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【Genshin Impact】Efficient Starsilver Mining Route! – Up to 100 per run!


Hello guys and welcome back to my channel in this video, i will show you the route to farm uh to get the uh star silver order, the new type of or present in the dragon spine mountain. I marked those positions which, in my opinion, is the best in the center of the mountain. There are some of them as well, but is separated from each other, so i don’t really recommend you to go there to find them uh, while on those spots, every point contains at least two or three or even more of those ursa in one route. I guess you can get around from 80 now from 70, maybe to 100. I guess i still didn’t collect any of them. I wanted to check with you how many we can collect with this route. I only marked them on the map, so basically we will just do a route in the outside of the mountain anyway start from this teleport, oh yeah, if you want, you can mark them.

Okay, so, first of all just go to the first point, and you can find them just here and then go to where there is uh uh toward the second point, where those mountains are keep go in this direction and you will find some of them as well. Here, collect them, okay, and now to the third point. Next one is uh here at the teleport waypoint near to the um dragon’s bond dead body and adjust behind you fly to door toward this direction in this corner. There are three of them collect them, and the next teleport waypoint is the one near to the to the tree. Um go down and in the middle of the path you will find an extra collect it as well, and here there are three of them now teleport to the start of the seven and fly down toward this direction. Keep a fly down until you see this village or just outside of the village on this rock. This is one of the points collect them and now go to the yeah.

This point fly down, keep a fly down in that corner. Yes near to that tree. This is another point: destroy them and collect unlucky science, so yeah everyone just dropped main one anyway. Now this teleport point near to the sea and go toward this cave, and here is another point just here again only one drop by every mine anyway, this teleport waypoint and behind you jump down from that cliff and fly toward that mountain. On the left side, you will be able to see two of them now yeah, you can see two two things are shining glowing, collect them and now don’t go immediately down because you can see there is one here go toward this direction. First, because in the corner there is one collect this one first and you can go back to collect the other one here and remember downside in the corner. There is another one at this moment. You will probably need to warm uh your body so go to this device, and now you can continue go toward this direction. There is one but collect this one in the corner.

First, okay, go collect the other one and now fly no swim to that small island. Okay, after this teleport again to the previous teleport waypoint, but this time go in front of you toward that big ice, hilly, churn and don’t fly down, but keep working on the mountain yeah just like this and go toward that direction. There are three of them collect and go toward that gate. Now warm your body! First, you can skip at this point. If you want uh, because yeah you need to climb on this mountain, there are two of them first and the second. After this, you can teleport to this deliberate waypoint near to them in the village, behind you just to go there, and you can see them. Okay, now you can teleport to this teleport waypoint outside of the starglow cave, go downside near to the lake under those tree. This is the point after you collect those go up to the mountain and the nerd to those monsters enemies.

There are. Some of them keep go here. Last one and now teleport to this teleport waypoint, where there is a puzzle, downside it go inside the cave and there are some of them. Maybe it’s hard to see them, try to use the elemental, uh vision and you can see them in orange brown color, because the default color is really similar to the ice. So maybe you can miss them. Now. Go up! Go outside warm your body here here to the torch and go toward this direction. This is the last point: okay go there and destroy them, mine them, and here we go. Okay, that’s basically all let’s return to the start of the seven, and let me show you how many of them i got 89 at the beginning, it was zero basically, but now we have 89 and most of them most of the mineral. Just just gave me only one chunk instead of for two or three sometimes, but if you’re lucky, so most of them will give you at least two, then 100 is not a really big problem, so i suppose, with the truth, you can get from 80 to 100 Star, star silver, i don’t, i still don’t know, what’s uh, what is the ref spawn time but looks like since you can destroy it in one hit, so they are similar to the iron chunk then or the white iron.

Then they will refresh in 24 hour or maybe 48 hour and not, instead of and not unlike the crystal chunk, which is refreshes every 72 hours. But i still don’t know i needed to check in yeah in few days how many? What’S the? What is the refresh time respawn time? I will type it uh in the comment and pin it when i got to the information, as always to my minerals, i recommend you to build a team, so you can mine in your word then go to the next person’s world and so on. To get more of those irons, those are some anyway, thanks for watching guys hope this video helped you to collect those silver star, silversan and see you in the next video bye.

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