heavy on in person because, well you know 5 million goats not anything to sneeze at hey. How pekka’s are a great thing, and that is actually a very cute and very very cool look amount to now. If you guys have not seen it, let me bring it up. Let me bring this up here. Have you seen this because, if you’ve not, I would highly suggest checking it out and invite your friends and about your friends to be to begain and here the very first time the first month that they buy? They are gon na get a let’s see here. How’S this work on the first first month, you’re gon na get a battle. Pet have been a title after four months.

Well, two months, you’re gon na get em up of game time, a mount which is this one. I believe it is after three months, four months, his the title game time above and so on. It’S definitely something that would be interesting. Also, if you’ve not noticed here, you can get bees mounts or transmog mounts who then one of them days guys you can get bees transmog here and backpacks, and you know it just pretty cool looking, but I’m gon na go ahead and head on into the game For a bit, does anybody have any questions? Oh and bobble. Wait if you’ve not played a pole, para man, you have to get the pole pair. They are some of the best race and klase combos out there, hey Kelly, welcome to the lab stream how’s it going, but, like I said, I enjoy playing different alts too many people have told me that I should just stay with one character and be done with It, but I don’t know for me, I enjoy, but we’ll find out very quick. If anybody knows, let me know okay here we go of course, there’s always somebody with an answer.

Okay. Well, it’s not telling me what I need very quickly, so I’m gon na bounce on back, okay, says Blizzard new solution and Shadowlands is to return the level cap to its original value of 60 and to make current content appropriate for levels 50 to 60. Okay. So if you are 120 right now, wimpy game goes live with shadow ends. You will then be 50, so I’m not the happiest about it. I don’t know about you guys, but you know it’s. It is what it is. Oh Kelly, just so you know – and I don’t know if you was here last week – I think you was but we do have a merch store, but I’m just now getting up off the ground. It is something that’s totally new to me. I’Ve got some shirts jackets. Kulpa cups, multiple different colors that you can get, you can get: chatter charity, pink, gray, charcoal, Caribbean, blue, black and so on, and also we do have a patreon page.

All you got to do is head on over to patreon on top and Hulk gaming, and this is what you’ll see so, let’s see here, where am I at okay? How am I being attacked that don’t even make any sense? I would is anybody else having trouble with YouTube, like buffering quite a bit, because I know that it’s not on my side because well, I can show you here. I did a well on my end. It says excellent connection and I’ll do a speed test, but, as you can see, I mean I’m getting 60 well now it’s going down, but you know it was and usually the very first one, but I do is horrible. So let me refresh hmm okay yeah. It may actually be my provider, apparently they are only giving me hate to speed, but I pay them for I’m supposed to be getting between 65 and 70 and a between a seven and a ten on the up, and it appears that I’m getting a twenty five Point nine on the down and a five point: six up, which is it’s okay, but it’s not what I’m paying for hmm. Well, that’s definitely something I will have to address with my internet come morning for sure or come Monday I should say, but on the weekends you you get a bunch of people, but don’t know what we’re doing very well anyway.

So, okay, so let me go ahead and close a few of these things out that I don’t think would have anything to do with it, but we’re gon na try, you know, give them the benefit of the doubt so to speak. It may be time for me to restart my modem. I’M not story started in like forever, but anyway at least it’s enough for right now. If it becomes any big problem, I’ll go ahead and end the stream early, so I can work on it. But for now we we are gon na go ahead and stay well. Obviously you can do anything. You want to do it’s your game and your time, but playing your leveling well I’ll show you here hold on. Let me find an herb or a’new or and I’ll show you what I’m talking about. Okay may end up having to kill something to get to it. Nope! Okay! Here we go you mind. Vasseur 1732 experience just for mining. Now my herbalism is a little bit higher. So when I pick

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