【Genshin Impact】All Part 2 Meteorite Shards Locations – Unknown Star Interlude – Unreconciled Stars


Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will show you the positions of today’s cemetery charts because after the previous video i was yeah, i didn’t know that they will change positions of respawn every day and today we have two street zones in This position this position and this position every position. I did the route i searched for two times and i guess that’s all, i’m 99 sure that’s all. We have 19 of them here, 20 of them here and 17 of them on this position. So for a total of 56 for today now i will show you the exactly position, but if you only want to see the mini map, then yeah, let’s uh i’ll – let you copy, then it’s here and here: okay, now, let’s start from here at the cape off, Let me eat something to reduce the stamina consumption and we can go the first. One is just here after the deployment. Uh teleport point. So let’s take it, then the other one is on the top of this uh cliff. There is a hilly cheer now go in this position at the end of the cliff.

You will find another one here. I already checked it down, but there are no shirts. Now you can teleport back in front of you this time. This position: okay, the airport back again behind you, the first one is here between those two rocks. Okay, now go down where it is okay, here now go keep go down. You will find the other one. There is abyssal mage so just to take it and run away. Wow he’s stupid. Okay, now keep going on this position. Oh, he sure starts sleeping okay, never mind anyway. The one is here, the other one is on this position, but yeah it’s pretty hard to take. So i advise you to teleport to this domain. If you don’t have vendi to fly to, there is pretty hard to get so. Let’S go on this position and go toward this direction and is on the platform. That’S why it’s better to go from here! Okay, after this inside the village, there are two of them. One is here, and one is at the center first one. Second, one now teleport to this teleport waypoint. Let’S go take this one behind you first, so you don’t need to come back later. It’S near to the shrine of diff, just here now you can teleport the back. One of them is downside.

There is a hillature watching it. Okay take it now there is another one on the top. Let’S take it and go back to the village is on this uh wood platform, so you need to climb okay. After taking these go inside the village, there are two of them. The first one is here and the second one is here now teleport back and go in this village this time. The first one is here: uh, norway, okay, here and the other one is on the tree in the center. You can see there we go. That’S all in this section, i guess: let me see if we took all the 17 no 19, we should have a yeah 181. So that’s all in that position. Now, let’s go in the join this part and let’s start from this teleport waypoint. Most of them are on the top of the mountain, so it’s just to take time to fly from one to other and the first one is here you have to climb behind you. Just here now go down. You will find the one here on the top of this small mountain [, Music ], now teleport back, because it’s faster since you have to fly to the other side to this mountain pick it and fly to this direction. We’Ll find the one here with the two enemies guarding it.

Oh, we took this one right: okay, uh now yeah, let’s teleport on the chin perk. First, there is one not on the top side, but a downside just here. So let’s take it. [ Music ] and fly to this rock behind you, [ Music, ], here go downside. Here we go now teleport to this stretch of the seven on your left. Let me pick catching [: Music, ], okay, downside. There are two hilly chores: perfect. Okay, now you can teleport back again to this teleport away. Point in front of you: let’s go is on this platform now go back to this teleport waypoint and it’s time to fly from one mountain to other one. So, let’s start from the first one here: okay, let’s go on this mountain now: okay, [, Music, ]! Now it’s better! I need, i think, to teleport back and fly to this one or maybe yeah just teleport to this point on the monte hula behind you. First is on this position, this rock now teleport back, go on your left. This platform in the near to the end of the map is uh here on the tree. Now you can teleport back, go in front of you on this mountain and later one here. Okay, let’s go okay, we got it can delete those two and now in front of you, this rock and this small rock at the end.

So let’s go on the rock to take it, and here we go now. I advise you to pick this one first so teleport to this teleport waypoint to fly down because, if you want to climb, but that the tree is really really hard to climb so instead of climbing, let’s just fly on it this tree here there we go now, Go down to pick up this one on this rocker and there’s one in the hillychur villager here the last one is here behind you and there are two enemies regarding it: not three enemies: okay, that should be all 20 in this zone. So now we have 201. If uh is everything yeah 201, now, let’s go on this position so teleport to the start of the seven. Let’S go pick this one first on this rock together with the chinchin then go to this direction should be here: okay and then one here.

So, let’s go to this direction here you can see it pick it and go to this direction because there is one behind that rock: don’t care about the enemy and just uh. If you want you can kill, i will just go on the island because there’s one helichurst base huh after this, you can teleport to this teleport point just here. You need to climb to the uh tree here. We go now go to this direction. It’S on this tree now, the next one is here. There are two villagers, uh mining, it take it and go on now. This uh and now on this position is on this rock. Here we go now go on your eye. There are two slimes water slime so watching it. Thank you [, Music, ]. There is one on this part of the map, so yeah only this one. So let’s go to take it now we can go back to this position. There is another one here climb, the rock and then now teleport to teleport to the start of the seven again on your right. Go there on this platform should be yeah and the next one is uh in that zone. Downside here now teleport to this teleport waypoint and go to this direction. It’S just here. Okay, it’s in this rock in the middle of a lake and the last one is here. So let’s go there and at the end in theory, we can have 218 there.

We go, let me check yeah 218, but, unlike yesterday today we don’t have a missions to see what is that incidental report after this wasn’t entering the shorts with the help of the resident sleeper situation seems to have improved. The people are sincerely regrettable to offer you their very, very best wishes just as well, because you’re going to need all the best wishes you can get. This is far from the final. Stop your stop on your journey, so i don’t know if uh yeah, i guess that’s all for the shirts, because only two days looks like only two days, so maybe tomorrow it won’t refresh again to yeah. Probably, tomorrow want to refresh again that means only two days. That means only six zones in total. Okay. So thanks for watching guys, i hope this video helped you to collect them and see you in the next one.

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