15 STARTER GUIDE!! For your Early Game! – Genshin Impact Beginner Tips


Hello guys welcome if this is the first time you are playing Genshin Impact, you must watch this video first, I will give you some newbie tips that may help you a little in the game so without any further ado, let’s get into the video okay. First is element: every characters has their own element and you can see your character element info on your top right screen. Each element has a combo with other element, and I already made a special video about the element system. Here you can check the link on description box. Second, still about element system open your party setup. This is my current party now and click the elemental resonance on your top right screen, and this is the effect you got. If you have four different elements in your party, or at least you have two same element in your party. For example, if you have 4 different elements in your party, you will get all elemental resistance, 12 %, and if you have two wind element, it will decrease your stamina. Consumption increase your movement, speed and shorten your skill, delay time and so on. Next is about quick party setup. This is your party slot and you can set up your party here up to 4 team.

I will set up my party for slot 2. Then click deploy, my party was changed and now you can quick change. Your party set up here next is about vision. Monster in this game has their own element too. You can use vision, feature to track down the enemies element and find their weakness. It’S on your top left screen beside the mini-map, an eye icon. I will give you an example to use vision and, as you see, the green color means it has dendro element and the red color for pyro or fire element. You can counter dendro element with Pyro element and you can counter pyro element with Anemo or Electro element. Most enemy weakness is on their head. If I get into the river I will get wet status and if I use the vision you can see my character. Colour is turned on blue. That means I have hydro status and can be countered by other elements. If the wet status is ends, my character is turned back on white and have natural element. Again, you can use vision to clear some quest that requires you to track down a trail. Next is time future. Sometimes you will encounter a quest that need a certain time. You cannot clear the quest if you enter at the wrong time. You can open Paimon menu and choose time here. You can fast forward the time to the time you want. My current time is at night and I will fast forward the time until morning and done~. It’S morning time next, as I told you before, each character has their own element and you can change your element only for the main character at the Statue Of Seven.

My current element now is Geo and there’s two elements: statue here so far, Geo statue and Anemo statue go to the Statue of Seven that has Anemo element and choose resonate with Anemo and now my element was changed into Anemo, so you can change your element between Geo and Anemo at Statue Of Seven, but remember only for main character. Still at Statue of Seven. As you can see, my Kaeya was dead. You can revive your character with a food, but if you are at the world map, I suggest you to revive him at Statue of Seven to save your food. You can heal your characters here by choosing statue blessing still at Statue of Seven. You can level up your Statue of Seven by choosing worship statue. You will get adventure, exp, Primogem and increase your stamina. You can level up your statue using Geoculus or Anemoculus always look around when you are on the world map. Besides Statue of Seven, you can heal your characters using character that has healing skill like Barbara or by using a food. But what you need to know is there is a limit from using a food. This is an icon to show your character, hunger meter. If the icon has red color like this, that means your character couldn’t be heal anymore, and you need to wait for a while until the character can be healed again.

Be careful when you are on dungeon next Genshin Impact has a very huge world map and there is no mounts system here so far, so the game has a feature where you can mark the world map when necessary. For example, i found a mushroom here: click on the map where you found a mushroom, choose the icon. You want and give it a name, for example, mushroom and confirm so from now on. You won’t forget where you found the mushroom before it could save your time, because everything in this game has to be hunted manually still about the huge world map in this game. To make it easier for you, you need to unlock the teleport point, but you need to reach the place first before unlock it, and this is the teleport point and I’m gon na activate it. The teleport point has unlocked, and now I can go to this place anytime. I want without a walking so far next is about weapon. There are 5 weapons in this game. I know so far. Sword bow claymore or we know it as great sword, polearm or spear and catalyst or grimoire, basically used by magician. You can get those weapon from treasure chest in world map from gacha and craft it with Blacksmith NPC at town.

You need Enhancement Ore to enhance your weapon and you must mine to get the Enhancement Ore or you can talk to Blacksmith NPC and choose “ any tips on finding Ore in Mondstadt ?”, and he will tell you the Enhancement, Ore location shown or your mini map. You can buy lower grade weapons from Blacksmith too every day and you can use this lower grade weapon to enhance 3-star weapon and, above you can craft 4 star weapon from this NPC too, which have a good status and no need to buy it with cash. Of course, you can get the materials from boss or from world quests next, in this game there is no armor only weapon and artifact, and you can get artifacts from monster drop, treasure, chest Domain Spiral, Abyss, etc, and there are five types of artifacts here: flower feather Hourglass, grail and crown each artifact has its own status and there is extra set status so make sure you equip artifacts that have extra set status. You can enhance your artifacts using your unused artifacts and every 4 enhanced grant you a random sub status. Next, there are two level in this game: character, level and adventure level, every 20 level of your character.

You need to do your character, ascension, using specific materials, your character, maximal level is increased. When you done the ascension, you can click the materials to see where the item is can be found. You can get the materials from monsters, field, boss, Domains, Spiral, Abyss or gacha or you can buy it at souvenir shop. This is the material for your character’s ascension or you can buy it with Flora at the flower shop as well as your characters. You can increase the maximum level and status of your weapon through the weapon ascension. I will buy the materials from souvenir shop and you need to ascension your weapon every 20 levels here, the maximum level of my weapon and my base attack was increased after the ascension. Besides character level, there is adventure level adventure rank is needed to unlock main quests and some feature in the game and about adventure level. I have already made a special video about it. I will put the link on description box next constellation.

Here is like a skill tree: each character has six constellation. If you got same character twice from gacha, it will convert into the materials for active your constellations for main character. You can get the constellation material from souvenir shop and main quest. Okay. Last but not least, sometimes there are sudden quests will be occur when you are reached a certain place quickly finish the quest before it’s gone. Next, you can buy some food from npc in each town refresh every day and you can buy food recipes here too. If you are gon na cooking or crafting item at Blacksmith, NPC or at alchemy, npc, don’t forget to use character, who has benefit in it? Next, if you need raw meat and fowl, but you couldn’t find it – you can buy from this npc – and this is the npc location you can buy the meat from Draff next, send your characters every day into the expedition.

You can get valuable reward from expedition such as materials for enhance your weapon or to make a food the longer the time the bigger the prize. Next, if you find the blue butterfly like this or whatever the name follow it, it will guide you to the treasure chest location still about treasure chest. If you find a red treasure chest like this one, you need to solve the puzzle around the chest. First, before you can open the chest, the puzzle isn’t always the same, and you need to find your own way and that’s all guys starter guide before playing Genshin Impact. I hope this guide can help you a little. If you have something to add, don’t forget to leave a comment below and if you like. My video please share and subscribe.

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