【Genshin Impact】Drifting Bottles + FREE 30 Primogems! – World Quests and Puzzles


Hello guys and welcome back to my channel in this video, i will show you the positions of the three um drifting bottles. This is not a world quest. This is a like a small secret quest easter egg. If you want to call it but doing this, it will give you some free, primo gems, and you will understand a small story about it. Remember that once you collect it, you can’t read it again. So if you really want to understand the story read with attention, the first one is just here at the end of this position.

You can just teleport here and to fly down then work to here near to it today is a ruin uh. Oh my god. I forgot the name, and this is the drifting bottle. Let me defeat this one. First, okay, here we go, let’s collect it just here here you go, you can see, you got the thirty or four primo gems, someone’s a drifting bottle. Now, let’s go to the second place. Let me go warn myself first, because i’m dying the second one is here: you can see swim to it and, let’s take it drifting bottle. I don’t want to give you any reward for the second and third one and the last one is just here: [, Music, ]! Take it. Basically, it’s just a free thirty primo gems, and if you want to know the all the story, you can collect the rest of you, but only the first one is really really important and it will get uh [, Music ] sword in the quest bag.

So i suppose i don’t know, maybe in future there will be a mission which will tell you that all the story, because the message from those reporters are saying that this person is uh from a far away country. So it’s not uh. It’S not anemo jail or cryo country and they’re doing a war and he’s uh writing to a friend toward this method of drifting bottle but looks like the friend didn’t got the message. Also, there are only three bottles, but in the messenger he said he sent more than three bottles, so i suppose in future maybe we can get the full story of this uh small event hope this video helped you to collect uh to get those three thirty free. Primo gems, thanks for watching guys and see you in the next video bye,

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