Gardens of Time Items List by Location and Theme

Gardens of Time Items List by Location and Theme by Mimi in KYSo far I have the following locations and matching items, but some...

Gardens of Time Items List by Building Tab

Gardens of Time Items List by Building Tab by billiejosunriseItemCategoryCostLevelRepSquaresRep/SqExpExp/SqCost/ExpTotals1Standing AnubisArtifact7002501501801803.892Pyramid BlocksArtifact7002501501801803.893Anubis DogArtifact9502601602302304.134SarcophagusArtifact12103801802702704.485Egypt SedanArtifact171031102553801904.506Egyptian ChariotArtifact207041402704502254.607ObeliskArtifact1460410011003203204.568SundialArtifact1460410011003203204.569Sad MoaiArtifact1460410011003203204.5610Left HorusArtifact243051702855102554.7611Right HorusArtifact2780620021005702854.8812Double Decker BusArtifact2780620021005702854.8813Garden PatioArtifact3140723021156403204.9114Tube EntranceArtifact2220716011604504504.9315Post BoxArtifact2480818011805005004.9616Foot GuardsArtifact3860929021457703855.0117PergolaArtifact2730920012005405405.0618GrammophoneArtifact2480818011805005004.9619Steam...

Gardens of Time Quest Requirements

Gardens of Time Wonders and Side Quest Requirements by billiejosunrise This is by no means conclusive. This is all I have information on at this...

Gardens of Time FAQ

Gardens of Time Frequently Asked Questions by AngieDawn All About Blitz & Hidden Gifts What is a blitz?A blitz is the hidden objects game you play...

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