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【Genshin Impact】More Daily Crystals!!! – New Magical Crystal Mechanism


Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will explain about the new crystal chunks and he’s a really really useful function: the magical crystal chunks same in the monster and the league. You will unlock those new crystal chunks function when you reach the reputation level 2 in the monstat for the monster territory and lin liu same level 2 for the territory. When you reach level 30 and reputation 2, you can ask her to the blacksmith and the blacksmith will tell you the positions of them. Those magical crystal chunks are different from the normal crystal chunks, the normal crystal chunks. They will spawn every 72 hours. I already made a video about that, so, if you want, you can check the mining route of the only crystal chunks every run you can get from 150 to 200.. Now, back to the magical, crystal chunks, the magical, crystal chunks, they will spawn every day at a reset, but the spawn point is not fixed. They are random so every day on the map at a reset, they will randomly spawn in some locations so how to find them and is different.

So since it’s random is different from players to players, so it’s really useless to ask to others where you found the magical crystal chunks today or where i can find the magical crystal chunks, because it’s different from word to world. They normally spawns nervy to the normal mining site, but for the precise locations you can ask to the blacksmith or a specific npc beside the blacksmith in the monster and the leo territory. You can ask to this npc in springvale and to this npc in the mining. Yeah mining site just outside of the golden house asking to them and they will okay, the blacks for the blacksmith they will every day guarantee you uh tell you for one time some locations where you can find the magical crystal chunks from the monster territory. He will tell you three positions for the libya territory. Normally is a five, at least in those days.

For me, they are always like this, but remember those positions which npc tell you to mine are not all the positions are where the magical crystal chunks spawned, because there are more positions, it’s just that they didn’t tell you all the positions when you mine all those Positions so the npc told you you can go back to asking him again and you have some probability that he can tell you more positions, but normally he will just tell you you’re too greedy, so go away, something like that, but at least for the blacksmith they Will tell you at least one time for the npc. It depends if you ask him – and he say there are nothing interesting. That means that he doesn’t have any position positions to tell you, but in the map there are more positions, that’s 100 percent. Sure, for example, here the blacksmith didn’t tell me this position, but there actually spawned, and once i mined for example today i minded those three positions. I asked him again and he just told me to go away nope, but in the map there are more positions or from this npc he didn’t tell me the positions uh.

That means that he doesn’t know positions of today. You can come back tomorrow, but, as i showed before in this location, there are actually spawned some of them. Now the the magical crystal chunks are used to create the weapon xp item normally per day. You can create five 300k of exp value in horse, so it doesn’t depends on the number, for example, for the maximum one every or can give you 100 10k. You can create the six times every time you can create a five that means 30. So 300k is the maximum you can create per day, but with the magical crystal chunks, you can create all those items you want, but using resin and normally i guess uh players use resin to get uh to do, missions to farm materials and not to create weapons. Exp, so why is that really good? Because every time when the crystal chunks spawn a magical crystal chunk spawn, it will spawn together with a crystal chunk, and this crystal chunk will always spawn with the magical crystal chunks. So the cooldown is the same as a magical. Crystal chunk is different from the other type which spawns every 72 hours. That means every day at the same positions of the magical crystal chunks, you can find some some normal crystal chunks, so you can get extra crystal chunks every day. So basically, the important is not the magical crystal chunks, but those a side spawn of magic of a normal crystal chunks, which is sponsored together with the magical crystal chunks. Now you will tell me how i can find every positions every day if the blacksmith and the npc only tell me some of their position, you can mark all those positions that he tell you like, for example here today.

He tell me here so i may i make a sign tomorrow i ask to the mpc and the blacksmith again and they will tell me different positions or same the position or the same positions that can happen. So after you mind all the new positions, he will tell you you can go check. You can go back to check those positions. You where you made a sign to check if here spawned as well or not, for example, here in the stone forest there are there. Actually spawned some of them, but the blacksmith and npc didn’t tell me the position. So i will just come here to check every day to see if it spawned or not just to make sure in the collector more of them or maybe here in the in near to this domain. The first day, the blacksmith told me dispositions but like today it didn’t spawn so at least every day go ask to those mpc and the blacksmith the positions and at least collect those positions. They will tell you, and if you have time you can check other positions where you make made, assign a mark so every day at least 8 positions you will get. That means you will. You can get from 16 to 20 25 extra crystal chunks per day, which is really good if you want to stockpile some crystal now. That’S all guys hope this video helped you to understand the new mechanics of the magical crystal chunks, thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye.

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