?Genshin Impact?Character Ascend Material Farming Route/Path – Enemy Drop Item Farming


Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will uh show you the path i personally follow and, in my opinion, is the best to farm materials for character ascend. So not those i showed you in the another video, because those you can collect them, but about those uh which you can farm from enemies or enemies drop items you can see. I have them tons of them because i followed this pattern by some days with my friends. We do cop run together so doing cop. It will be faster, efficient and yeah funnier, because you’re playing with someone so today i will show you the root and the path.

I personally follow i don’t i want to farm in the monster territory because those enemies have a higher level in the libya territory, so i will just uh, show you the path on that on the leo territory. First of all, i want to say yeah. I used all almost all my pins. You can see 93 or 99. I yeah. I deleted all my mine mineral pins because yeah at this point i already have them memorized in my brain, so i don’t need that anymore uh. Those pins are just used for me in the in the video to show you the pet. I will make a final uh map with the with the enemies icon and the arrows, showing you where to go, how to go so.

Don’T worry about that and at the end of the video i will show you so if you don’t want to watch me fighting or something like that, you can just skip to the end to see the map. I will also upload it on some site, so you can download it and guys have fun watching this video start teleporting here under the teleport waypoint under the oceanid in that cave, you will find a purple girl just kill her. I don’t remember how she is called the soldiers purple girl now on that position there will spawn some electro slimes. If you can’t see just go on there and they will spawn now outside of the cave. You will see a lizard kid at lizard as well, and that’s all now teleporter here on the teleport waypoint.

There’S no name so just here and there is a fake plant just interact and it will spawn a pyro, pyroplant [ Music ]. This one be careful about his attacks, such as the dodger and he’s a pretty easy to kill. Now, after that, uh that enemy keep go or on that position you will see a small camp of villagers kill them to get. The drops now go on that island. You can’t see slimes at the beginning, you need to go on the island and they will spawn after that. On that position there is a lizard so just to kill the lizard and after that, keep go or follow the peta on that position. There is another fake planter interact and the wheat will spawn an ice supplement, kill the dice plant go across the river.

There is another fake plant, a fake mint, mind interact another plant so kill that plant as well now go down and you will see a small villager with some treasure hunters so kill those treasure hunters to get their drops. There’S one who is sleeping, oh my god. Okay, kill this one as well now go down. You will see um another fake plant, so yeah this one just to kill the plant and kill those villagers as well uh since you’re here now go on that island. You will find this um.

One ski mission now kill those hilly sure as well. Now on that position there is another fake plant, so interact and kill the plant, and here at the beginning there is only one small slime. When you go on those plants, the other two big slimes will spawn as well. That’S all on that position. So now you need to teleport on the mountain hula and just right here really near to the teleport waypoint. There’S another fake thick plant so kill the enemy and the fly towards that direction.

On the bottom side, there are some hilly chords. So if you want you can skip, if you don’t want, you can kill them as well fly down. There’S a lizard kill that lizard and teleport to that teleport waypoint, there’s no name, but the yacht is here and you can see on that mountain. There is a treasure. No, there is a marine guard so killed at the ring guard. Remember if you fail to aim to stun you needed to wait some seconds to do that again now: kill that green hunter as green guard as well.

Now, on that mountain there is another one so go kill and after that ruin guard uh, you need to go toward that ruin. You will see two of them so just go near to him and he will wake up and just kill them the other one. Now, after that, uh go back to the teleport waypoint and jump down to the hillager’s base. There are some: there is a hilter boston, so the big one just killed them normally. I just killed a big one and i run away, but if you want, if you miss those other drops as well, you can kill the a small inhilition as well now go on that platform.

When you go there, those enemies will spawn and there is abyssal mage. The water type you can use a ice element to break the shield anyway, after that teleport to the beach on that position. There is a lizard, a fake plant and a ice plant as well. Go kill the liter first and then interact with that mind to spawn that plant pyroplant. After that you can go, kill that ice plant and those two isis limes. It’S pretty annoying because you’re in the water and any attack will defrost you anyway. After that, keep follow the vet on that small mountain. There is another fake plant now go on that villager.

On that ja village there is a scam. Misser follow the vet. You will find the anointed hillary villager, with the some with a big, no medium uh villager. So just kill them to take the drop and keep follow the path at this point climb. That mountain is pretty easy to climb and you will see another helicopter village, but this time with the abyssal mage pyrotype kill them now go toward the river, and you will find another fake plant fake mind. Just the sum on the plant and the kill.

Also on in the middle there at the beginning, there are only two boneless limes and when you go there, the big one will spawn now on that position. There’S a there are other trees, limes and so just kill them climb the mountain, and you will see a small village, a small villager village, just to kill them since you’re here and that’s all for that position. Now. Teleport on the joint cars there’s a really good position to get some slimes at the beginning. There is only there are only one big slime and one small slime, but when you go near to them, other small slimes will spawn so just to kill them now.

Go on the chinchin valley. There are two pets but yeah. Let’S follow the first one just to go down and you will see some scare measures. Kill them be careful about this one. When the shield is up. If you use any element, then the that enemy will use that element to punch and attack. You now keep following that. You will find uh. You will find a villager with the abyssal mage, the pyrotype, just a kill now go behind the village. You go up to that mountain. You will see another abyssal mage. This time is uh isa, so cryotype kill this one now go on that direction. You will find a ruin hunter. Remember that when your level and the rain hunter level is not on the same height, he will it will activate the hunter mode.

So you can use the the weak point to stun him now go in that direction. You will see two small uh yeah one medium and one small hilly shores, kill them and the jumper down from that from there you will see a green guard, kill that ring guard and go back to that mountain. You will see a uh pyro, abyssal major kill that mage now go on the other side. The other mountain there is another abyssal magent, the cryotype after you killed after you killed them just to go down. You will see um some scare measures remember to kill the water one first, because it’s their healer after that, keep a go on the pad. You will see other smash. Other skill measures keep go, keep go another address tier measures here as well and about the electro shield use the cryo element to break the shield faster okay.

There we go now jump a domino from the waterfall. There is abyssal mager, the water type, and that’s all now go on that teleport waypoint. On the at the entrance of the pyro regis vine downside. There are two of the those plants pyroplants just to kill them and on the left side there is a small cave with some uh hilly chores, so just to go inside, kill them faster. Now go on that direction. Climb by that mountain you will see another pyroplant, kill it and go back to the changing valley. Now this time is the other pet behind you. You will see two of the lizards so kill them, and on that small rock there is a purple girl, kill her as well, and now go back, not go back, go behind you.

You will see those two statues in the ground on the ground when you go near to those statues, those three pyroplants will spawn, so you can’t see them. If you don’t come here, be careful because three of them are pretty annoying okay, when you kill those three. Just to go up, you will see three of those leaders if you can kill them one by one uh and don’t don’t go inside and uh uh face them a three together because it’s pretty hard now after you kill those three lizards go go down towards the Ring the yeah this ring, you will see an agent this one kill that agent [ Music ] and go down to the ruin. You will see a rain guard [ Music ] now after you kill that ring guard uh go up, follow the follow the follow.

The wind and you will see other two skill, [ Music, ] measures when you finish to kill those skirmishers. There is a slime. If you need a slime, suggest a kill and go on that platform. You will see other two skirmishers [ Music, ], just kill them and follow the path. You will see. Other three skill measures on that position now keep follow the path you will see. Other two skill missions and now uh you can see, there’s a green uh guard. If you want you can kill, but i will keep that during guard dot for the end to show you now go on that direction. You will see a small house.

There are three of the skirmishers remember to kill the water one first, because it’s the medica and when you finish to kill those three keep follow the pet and you will see um some stairs under the stairs. There is a agent now he let the agent as up and on the other second stairs, there’s a purple girl killed at the girl as well, and now it’s time for a ruin, hunters and guards. There are 4 of them, 3 ring guard and 1 ring hunter start with this one [ Music, ] and then go up go near to the ring hunter to activate him, go on different uh level, so he will go on the hunter mode, shoot him to stun Him and yeah now go in that direction. Behind the door. There is another one and the downside there is another one is the one i showed you before now that the ring hunter under that pillar is uh, yeah he’s a 100 dead. He can’t revive so don’t care about him, and now that’s all here now go on the lynching pass on the teleport waypoint on your right. There is a agent kill that agent and you can jump down to the ruin.

There are three of the abyssal casters visual mage kill the cryo one first [ Music, ], okay, after that jump down or under the tree. There are three of the skill missions remember to kill the water one first yeah is really important because he can heal 100 of hill with one skill is really annoying. Now kill that last one and go in the arena. There is a medium hilly church so killed at the hilton as well. After that to go up. There is a pyro, abyssal magia, so brick the shield with the what hydra and the kill. That’S all for the engine pass now go downside in the chinchin pool teleport waypoint. There are two of the abyssal major in the ruin. So if you want you can go there, but i don’t need so i’ll. Just go there to kill those two uh ski missions and those two mages are just inside the ring at the bottom now going there.

There is a dangerous lime go down inside the cave there. There is a agent and the two crystals. If you didn’t take the crystal, you can take them after after you killed that agent go back from uh yeah go outside from the cave go up. There is a small uh, villager uh hilton kemp, with the two medium villagers, kill them and go down again in the lake. In the middle of the lake there is a hydro, abyssal, major [, Music ], kill those hillage rocker as well, and keep followed yeah and now go in that direction. You will find a dangerous line and a small village, a small house on that position.

You will find some treasure hunters kill them, and you will find other three treasure hunters running walking around now just to go down toward the waterfall in that cave, you will find a pyro abyssal mage, the the cave. I showed you in the mineral, video and there’s another abyssal mage in the other side. Mineral site in that cave, just to go down is a cryotype, so be careful because yeah he can permafrost you [ Music ]. After that you can teleport to the main village. On the teleport waypoint on the top side, those two yeah you can ignore those two now just to go down. You will see a dangerous lime here, kill the dangerous lime and at the bottom there are. There is a small villager camp, kill them now go on there that side. There are some slimes. You can see nothing, but when you go near to them they will spawn now go up under that uh tree.

There is a agent the agent will spawn only if you go there. So when you go under the tree, he will spawn now after that, go on the opposite side. There is a there. Are some ski missions? Okay, kill this one as well and on the just walk toward here. There’S another one: uh sniper. Okay, now you can teleport to the domain of the yeah, meaning village as well. There is a really boss, so kill this one and go down. You will see a ruin guard, [, Music, ], killer’s, ring guard and swim to that platform. There is a small yeah. There is a villager camp, kill them take everything and the teleport on the beach here. Under that tree, there is a purple girl killed that purple girl and to go on that direction. You will see a cryo flower killed at the cryo flower and the god uh toward the depth of tree under the tree.

There is another agent, okay and now go towards the other tree under that tree. There is a abyssal mage hydrotype, so kill him and go on that direction. When you go there, they will spawn two at the beginning there are only one or two smaller slimes. So when you go there, the two big slimes will spawn now on that behind the truck there is a rain hunter. Okay, now go in that direction. You will find a hillychurro village, but without a helicopter, so just to kill those medium and smaller to get their drops. [, Music, ] – and that’s all for that now go on that. Teleport waypoint turn left and you will see arena guard, kill that ring guard and go back to the teleport waypoint go down under yeah.

Go toward that tree orange tree. You will see on the road as purple girl just to kill her and the jump down from the cliff. You will see a really good thing, as lime farm you can see. There are many many of those slimes really is the paradise. If you want some slime, slime drops so just to kill them. There are two of the abyssal mage as well cryo and the hydrotype kill them in the keep go on the beach follow the beach you will find other slimes as well and under the position there are some cryo slimes, so just to kill them now. Go on that small uh camp yeah. There are some uh treasure hunters and i keep follow the picture. You will see uh cryo flower and the slime sun, and on the opposite side, there is a purple girl, so kill the purple girl first and kill those uh that the flower and the slimes now go under that tree.

When you’re near enough, it will spawn a pyro, pyro flower, you don’t need to interact with the fake plants. You just need to go there and after that yeah. That’S the two points in the queen stone stone forest here. The teleport waypoint on the top then go on that direction. You will see an agent kill that agent and go back no, not go back. Go on the domain teleport to the domain outside of the domain. You will see a purple girl killed at a purple girl and you can go. You can go on top side of the mountain. So on this way you will find the tree of the abyssal major. All the tree. Type, pyro, cryo and hydro be careful when you face them, because it’s pretty dangerous, kill them one by one.

Okay, last one pyro, when you finish to kill this one, you can jump down from that mountain. You will see uh hilly, true village go inside that cave. There are some electro slimes, the big one will spawn when you come here and on that side there are other three slimes as well. Okay, now go kill those hilly church on the hillchair village camp. There is a abyssal mage as well: pyrotype [, Music, ], so kill them, and the swim to that uh to that platform inside that there are some hilly chores dancing party, just to kill them and the teleporter back to the domain. Now, the harder part you need to face a four uh ruiner guard together, so be careful. I advise you to eat something to increase your attack or defense as well.

You require because all four will attack you at the same time, if you’re doing co-op running so-called hunting, it will be easier because everyone can take care about one or you can kill one faster. You will have a medic yeah, something like that. But uh single player is pretty tall, so be careful about that. It’S not impossible, just hard [, Music ], okay, the last one and after that, swim to that small island. I showed you in the mineral video as well. There is a lizard, the last enemy, so kill the lizard and the run is finished. Now i forgot to tell you but there’s another point on the livha pool that teleport point and on that position there are three enemies. One is the ruin hunter ring.

Guard is just here. If you go there, he will wake up. Another one is downside. If you go down, you will see an agent yeah. You can see. Agent is here and on the other side – and here downside you will see a abyssal mage. So on that one teleport waypoint, you will find the three type of enemies and if you think that route is too long to do, you can just skip some points and take only those drops. So you need for your character, ascend hope this video helped you guys. Thanks for watching and see you in the next one bye.

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