【Genshin Impact】Dragonspine TombStone Room + FREE 4* Claymore! – World Quests and Puzzles


Hello guys and welcome back to my channel in this video, i will show you how to get in this room where you can get a four stars. Word: claymore and um: oh, my god. How is it called yeah crimson gate? Basically, after the start of the seven you remember here, the first uh yeah, one of the first uh green zomba gates, you found here, you can jump down and there is a door downside just to go inside. You can see this device. Basically, you need to activate eight of those thompson in the map. I already marked them for you, basically one here, two three, four, five, six, seven and eight. We need to observe them.

I know you’re in the fight. No, yes, so observe it and it will glow. After it will glow, you can see, a symbol will appear. You need to activate all eight of those symbols, so we activated this one. We can delete. Now, let’s go on the second one. This direction jump down. You can see a tombstone just here, glow it up. Another one is here: i put the teleport waypoint. Basically, is my previous video. I guess where you need to enter in this door, but you you have to collect three treasures. If you still didn’t open it, you can check my video here. Is a thompson activate it? Now, let’s go here. This is the same place where you can find one of the three treasures. So when you come to get the treasure you can open, i mean observe the thompson as well.

Here is a golem just here after you killed him, you can go, read the thompson here we go next. One is here at this puzzle. This puzzle is pretty easy. I showed it in my video, where i collected all the crimson gate. You just needed to shoot those pillars in order of the silly. Then you can jump down on this direction. You can see there is a tombstone. Next one is at this small place of the puzzle just to go over here. This puzzle is really easy as well. I showed it in the video, the other one collected this mineral, so you can open this door and here is a tombstone now next one is basically here: you need to go there and enter in the cave just to go up. This is a puzzle of the golem as well, but now we’re looking for the tombstone observe it now.

The last one is here basically at the end of the mission in the mountain, i made a video about it. If you don’t know how to reach this point, when you unlock the domain downside here is a thompson. Now we got all of 10, not all of eight of those thompsons you can see. This is unlocked, activate it and the door will open now go inside. There is a uh the chest with the oculus now light on everything, and there is a small cast scene, and this is the sword, just click it to get it. So, thanks for watching guys hope this video helped you to go, go go inside this door and see you in the next video bye.

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