(1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide



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  • Build and team comps are based on my preferences, do w/e you want

  • If you want a tl;dr just scroll through for pretty pictures and notes.

Sup, I’m SupGurl. New game update means new Ningguang guide update! I’ll be covering talents and constellations, weapon and artifact choices, some team comp ideas, and advanced stuff that I’ve picked up over time. I’ll also discuss some things people have brought up in the comments on the previous versions of this guide.

Lastly, just because I’m experienced with Ning doesn’t mean I’m going to be correct on everything. Let me know if I’m wrong and don’t be lame about it plz :]


r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

With the 1.3 Geo resonance buff, now is the best time since launch to be using Ning as your DPS. If you don’t know, Geo resonance is now:

Obviously, this is way better than the old one lol.

The fact that all of Ningguang’s damage is Geo means she can benefit more than any other character from the new resonance. That being said, this doesn’t matter if we don’t know what she can do.


r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

The idea with her normal attack is to get out as many charged attacks as possible while waiting on ability cooldowns. There is some nuance to the combos so we’ll talk more about this later.

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

The Jade Screen blocks enemy projectiles, but this is really just a bonus. You’ll mainly be using this by dropping it right in the enemy’s face, and to buff your DMG with one of her ascension talents.

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

The big guns. This is used almost on cooldown once your Ning is built up a bit, along with the rest of your burst combo.

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

This adds 1/2 of the nuance for her normal attacks that I mentioned earlier. Ideally, you want to do 1 normal attack, 1 charged attack, repeat while waiting on CDs. This will only work if the enemy is close enough for the hit to generate a Star Jade before you do your charged attack.

What I normally end up doing is 2 normal attacks per 1 charged just to make sure I’m not using stamina.

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

Free damage, cool!


Ningguang is in an interesting spot when it comes to her cons. She has very good constellations, but they still aren’t necessary for her to be a top tier DPS. I’d try to get at least C1 though because…

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

You can stop at C1 and do just fine. However, if you are willing to spend the gems, get her to C2 on the upcoming rate-up banner.

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

This not only adds damage to your burst combo, but it makes sure that screen is always ready when you need it.

The other interesting constellation is her C4.

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

This isn’t necessary, but after you drop your screen on some enemies they will be 10% less resistant to all elements (this includes Geo). Definitely a nice bonus along with the -20% from resonance.


Now that we know what Ning can do, which weapons work well with her?

The undisputed best weapon for her is the Solar Pearl. Why? Because it matches her outfit. Don’t DM me to argue bc I’m right ;]

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

The reason Solar Pearl is good is pretty clear, but one thing to note. You can only have 1 “side” of the buff active at once. This means if you normal attack, you’re locked into a skill buff for the full 6s and vice versa.

The 5-star weapons are also great (obviously).

Note: Someone pointed out in my last guide that Lost Prayer buff is written incorrectly and you lose your stacks when switching characters. That being the case, Memory of Dust gets the edge if you don’t need the extra crit rate.

Some other weapons of note are:

  • Widsith – While the effect has a 1/3 chance of being useless damage-wise for Ning, the crit damage secondary is very nice.

  • Frostbearer – F2P option. ATK% secondary beats out Mappa Mare as a DMG focused craftable.

  • Royal Grimoire/Blackcliff Agate – For some reason most people forget these exist. If you have some Starglitter to spare, picking up one of these is also a good F2P option.

Now, I know that some people have decided to use Prototype Malice on Ningguang. This is a good choice ONLY if you are using her as a support, and even then imo you’d be better off just using Bennett.


My choice for artifacts on Ning is 2 set Archaic Petra, 2 set Gladiator’s for the damage and attack bonuses.

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

If you’re using Ning as more of a burst/sub-dps you could also consider 2 set Noblesse with Archaic to boost her ult damage.

Note: I’ve seen some people mention using Retracing Bolide. This is decent, but keep in mind it will not increase your ability damage. This is pretty significant when you consider Jade Screen and Starshatter. I’d only use this if you get good rolls and can’t manage to get any good Archaic pieces.

Artifact main stats:

Probably obvious, but here’s what you want your main stats to be:

Artifact substats:

You might be tempted to get energy recharge to ult spam on Ning, but this really isn’t necessary for her. With Jade screen cooldown being so low (especially with C2) you’re not going to have a hard time charging up Starshatter. Usually, it’ll be charged before the CD ends when you’re fighting multiple enemies.

That being said, in general we want: crit rate > crit DMG > ATK %

Getting to 70%-ish crit rate is the goal. Then you can stack ATK % and crit DMG. Anyone that is super hardcore with math can give you the exact ideal ratios in the comments but that person is not me lol.

Team Comp

Since Ning is pretty self-sufficient, building a team around her can be a bit tricky. Since geo resonance got buffed, running with a 2nd geo character is a no-brainer. Outside of that there are a lot of options.

Note about the new Zhongli changes:

With his shield debuff (20% defense reduction for ALL elements and phys DMG), I’d have to give Zhongli the edge over everyone else in supporting Ning. Combining all your tools you’d actually get better defense reduction than the VV set (-10% from Jade Screen, -20% from resonance, -20% from Zhongli shield.

Here is the main crew I run with.

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide
  • Ning – Our DPS

  • Fischl – Crystallize shieldbot, sub-DPS for Geo immune enemies (plus she works very well with geo/anemo characters)

  • Zhongli – Shield, cc, pretty decent burst damage, Noblesse set for ATK buff

  • Noelle – Heals, pretty decent damage

Let’s theorycraft some other options:

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

Here we get double resonance with Bennett to buff and Xiangling as shieldbot.

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

This crew has Albedo’s flower and Oz attacking at the same time as Ning. Plus we can use Thrilling Tales on Barbara for the ATK buff.

r/Genshin_Impact - (1.3 Update) Detailed Ningguang DPS Guide

This is a weird perma-freeze comp where we can use Blizzard Strayer on Ning for the crazy crit rate boost.

There are, of course, a ton of other options so experiment and find a comp you like!

Advanced Stuff

So, after going through all of that here’s a few things I’ve picked up while maining Ningguang.

Ideal Burst Combo with constellations and Solar Pearl:

  1. Summon Oz (or whatever you’re using to get your crystallize reactions)

  2. Ning normal attack (Solar Pearl 20% damage boost)

  3. Drop screen on enemies

  4. Pick up shield crystal (usually automatic)

  5. Walk through Jade Screen (2nd talent 12% Geo damage boost)

  6. Ult

  7. Charged attack (C6 extra gems)

  8. Drop screen on enemies (C2 CD reset)

Normal attack animation cancel:

Hold forward while doing your normal attack to cancel the animation about halfway through. This allows you to get out more charged attacks for higher DPS while waiting on CDs.


One last thing to note. Ningguang’s attacks can be blocked by terrain. This isn’t really relevant in the important content (domains/abyss) since the space is a big, flat arena. When you’re in the overworld though, just keep track of where you’re shooting.

The End

Hopefully this is helpful! Please let me know anything I missed or other things you found.

o/ Peace

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