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【Genshin Impact】All Unusual Hilichurl Locations – Free Daily 180 Adventure Exp – Wei Hilichurl


Hello guys and welcome back to my channel in this video, i will show you where you can find the unusual villagers, the wave hillature, because there is a challenge – challenger series challenger series: 2. Where will requires you to hunt defeated 15 times 50 times the unusual hillature? I know it’s pretty late to make a video about it. I didn’t want to make it to be honest, but in my server someone asked me keep asking me kyo, where i can find those villagers so yeah. Why not? Let’S make it like, even the update of where hillary church was uh 25 days ago, something like that. Okay, there are some important points about them.

They will spawn. They will spawn one by one. That means that to get another one, you need to kill the first one first and they have a 15 different spawn point. So i marketed them on the map. Now the precise position you can see one two, three: four: five: six: seven: eight nine ten, eleven twelve thirteen fourteen and fifteen, so the hilton will spawn in one of those 15 uh points randomly and every time, every 12 hours you they will spawn two of them. But not two contemporaneously. That means uh. You kill one. You need to find that one between those 15 points kill him, kill it and the second one will spawn uh randomly again between those 15 points. Beside the point where you killed the first one. So in the 14 points, so, for example, i keep – i found the hillature here for the first time i kill him, then the second one will spawn on uh on the rest randomly on the rest of 14 points. Besides this one and after you killed the second one, they want to spawn anymore for 12 hours. So after the second one you needed to wait 12 hours every time you kill them, they will drop. They will give you 18 of adventure exp uh from uh one, not zero, because sometimes i got the zero cabbage but uh, i’m not sure if it was bug or not, but from zero to three cabbage. This is pretty useless because it’s a easter egg about hong kong impact, because the cabbage is a symbol of ichanda from hong kong impact 3.

And the most important is the number of the challenger, because you needed to kill the 15 of them to get the reward about adventure exp, you can get the 10 of them per day a maximum 10 times, and that means every day you can get 180 adventure. Exp every day that means 1 800 in 10 days. So in a month you can get 5400 adventure exp, because you know every resin is converted into five exp. So if you can get the four five thousand and the 400 adventure xp per month that equals you spend around 1080 resin. If you have time you can try to hunt them 10 of them in a day, but you will ask me how i can find them if they will spawn 2 every 12 hours. You can join two random people’s world and ask them um or if your is your friend, just uh hunt them together, for example, or just um or maybe random people’s join and ask hey. Can i hunt uh way hillchurch?

If they give you permission, you can hunt, you can still get the reward as an exp and the count. If, even if you hunt the hilly church from other people’s world, also, you can join the official discord server of genji impact and in the section of multiplayer you can ask yeah. There are many peoples every everyday hunting, hilly church. You can make a squad of four peoples and search them together, because because, if you’re a single player, you, if you search them by yourself, you need to check 15 points, and this will take a pretty so sometimes.

But if the squad is composed by two or more people’s, you will require less time to find them. Like you can say, i was searching the monster city, the other one will search in the legal city. If you’re in tree, then someone here uh someone in the half of the libya and someone in the last part of the libya like like this personally every day i hunt ten of them in my two in my ward and eight from random people’s world anyway, i Will show you those position exactly where they are because, for example, here is not exactly here is under the tree, but since i can’t put the point on here – or it will be can’t be seen so i put to the marker here anyway – let’s start from there, I already searched before and today now my first healator is here on this spot, but i will come later so the first position is here on the cape off: let’s go on this position. Uh the hilly cheer usually sits here watching that island sitting here. So you will uh like you need to reach at least this position to see that to see him, because you can see his uh yeah, the illusion will get blocked by the visual from the glass now. The second point is here on the taupa guardian. Just behind you on this mountain climb it – and normally you can already see him from this position. He he stay here watching the this building now. The third point is on the wind rise teleport to the statue of the seven and the just behind you. The hillature is sleeping here under the tree here on this spot sleeping here, so it’s really easy to see him already when you teleport to the statue of the seven now. The other point is here on the sumter storm bearer mountains.

There is um how you call it: there is a shrine of dipsa and the heliture is near to it and he stayed on this position watching toward this direction or this one. I don’t remember, but uh the heliture stay here now. The other point is uh here at the wolf boss. I recommend you to use this one instead of this one, because if you use this teleport point looks near, but you need to climb the mountain. So this one is better in my opinion, and you can see him on this rock watching down exactly on this piece of rock now. The other one is uh easy to see as well in the stomped error layer stage of the seven teleporter to here and just on your left, normally the hilly to stay here there is a heliture, normal, villager sleeping as well, but the way hillature is here on This position now the other spot, is that in sevilla sometime when i was hunting the way he liter, i just checked from the teleport waypoint looking down and i couldn’t see it because uh the texture didn’t got the load, so i missed it.

But when you go around this spot, so you can see you will be able to see it. The hell you will sleeping here go up just here, sleeping on this position now. The next one is here at the stone gate is on the top of this mountain. That means you need to climb it. My technique to climb to get there is using this bamboo this one in the corner and stay here to restore your stamina. Here we go and the heater stay on here watching this direction now the next spot is at the main village should be on this zone. Personally, i never ha find found the one of them on this position. I don’t know why maybe he’s a rng, because i i normally find him in other spots, but here i never saw him and, in theory, is on this spot on this small rock near to this flower. Now that the spot is here is just behind you on this rock. There is near to the statue of the city here watching deliver city now.

The next spot is here really easy to notice him just a teleporter here and watch behind you and if he’s here you can see it. If he’s not, you can go to the next position, just a watch down and is on near to that small rock. Now the next one is at the go down and is here behind the destigator you go here and the shirt will stand uh uh here now. The next one is uh here at the switch slope behind you and is on this location. Here you need to go nearer because you can’t see like for me. The texture is not uh he’s not loading, but if i go near nersta he will spawn. You can see it’s just here. This is the first one for me for today. So let’s kill him. You can see adventure xp, plus 18 and uh three cabbage, oh also, 233. More so i can exclude this location and search the second way on the rest of the 14 locations. Now let me show you the last two one is here so teleport to the teleport waypoint and not the domain. I don’t think i can find him because yeah or or i’m really lucky downside also to be honest, i never found him in this location for as well. I found him on the rest of the location, but here and here personally i never found him, but on the rest, yes, i don’t know the exactly position, but i guess you can.

You can see him i’ll try to ask to my friend if they have a screenshot about the way on this position may probably is on this um on this spot under this tree here or maybe here as well – i don’t know now. The last position is here at the in bal uh tune, parka, just watch down and the way hillary is here on this spot watching down here. So those are all the positions where you can find the weight heliture, the unusual heal. You can hunt more than 10. If you want to in a day to get the challenge, but the reward of exp of exp is only maximum 10 times per day now i will go search for my second hit and to get all the 10 joining uh random people’s award just to find them And show you oh here we go guys so we found him. This is my second one. Let’S kill him here. We go plus 18 again so now in my world he won’t spawn anymore for 12 for the next 12 hours. That’S a means that we can join someone’s world to hunt them. Oh here we go guys anyway, go die to cutback 18 exp, oh okay, in this world.

I was lucky because i found the first one here. I restarted the research excluding this point and i found the second one here really really lucky here we go this one helping me to search as well and he already found it. Okay, let me see is downside yeah, you can see he’s here here we go okay. I found the other one after this. He asked me to add him as friend and tomorrow we did. We do this again, yeah sure. Why not now we found the six of them. Four remain. Oh here we go guys, so we found him yeah. Okay, i have to research again. Okay, we found the second one here on the storm terror layer. Now only two remain. This is the ninth. Let me see how many do i have no 58 yeah. Okay, now restart again! Oh, did you see guys it loaded? The just now when i was close enough: okay, guys, we killed all the 10 villagers available every day to get to the 180 adventure xp and now let me show you what happened after dostena. Okay, guys, we found it. Oh my god, this enemy is annoying. So this one is the 11.

For today and in theory it’ll want to give me the xp, you can see 309 952. So let’s kill him. You can see it didn’t give me the xp is the same, but the count increased. That means, if you want in one day, you can complete this challenge, but it will take you really too too much time. So that’s all guys hope. This video hope this video helped you to kill those whale hilly shores, your usual hilly shores and thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye-bye

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