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?Genshin Impact?Treasure Lost, Treasure Found – World Quests and Puzzles


Hello guys in this video, i will show you how to clear that mission of the treasure the world quest, because uh is one of the mission which one will give you. The key of the uh league shrine of dips, the jail shine of dips. So another one was the the chief of libya and not the chief of guin, and i already made a video about that so this time. Let’S do that this one, because it’s a puzzle, pretty big puzzle mission. So, let’s talk just to that that girl, yeah and basically she will tell you there is a mystery treasure to find and uh yeah.

The first one is to um hit that assembly to search of a stone tablet. Five stone tablet in that uh. That is on so, let’s find them and i will mark them at the end of the data part. I did that mission in the live stream, so i don’t really remember their position, but yeah one is here. Let me mark it, one is here, just read it: okay, okay, the second one is on that position you can see around here. I don’t want to fight so just investigate and run away. Yeah you can see. There is another thomson and this is another puzzle, but is for two chests, but if you want, you can do that as well. Let’S get to this third one is here: one is here: yeah you can see and the last one should be yeah last one is here: let me mark it as well, so those five guys are the position of the stone table levels and now just to go Back to the girl, soraya, okay, now she will ask you to find the other two. The first one is here.

So let’s just go there. Okay, one is here, downside you can see, there’s uh, there is one, but is guarded by some enemies just to go there and investigate then run away, because i don’t want to fight now. Okay, the next one is here, but it’s a downside and you need to not let the enemy but uh. You have to kill those, not you, don’t have to kill, but just left them, so it will burn the vines go inside and there it is investigate and we can go back to soraya and after that there is a second part of the mission. Let me activate the teleport point first here, because later i need to come back okay now you need to go to the um hotel and the talk to soraya and now basically wait. Okay. The first point is here, so we don’t need to go there now. Basically, you have to go inside this one, maybe just to kill those enemies, okay, activate it and you can see so this was the first one.

The mission will give you a hint, but the other tree you don’t have in you can see on the map. This is typo, so is one here. Another one is here the last one is here, so you need to activate those four um yeah, those four things just ignore enemies, activate it and run okay. The last one is here: okay and you can go back to talk to soraya and now here we ask you to find the final rain. The final rune is uh. Is that one? You can see this one uh in the center, so let’s just the teleporter here you can see. This is the last one. When you activate it, those robots will start to move, but just kill them and the water level will go down and you can collect the treasure and you can see they will start to move this last one just to kill him and there we go now. Go activate the device and the water will go down. Click the treasure go back to saraya and livestream key, so hope this video helped you guys to finish this mission thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye.


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