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Okay, hello, guys and welcome back in my channel in this video. I will show you this for me: root the new farming route to get to the free artifacts from the map all right. First of all, please listen to me because this is really important. Basically, in this game there is a system which will allows you to collect the investigate points right every investigate points. It doesn’t care if it gives you artifacts some more um vegetable or fruits.

Just any investigates point: you can daily collect a maximum 100 of them or maybe not collect 100 of them, but it will spawn 100 of them a maximum per day. So those investigate points, so basically you can get um yeah. Normally you will say so. Basically, i can collect a maximum 100 of the points yes and no yeah for all those market points. I marked those are all artifacts points if you collect 99, no, if you collect more than 100.

So when you reach 100 – and you still didn’t, for example, explore this part with a lot of artifacts, so if you tell us reporter here, they will not spawn so you can’t interact with those investigate points, so they will just disappear until the reset of the game. So they reset them. But if you teleport here when you ex, when you like, collected only 99 so below 100 100, not included so from 99 and below, if you teleport here when you collected only 99, those will spawn and will not disappear until you teleport to somewhere. So our strategy is to collect all the rest of the points. So in total is 99.

There are 26 here, so we teleporter here at the end and explore this one then come here then go there. 26

So your teleporter here when you collect 99 and in total we will get to 125 investigate points instead of 100.. This is basically the strategy. My strategy to collect them.

Yeah don’t skip any part of the video. Sometimes you will see two investigate points. One will give you artifact: one will give you like a vegetables iron be careful to which one you take. That’S. Why try to follow the video if possible and anyways yeah 99 points from the other side.

This is the last part of the 26

Beside that, so basically, this farming route is for who wants to collect artifacts and using them to level up your five-star artifacts or just if, even if you don’t have good one to level up, you can just sell them, even if you don’t use them as exp. You can still sell them to get tomorrow, the entire farming route. Once you know well, the route will takes you. 20. 20.

20 minutes around there anyways i had talked already too much and let’s go. I will try to don’t skip any part, so cut cut the video, so you will see perfectly the route to which point you have where you have to go and yeah. Let’S start from the first point: we from the dragon spine. So is there a waypoint? Let’S go once you’re here.

This is uh yeah this place. I guess everyone knows him it. I guess yeah today i shouldn’t collect any. So i can do this perfectly today. Yeah today i didn’t interact with any investigator.

If i come here, there are four of them. One two four also each investigate point has a possibility to give you from one to two artifacts and the chances will drop one star or two stars. If you’re lucky, you can get a lot of them. Since there are 125 points um, i can get yeah around 150. I guess minimum okay.

There are three points: okay, after this one teleport to the celtic right and he’s on this camp. So if you have monorail, you can just swim directly to there i’ll see. You have to do like me. There are three points as well, and i know there are a lot of extra points on the map, for example uh, for example here, but i didn’t mark because to make the route easier to follow and to get to this 125. Instead of 100 yeah, i didn’t mark them now here behind you, there is one okay, we’ve got two of them already.

Nice also already sell solder. You you saw it as well all my artifacts below three stars before starting so yeah. At the end, let’s try to sell them instead of using them with the exp and let’s see how much we can get – and this is the last point after this point – let’s go to here. Mountain out in the fly is basically here two points as well. Here, i’m not cook; okay, two of them are really nice and one here after that, teleport to this level, waypoint the downside front of you here and here: okay after this one, let’s spare teleporter to this developer, waypoint here, but toward this side there is a treasure Hoarders camp and there are three of them there so yeah.

This is this. Video, basically, is a upgraded version of the old one. The old one included only those on liga, so i couldn’t give you all of them this one as well. Okay now put toward this side: [ Music ]. So before this update, we didn’t know that the limit was 100, but now we know it here and here after this point, let’s help her to this teleport waypoint immediately in front of you, [ Music ] now decide go toward the villager okay after you go to Those two that’s done to go to the tavern first um basement, but here on this bottle there is one and then, on that side, okay, nice, two of them now go toward this basement inside it.

There are five points right here. Those are all artifacts, so you can just spam. Okay after this point, let’s go to devonshwin and yeah the point i showed you at the beginning. Basically, this one okay, now teleport back left side jump. You have to go there.

Okay, after this part. Let’S go to this teleport waypoint notice, the domain of the iphone, the teleport waypoint, i’m going over right side, ward. The treasure holders camp again enter this one. After this teleport back, it was uh yeah toward the teleport waypoint behind you. Let’S go here this one.

This one and this one now keep going be careful to those uh yeah. This one, for example, is not nothing that’s the letter that the hillary should sleep and to disturb him on this side. There is one on those down those two helicopters after this teleport to this developer. Waypoint now pay attention, because there are a lot of investigation points, most of them yeah a lot of them are useless. So just remember, even if you do a mistake by collecting a known artifact, then skip one one of the point to make sure that when you teleport to the last point, you collect the 99 only it’s better to lose one artifact instead of 2026 right.

Okay, this one is the first one then, on this barrel the downside that this one is not this one not and on this one after this point, let’s go to this teleport waypoint behind you this way. Basically, here you can see a hill. Is your digging [ Music, ]? Okay, then, under this tree, okay run away and then on this one [ Music ] after this point, let’s go to li hopula. Just to this side, you can see uh adventurer camp right.

Is this one just to go here? Three points as well, and here: okay, we finished it out to the living part. Next one will be watasumi island. So, first of all, this is the upper waypoint. Behind you go toward the cave, those are already tested by myself, yeah they will respawn every 24 hours.

Maybe some points 12 hours as well, but i just don’t do one root. Every 24 hour is a 24 exactly hours, alright guys. So, for example, if you collect them um today, you started at 10 pm tomorrow at 10 10 p.m, exactly they will not to spawn. So at least at 10 uh and 10 p
M and one minute so first can, for example, that this is a bad thing for me, but yeah anyways just to come after at least 24 hours.

Exactly after these five points. Let’S go to this teleport waypoint. This one is pretty far away, but there are a lot of them. Five five investigation points oh instantly here toward this side, this rock jump down fly to the fish head. This one jump down.

You see this waterfall here those two twinfo waterfall yeah. You have to go there. All those five points are artifacts, so don’t need to worry okay here and here after those um section, we finish it on the watsumi island. Let’S go on this domain. There are four of them there.

First of all pick the electrogram and the fly the top side. There is one on this uh ceramic i’ll, go downside here, there’s another one, keep go on this side, there’s another one! Now flight order behind it is a mountain okay. After this part, let’s go on this terrible waypoint other that arazona this side behind you, there is one two and a three after those three jump down. There are a lot of points, but only three of them are artifacts this one.

Now on this wax the one. This treasure holder is a patching and this one on this uh multingi after those three, let’s teleport to this teleport waypoint, and be careful here behind you, let’s jump down this time is uh. This box was barrelson, then no anymore, so go toward this direction here. On this on those boxes, the last one is on those boxes as well after those three, let’s teleport back now be really careful, because this one is between the two, which are not artifacts just in front of you here you can see. Three points is the one in the middle.

So if you do a mistake – and i took the other two – just don’t care about this artifact anymore and continue with the root – how to take it down just come from here and go toward the middle and investigate on it. Take it then, on this box. Okay, now fly down this time on this box. Okay, jump down! You see those are stairs this one okay after here, let’s teleport to here on the dotted horizon.

There are 11 points in the middle actually 12, but one is um pretty hard to take. So i didn’t market them and the two makes the route easier to get to run. Now this side downside there is a bridge right. It’S basically on this bridge all those two points, one here and one here after this teleport back now pay really attention to which point i collected you can put the video on like 0.25 speed as well, while you’re watching, but remember those points go towards the core Of the total, this one is box this one this one and there are no more so you have to jump down this one after this one.

You have to jump down. Uh, yes, jump down again here. We see this house this one, this one and this one inside the house after dozen go toward here this one near to the electro granuma, the kitten go toward top side. My left side this this in the corner and then jump down from here the one on this uh yeah. On this point, those are the eleven points.

Remember now go to the asiza shrine. It’S assa assad shrine, okay, go toward this direction behind here. There are two points and two and the three now go to this teleport waypoint, okay, in front of you be careful. There are three points, one two and this one, the first one, three, the other one, is not be careful i’ll go to this direction, even if the other one is yes, so just don’t take it because yeah, we must make it a 99. This one, the kit after that’s a climber this one, not the one on the box, not the barrel, then keep it go this one keep going here this one.

Okay, we collected 99. Basically now interior is 99 right. Yes, i hope so so now, let’s make them spawn first, because i don’t know, if is once you teleport them, like you teleport here with the 99, they will still spawn right. So just let them spawn first and then you go take the other one just to come here. Don’T take it yet!

Okay, let those two points spawn that’s one here: it is spawned now go inside the bottle from this side up here once you’re inside all. Those are not yeah, a lot of them are not not artifacts. This one is yes and collected this one. You can collect this one. You can see.

We are already at 101, but they didn’t despawn because yeah they already spawned, so they will not disappear. This one is radish, so yeah, oh, i mean you’re already 100. Even if you take the wrong one is fine at this point inside here so yeah just to collect all those points, so you find on this bot go to the other side. This one is not, but still take it. This one is yes, this one is just as well downside.

Those are all weapons, but you can still take it or weapon xp, for example, yeah. Those two are yes: if you’re, not only this one is yes, no! No! The other one. Sorry, no, no sorry, those two are not this one, neither if i remember yeah so still, neither no this one.

Yes yeah. There are a lot of points. I don’t remember, then this one is yes. I remember those two are yes, some those two. I don’t remember not those that are not about to just take it.

[ Music ] here are just the mora now inside here there are five points: all of them are artifacts. I got top side a few of them now turn back here. Okay, remember! Don’T teleport a mountain from here, don’t teleport to just walk. Yeah looks like um looks like they yeah.

They despawn looks like yeah. If we go too far away from them, they will despawn and so yeah is better thing. I didn’t thought they could disappear. Let me check here as well. Those must be despawned as well yeah.

You can see. This point is not so here anymore, so yeah. Basically, if you come here at the last point, there are 17. So if you don’t count to those three because they despond those are 17, you can still get 116 or just the six nine nine less 116 yeah. Also signs.

There are one two, three, four, five, six plus a three. You cannot count those three. There are six of them. You can mix it away just to delete some points. You don’t like from libre, for example, and then just to come here and when you call finish to collect them.

Those are before teleporting here, just make sure you are at 99, so you can just do those six remember six! You can, for example, yeah. Don’T go, don’t don’t go here! Those two points and uh. Those two points, for example, so just to cancel one two.

Three. Four five, six, and instead of those six points you come here, let me show you which points are those basically one here, this one [ Music ], then this one, this one only not to the side, not not this one, but this one, two [ Music ]. This one is remember as well, so three go downside, four, five and six, something those are the six. If you’re, not too sure, and you don’t want to risk or try you can just uh yeah, follow the paths i did. This one will give 400 or 840 xp because it’s the same amount as maura.

There are 90k and the 320 xp we do the two stars. Let me see the first first star one one: two three: there are 116 um 116 of the one star one so 116 by 420 is a 48 and 48k 720 xp. If we add that to the other 90k 320, we got yeah, we got 68k. So in that, at the total final one, if we sell them, you will get the 68k mora if you use them as xp same amount in the as the xp so 68k, let’s make it a 70k. So if when, if you’re lucky, you can get some more two stars.

Unlike me, i was pretty unlucky 70k every day, one five star to get a level uh 20. You need 210k to 120k xp every three days. You can level up around 5 star into level 20

Even if you sell them, 60k is uh. Yeah, he’s 20 he’s 20 resin. Basically he’s still something for free to players.

To be honest, since you don’t use the resin uh premium joins to buy resin right. That’S all guys and hope this new artifact root helped you thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye.

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