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100% CRIT Build | Genshin Impact Xiao Build Guide | The Best Xiao Build


Zao was on his way here, and i know you guys: wantto have the best information for the best buildsand gear sets for your character, we’re going bythe numbers for Xiao today, based on everythingthat. We know now and then everything inthe future. So, let’s tag along and checkthis stuff out, this episode is sponsoredby crunchyroll’s, very own princess connectredi, developed by cy games, who’s known for theirwork on dragalia law, shadowverse and grand bluefantasy. So you know it’s going to be good. Princessconnect is an anime rpg filled with animatedcutscenes and over 50 heroines in counting asof now newly launched in global download andtake part in the global launch receive over 5 000jewels.

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So you get your hands on the nextrpg game out there. Now we’re going over multiplebuild fours out today, four star weapons, andfive-star weapons – if you are interested in thosewe’re, also be going over the best builds for thebest combination of attacks during his ultimateso we’re gon na have the general build here. Whichis gon na be two pieces of gladiator two piecesof the Viridescent Venerer set. This is because thebest combination of attacks for you to be usingduring, your elemental burst as Xiao is gon na bea combination of your elemental skill and yourplunge attack you’re, just going to punch attackelements go plunge, attack, elemental skill as manytimes as you can. You want to get that combinationin there and then, when you’re done with thatwe’re, just going to start plunge attacking againmaybe get a normal attack in there, but elementalskill punch attack.

That’S what we’re lookingat! Those are the two most important factors: indetermining your dps as well as we go throughthese bills. You’Re gon na have the base statsas well as the percentages of what their subsetsare and their main sets are, make sure you look atthat guys uh before you, you know, asked all themquestions down in chat like what was your uh whatwas, your goblet set to it’s all Right there foryou guys as we go through it and we’re gon na becomparing the damages the raw damage output onXiao for these different builds, so you guys canget the most information. So we have the singletarget deathmatch build here. Like we said, beforewe are going to have all the stats on screen.

Foryou guys the single target deathmatch build isgoing to be an incredibly powerful four-starweapon build for him because you gain all thatcrit chance. You get some good crit damage as wellyou’re gon na get that damage bonus up for yourplunge attack your normal attack, your animal typeelement attack as well. 171 percent bonus therenow. We also we’re going to be factoring Bennettin for some of these builds, but there is goingto, be a distinction between them. Just because wewant to showcase Bennett is an incredibly powerfulsupport for Xiao, because one of the hardest thingsfor him to do is actually get that attack percentbonus, because there’s not a lot of weapon optionsfor him that give you a ton of attack percentso.

If you have all the damage bonus up the critrate, the crit damage, the last thing that you’relooking for is additional attack, and it’s goingto take that to the next level. As you can seeabove there now in aoe situations the deathmatchis going to go down a little bit here. This is thesame build, but in an aoe situation, you’re goingto lose a little bit of that attack. Percentso the build is going to do a little bit lessdamage. Nothing!

Substantial, but it is going to bea little bit less now the other four star weaponto, compare this to is going to be the black cliffweapon in single target. This weapon is way worsethan the death match, because in a single targetin, a boss battle, you’re not going to proc thatextra attack percent bonus because it’s based ondefeating enemies. However, there’s a ton of hightier hard content like the abyss, where there’smultiple monsters or you’re fighting multipleenemies and when you do have that build in anaoe situation, it’s going to do even better, so it’sgoing to be better in aoe than the death match. Isin aoe death match is going to be better singletarget than the black cliff is so if you have bothof those weapons or maybe you’re, trying to pickbetween the two of them aoe. If you find yourselfdoing the abyss right, you’re using Xiao on floorswith, multiple enemies, not the boss, monster floorsbut, multiple enemy floors, you’re gon na want togo for the black cliff one.

Even if you are usingthis general aoe a times two viridescent timestwo gladiator set up there. Now, if you were doingliterally only boss, weeklies, you don’t touch theabyss, you just wan na get in there and do a bunchof stuff and the deathmatch single target, buildis gon na be what you’re using there now both thesebuilds. All these builds have the same. Differentbuilds same sub stats same crit rate same damageall, that’s really changing between the two ofthem is going to be their uh based passives thereand, when they proc black cliff, is better aoe. Anddeath matches better single target.

There now thereis another build that we can talk about with theblack cliff in the death match later on, but we’regonna cover the general build that everyone’stalking about the times two gladiator times twoviridescent set first moving on into the otherfour-star weapon. That is worth your attentionis, the Favonius weapon. Now the Favonius weaponis going to lose a ton of damage compared toanything else that we talked about before herea ton of stuff. It’S just going to be worse it’sworse than deathmatch in aoe, it’s worse than theblack cliff in single target, but what it does dohere is. It does have that special passive, it givesyou elemental particles when you score criticalhits, which is gon na, be a big thing with zhaoyou want his element to burst up.

If that’ssomething, you want to have x to him helpinghimself out more getting elemental burstfaster, you don’t want to design a party aroundhim, you want to be his own guy. This is going tohelp you out there a little bit. It also gives youa little bit of energy recharge. It’S just simplygoing to be a loss of damage or faster up time. Onyour elemental burst now that’s hard to quantifyas far as damage goes because there’s so manydifferent calculations that go into that.

Just knowthat. It’S going to help you your elemental, burstup that much faster. It’S going to give you like30, 40 elemental recharge. If you have none in yoursubstance whatsoever, then it’s gon na be 30 to 40faster than before, not even factoring in the extraparticles. So you might get your elemental burstup to 50 percent faster.

That’S only factoringin! How much faster Xiao is going to be givinghimself back his own elements of burst? We haveto really look at this one. Once he comes outto see exactly how this is going to affect himbut. It is a pretty good build nonetheless, eventhough, it’s not the best one.

Now, moving intofive star weapons, we’re gon na have the skywardpride the jade spear, the primordial one andthe vortex vanquisher. Now the skyward prideis gon na be by the numbers that we’re looking atfirst lunch attack and elemental skill. The worstone this is gon na be very similar to the Favoniusweapon this because it has elemental, recharge, asits, primary stat there. It does give you a littlebit of crit rate, so it’s going to be better thanthe Favonius weapon. It has a higher base, attackswould be better than the Favonius weapon butit’s gon na have that energy recharged and it hasthat attack percent speed, increase bonus on yournormal attack but, like we said before, your bestcombinations of attack for damage is going to belunch, attack and elemental skill, Which thatdoesn’t really factor it doesn’t reallyfactor into changing your damage?

All that muchwith his normal attack, speed being increased. Therethat being said, it is going to give you a littlebit, slightly faster elemental burst activationwhen, you have the skyward pride equip now thejade spear here is also a fantastic weapon. Nowonce fully ramped up remember this is the weaponthat gives you all that bonus attack percent andbonus damage when at max stacks? Here it’s going tobe incredibly powerful for you guys out there it’sgoing to be a strong weapon. There’S a reason whythe primordial jade wing spear is the weapon.

Thatxiao is drawn with, like almost all the time, it’shis weapon, it’s the green weapon, it’s his stuffso! It’S really good! Once you have it maxed out butwhat, you have to do remember. You have to get thoseattack percent stacks maxed up so have to attackseven times, and that can occur once every pointthree seconds. So you’re gon na have to spend youknow, like maybe a two ish, almost three secondsto max it out.

So maybe it’s a place that’llchange, which is totally fine. You swap in this outyou attack seven times with your normal attack. Andthen, you element reversed and then you go in withyour punch attacks and your elemental skills. So idon’t really see that, as a downside per say for methat’s, just a playstyle thing that you guys aregonna have to do and utilize there and once youhave that it’s gon na be incredibly powerful. Theweapon has crit rate as a subset gives you 22.

attack at max stacks. There and it’s going to giveyou 12 damage up to everything that you do thereto. Your plunge attacks your normal attacks, yourcharge attacks, your elemental skill, your animaldamage, it’s a very powerful weapon here. Andthat is why you can see that it is by far oneof the best weapons to have equipped on zao nowthe last. One here is the vortex vanquisher hereand.

This one is going to require you to have ashield and it does have that stacking requirementright attack up to four times five times get thosemax stacks and you need a shield ons out to doublethat effect up to 40. Now, if you have that it’sgoing to do very, very good, as you can see, beforeyou add Bennett in because it gives you the mostattack that you can gain access to 2983 attackhowever, less crit rate than the jade spear lesstotal percent damage bonus here. So this is whywe like to compare things with Bennett as you cansee. The vortex vanquisher is better if you have ateam built around him before Bennett, but once youadd Bennett into that jade windspear calculationthe, jade, wind spear becomes much better thanthe vortex vanquisher and this is becauseyou, get all that attack percent back up thereyou’re doing good. You have higher crit rateyou, have higher total percent damage, bonus it’sgoing to be a good thing for you to get your handson there and it’s very, very, very, very powerfulnow.

All of those builds were the times twoviridescent times two gladiator piece, but thereis another build for you guys out there who areinterested in the freeze team builds now thesefreeze team builds work just like the kaya buildsusing Xingqiu, probably cakes he’s like oneof the best freezers in the Game you coulduse Diona Ganyu. If you want to Xingqiu Kaeyathat’s going to be the back uh bone of the Xiaofreeze team, because you’re going to have thewater in the cryo right there and then Xiao isgoing to be able to interact with him quite wellbecause he’s an animal character. He doesn’t ruinyour combination attacks, he just swirls them andspreads it around. So you can be able to spreadthe hydro from Xingqiu’s elemental, burst, skillinto enemies in front of you and then run intothem with kf, freeze them and get that cryoset bonus. The 40 crit rate – and this is goingto – be a huge thing for you guys out there.

Sothe death match actually can get a 100 craterate bill that actually goes to 101 percent critrate with 10 crate sub stats there. This is a hugehuge damage increase, as you can see even inthe aoe situation here it makes it go up quitesignificantly, and this can even further increaseover time because you’re already at 100 crit rateso. Now you can build your stats around createdamage, more and more and more and more. We haven’tdone it in this example, because this is an entrylevel example here, but you can go in and buildand just focus on attack percent and crit damagethe entire time and have an extremely hard-hittingcharacter there with the death match. Freezebuild now there’s also the black cliff freezebuild, which is even better than the death matchfreeze build, especially in aoe circumstances.

Thefreeze team’s gon na keep your Xiao very safe rightenemies who are frozen, can’t hit you Xingqiu isgoing to allow you to freeze them in the Xingqiuswords are also going to heal you when they expireso they’re, going to be recovering that hp, thatyou that you’re losing from Xiao’s Elemental burstwhich is very, very, very, very good on top of thatin conjunction with Bennett, you’re going to have alot of healing and safety in this team. It’S gonnabe a good thing. Now the black crew really benefitsfrom this, because it doesn’t have a hundredpercent crit rate right right off the go butwhat you can do with the subsets. You get 217 critdamage, 74 crit chance and then 1991 attack beforeBennett 2791 attack. After Bennett, you can seethat.

These numbers are actually with this buildbetter than or in on par with a lot ofthe five star bills that we looked atearlier, and this is the power of the freeze teamset here now. Obviously, this isn’t with the timestwo cryo character bonus because you’d have togive up Bennett. So we also put that in there foryou guys what, if you wanted to use time to cryocharacters, to get that extra crit rate is thatbetter than using Bennett. No, it’s not better thanusing Bennett at all. It is gon na give you a bonusdamage, because that crit rate is going to increasehow.

Often you quit, and thus you know weighthe crit damage up even higher for you and getmore use out of that crit damage. But then the hugeattack bonus, that’s just gon na, be the most overalldamage increase that you can gain access, towith Xiao. This is also what’s going to holdtrue. This freeze build for all the other. Buildswe talked about it’s.

It’S a dps increase, forevery single, build in the game, whether you havedeathmatch or you have the black cliff. Now thereason you wouldn’t want to use this build. Thoughguys is because it is very team orientedright. If you don’t have Kaeya you don’t haveXingqiu. That’S two Xiao!

You only left withone other person which is gon na be Bennettthose. Are that’s pretty much the team that’spretty much the team for you guys there butif, you don’t want to either play that or if youhave access to it’s gon na be a small, modern partof. You guys out there, but if you have actuallylike c4 gene or like c6 venti, those are the onlyother characters in the game that can give youan even larger damage increase than the freezeteam is, and this is because those are the onlycharacters in the game they can give. You minus 40animal resistance, it’s all locked behind those sixstar constellations for your boys out and that’sgoing to be the biggest dps increase, because thevast majority of enemies in Genshin impact whenthey have an elemental, resist it’s 10 and they’regoing to drop it by 40. That’S going to drop itinto the negatives by negative 15; basically it’sa point 27.

.6 percent dps increase for all ofthe stuff that he does and nothing beats thatout you’re going to sum it up. That’S just gonnabe the best build if you have access to thosetwo specific characters for him. You’Re gonnarun the times two gladiator times two viridescentfor that damage bonus, increase, the general buildyou can have Xiao and then either venti or genewith. Those constellations for the 40 resist downBennett and then whoever else pretty much thatyou want to have access to in your team for Xiaoso.

Hopefully this helped you guys out there onceagain on this channel. We like to let you guys knowexactly what it is that you need to know: toutilize your favorite characters. Mathematicallyand have a fun experience in Genshin. Impactyou want to see more stuff, like this guysmake sure you, like the video and subscribefor more. I want to see your smiling commentsand faces down there in the comments section.

Andi’Ll see you guys in the next one take care guys.

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