Xbox Series X More POWERFUL Than PS5!?


[, Music, ] yep still little sick mm-hmm, so I’ve been out of commission for a little bit and something that I missed a chance to talk about when was first coming out is a lot of new rumors circulating regarding the Xbox series X and PS 5 that I really want to talk about so, let’s get into it now, one of the big kind of assumptions a lot of people have had about the next generation of systems is that the series X and PS 5 would be roughly the same in power normally when big Systems come out, you can kind of hope or expect them to be at least kind of in the same ballpark, but there have been some recent leaks and rumors that might be pointing to a slightly different situation this time now, as always with stuff like this, take It with a grain of salt – these are still based on rumors and leaks that aren’t completely 100 % verified, but the main source that’s been going on right now is an article that digital foundry posted analyzing, taking a look at leaks that they believe came from a Trusted source talking about the graphical capabilities of the PS 5 and the Xbox series X and, more importantly, how the two compare now again.

The main assumption here is that the series X and PS 5 would be roughly the same in power, but based on the in depth kind of dive that digital foundry takes on these leaks, which I’m not going to get into. But you can check out the article yourself. You want to see the full in depth rundown they have, but the main take over here is that, instead, the Xbox series X is actually a noticeably more powerful system, with the PS 5 being something that, while still powerful, is not nearly to the same level and Instead, it’s gon na be something that’s, maybe a little more price efficient.

So, instead of the situation that a lot of people assume where we would be having say PS, 5 and Xbox series X at the same price point of $ 500, we could be finding ourselves in a situation where the series X is the more expensive system. At 5, possibly again as high as 600 bucks, but I really think 5 is the number we’re going to see well, the PS 5 sits at a lower, more affordable price point of 400. Now this is really interesting because it’s very different over what we’ve kind of normally seen over the past generations. You’Ve got used to this cycle for Xbox and PlayStation, specifically where they’re releasing similarly powerful consoles. At the same time, whether that’s the 360 versus the ps3 Xbox, one ps4 ps4 pro vs

Xbox 1x they’re, always kind of in the same general territory, though there is always, of course, a winner when it comes to looking at the in-depth specs of each one. But in this case it looks like the systems are targeting totally different power levels. As far as what you’re getting for your dollar and where this gets really interesting to me, honestly, is how this impacts the viewpoint of people who are just kind of the casual console buyers and just want to buy a next-gen system, not necessarily the fanboys for Xbox Or Playstation that have already made their choice either way, but random families that don’t necessarily care about backwards, compatibility or buying their first system for the first time.

What actually makes them want to buy one versus the other, and a huge part of this is not only that price difference between the PS, 5 and series X again. Potentially, but whether or not the potential Xbox series s becomes a thing as well: [, Music ]. If project lockhart is not a thing, if we do not get a cheaper, more affordable series s, then this is potentially a big advantage for playstation. I know i know, there’s always the argument of yeah, but if the series x is more powerful, why wouldn’t people want to get the more powerful thing and honestly for a lot of random buyers out there?

Saving a hundred bucks is a lot more important if they ultimately play the same multi-platform games, and you get you know whatever exclusives for each library. There’S give me a lot of situations where say: parents that are getting a system, someone who’s buying the first system. For the first time, just in general college students, picking something up, a hundred bucks is quite a bit of savings. Now, of course, there are going to be those people out there that are willing to spend the extra money for the more powerful system, but i don’t think that’s going to be a common default when it comes to just kind of more casual average consumers, and so Things get a little murkier and at least better for xbox.

If series s is a real thing, because now it’s a situation of, do you get the absolute cheapest console that plays all these games for 300 bucks? Do you spend an extra hundred bucks to get that 4k quality on a playstation system, or do you go all out to get the series x now, of course, another big impact of this situation is how it affects game developers and what titles they bring to both These systems, because it’s no longer a situation where again they can release the game.

That’S going to perform more or less the same on each system. We might find ourselves having more games that work, maybe a little differently. Think of it. This way the BS 5 and the Xbox Series X are both 4k capable systems, but the Series X is again the noticeably more powerful one that gives game developers an important choice to make either a make something. That’S going to run really nice. The smooth on the PS, 5 and then just have it be the same way on the series X, not necessarily running a lot better, maybe getting some better frame right here and there, but at the end of the day, you’re making it something.

That’S targeted to run kind of similarly on both, and this is something we saw happen, a lot during kind of the ps3 and 360 era. This whole kind of push for the concept of console parity, where it’s not going to be super massively different each one, but at the same time there could be this interest from developers to instead try and make games be as cool and awesome as they can be. On series X and make cuts for the PS 5 version – and this is something that’s a little more in-law, what’s been going on with the ps4 and Xbox one. Before we got to the pro and Xbox 1x systems, we were seeing a lot of games that sure they both had stable frame rates for ps4 and Xbox one mans the end of the day. If you’re looking at resolution graphical effects, the ps4 version was noticeably better.

Now again, I think the biggest things impacts is how these systems come across to more general consumers, not necessarily hardcore fans of either system. But I do want to talk a little bit about how this might be shaping that whole terrain. Even more back when the Xbox series X was first revealed, I talked a lot about the Cydia of what would it take to make someone wan na change from currently being a PlayStation fan or even currently being an Xbox fan and going over to the other system? Because, especially if these next-gen consoles are going to be backwards compatible with current games, that’s a pretty good reason to make.

You want to stick with the same system because you can keep your same library alive all on one brand, new shiny console and if that’s the logic that most people use, it’s not super great news for Xbox, because the momentum right now is definitely in Playstations favorite. There have been a lot more ps4 sales than Xbox one now, when we look at the stuff that both teams are currently pitching for the next-gen systems. Again, there is a lot of info still out there to be revealed.

There’S a lot of more stuff, we’re gon na learn as time goes by, but if we look at what we just know right now, there is a lot of stuff going on for benefit in Xbox is a corner not just because of the series X is supposed High power level versus the PS 5, but also just because of all the various services that Xbox has been working really hard on growing, to try and give themselves a sort of opening advantage to this next generation. With things like Project X cloud and you, so you can play your games on the go with your phone things like game Pass or you can just pay one fee to play all the games that you want. They’Re a part of this membership, including brand-new first party titles right at launch, there’s a lot of stuff they’ve building up.

But is that necessarily enough to entice someone who currently owns a ps4 to want to change over? And we look at the historical precedent of kind of just how each system sells and assuming that you know some of those are people changing sides. There is some clear logic that it has happened. Before I mean you had the rise of the ps2, which was the big dominating system of its time, followed by the 316 ps3 ending their generation, basically neck-and-neck, but if we’re gon na be, you know really in depth here. The 360 did sell better at first initially, especially in the US, and then, of course, with our current gen systems.

The ps4 has been the big seller now for ps2 to 360. Part of that is the fact that 360 came out earlier. The ps3 had a lot of really heavy launch problems, and Microsoft did a really awesome job of capitalizing on was kind of become the main component of gaming for a lot of people multiplayer and just online networking. They just got the kind of social side of things down a lot faster, but what ended up hurting them? A lot going from 360 to Xbox one is that they effectively well alienated a lot of their fans. There was a lot of confusion and anger over how they were handling physical games that you didn’t actually really own one.

You were just buying a physical copy that came with the digital license. There was the whole Kinect thing: where was a forced bundle? It cost a lot more money. They did a lot of stuff that their fans just didn’t, want to put up with and switched over to Playstation, and when you look at what’s going on right now going in the next generation, no one’s really angering their fan base right. Now it’s a lot more of just kind of general hopeful, yeah they’re, both working on new systems – and this sounds really cool.

There hasn’t been anything yet that I think’s really kind of pushing people away. There are still again kind of new things being offered that sound cool, but I don’t know if that’s necessarily enough. I think the much bigger factor for change and a lot of people is for your current platform to alienate you in some way. But if we do entertain this idea that having more advantages than your opponent does bring, people in your favor I mean Xbox is just building up that list more and more.

If the series X is more power for the PlayStation, then all the people that want power are gon na go in that direction. If we’re gon na go with the idea that series s is a real thing, all the people that want to save money and buy the cheapest option out there possible are gon na buy. Xbox Playstation occupies this kind of balance level again. If all the zippo ends up being true, but it’s kind of this midpoint that might end up putting them in a situation of being kind of a jack of all trades master of none.

Now, of course, the big big argument for why someone would never want to change over from PlayStation is exclusives, and we talked about this before about that was the big advantage they’ve had during the ps4, and people just want to stick with that, because they want to Play please for exclusives, but when people talk about PlayStation exclusives, I feel like sometimes we’re talking about two different things, because there’s true, first party exclusives that are owned by Sony and those are the main ones that I think people normally associate with things like God of War anything made by sucker-punch Last of Us uncharted all that kind of good stuff, but there’s this other category of third party games that end up being either timed exclusive or fully exclusive to PlayStation and the big market that for a long time, has been Japanese games.

Anyone who is a big fan of JRPGs or stuff – that’s normally developed by Japanese companies, a lot of times default to PlayStation, because that’s where a lot of exclusives end up – and I don’t know – if that’s actually going to be the state for next gen – something that Phil Spencer has brought up time, and time again has been how much they want to work more with Japanese developers and there’s been a clear shift over time of more more games coming to Xbox. I mean, after all, if you had told someone way back when that Kingdom, Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy and the whole back catalog of Final Fantasy games, we’re gon na make their way to the Xbox.

You say they were crazy and that’s we’re at right now now to be fair. Final, Fantasy 7 remake is a PlayStation exclusive, but it’s also a timed one as well. We don’t know how that’s all going to work out in the long run and even something like. Let’S say Atlas: who does the persona Series huge awesome title for PlayStation? Well, Atlas is number by Sega and, as we’ve seen recently, Sega is kind of warming up a lot more with Xbox I mean they’re bringing all the Yakuza games over to Xbox one.

I think these are all signs pointing towards the fact that we might see a lot more of these games that are traditionally associated as PlayStation exclusives, not really being that any more now. I know this video overall has definitely been kind of tilting in favor of Xbox, but a large reason for that is because we just well know more about it right now. Everything for PlayStation is still very much rumor and speculation outside of what very few hints and things that mark Cerny has talked about something that’s been rumored. A lot that might be a more exclusive thing to them is that we could be seeing some kind of new revised psvr for PlayStation 5, which be interesting.

I just want more hard news from them to really see how they want to fire back at all the stuff that Xbox is been doing because they’ve been putting so much work and to try and make this next generation work better than the current one. And I want to see what PlayStation has to say in reaction: oh yeah talk it’s fun when you’re still sick,

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