4 Mistakes at early game!! Don’t do this!! – Genshin Impact Beginner Tips


Hello guys welcome Today I’ll give you some tips about what you should NOT do at your early game. Of course, this is my opinion. So if you have something to add just tell me your opinion at comment below okay without any further ado, let’s get into the video okay guys. The first thing is about FOOD. In this game, you can heal your characters using a food to get the food. You must cook it yourself and to cook the food, you need certain ingredients, you can find the ingredients at the world map or with food NPC and of course, you need more time to search for the ingredients right and sometimes the ingredients is hard to find. So the first thing that I want you to know is: DO N’T use your food too much.

I mean the food that you need to cook it beforehand. If you’re at the outside world map, you can go to the Statue of Seven to revive or heal your characters or if you are too lazy to go to the Statue of Seven because you’re still on the middle of the quest. Or maybe the Statue is too far away. You can use Apple or Sunsettia to heal your characters. It’S only heal you for 300 HP, but it’s easy to find at the outside world and you don’t need to cook it. So this is, will save your food much more. You can find the the apple and sunsettia, especially on trees, on a table or on a wagon. You can buy your foods with the food NPC at the town, Mondstat and Liyue so far, but there’s a limit and reset everyday, so better use your food while in dungeon only you will need it at the most. Second is about weapon. There are several types of weapon here, start from 1 star weapon for the lowest and 5 star weapon for the highest one. You need enhancement ore to upgrade your weapon, so …

I suggest you to NOT waste your resources for lower grade weapon, in this case 1 star and 2 star weapon, because you will get more 3 star weapon in no time as the game. Progress so better invest from 3 star and 4 star weapon 5 star weapon is the most rare one and higher grade higher status, of course, for your characters and so do with the artifact. Better start invest from 3 star and 4 star artifact, because it will gives you better status rather than the lower grade artifact, and you can use your lower grade artifact to upgrade your current artifact. Next is about enhancement ore. You can make the enhancement ore from iron chunk crystal chunk.

You got from mining with the blacksmith, but I suggest you to NOT do this because you will need it for crafting your 4 star weapon. You will need it quite a lot as the materials for crafting your weapon and it’s quite hard to search for it. For your information, you can talk to the Blacksmith and he will tell you the crystal chunk location and you can get your crystal chunk from Expedition too. Talk to Kathryne the longer the time, the bigger the prize and use your unused characters to go to the expedition and choose the location that gives you Crystal Chunk. Ok, guys, that’s all for the mistakes you should avoid at the early game. I hope this video will help you a little and after this is Gacha timeee~.

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