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【Genshin Impact】How to get Struck by Lightning! + Achievement


Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will teach you how to get hit by a lightning and get the equipment about it. After the update 1.2, the frequency about the lightning to heat to the ground is greatly increased. I tried to get this equipment before the update as well, but yeah it was really really hard and was really rng, but now after the update, is really easy to get it. I wanted to make a video about this, but i forgot to do it.

The signs you know there are there were many things to do about this: um dragon spine, mountain videos about it, but now i finished those guides and when i came here to do my daily to clear my daily resin, i got the storm the tempest so yeah. Let’S just make it as you can see from those clips um you can see the frequency about the lightning to hit the ground is really really high. Just in those three seconds there were three lightning and if you notice that before the lightning hit the ground, you can see a small area in cn color. That means you have this small time frame to reach that position and get heated by the by the lightning.

Maybe you can’t get this as the first try, so just try multiple times in that the same zone and you will 100 to get hit by the lightning. Now, if you you’re asking how to get the storm that the tempest, because you can’t get it – i advise you to go there today, ya’ll going shot, because in this position is pretty flat, the terrain and yeah. The probability to get to the rain here is pretty high, so i recommend you to come here basically when you’re here just speed up the time until you get um smaller rain or even better when you, if you can get to the tempest immediately and when you Get to the smaller rain, you can see this isn’t small rain without the lightning when you get to the small rain, just speed up another bit at the time like one or two hours, and you can see the rain is a stronger and in the background you Can see some lightning?

That means you successfully got to the tempest of the storm and now yeah just to wait and look around you. If you see the marker, the lightning mark immediately go there and if you’re lucky, if you fast enough, you can get hit by the lightning and get to the achievement, is only five primal gems but uh yeah. It’S a pretty good, pretty cool easter egg and it’s pretty funny to catch catch up the lightning. So that’s all i wanted to share you about this small easter egg. This was more equipment. Hope this video helped you to get heated by the lightning and to get to the equipment thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye-bye.

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