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4 Stars on GANYU BANNER?! XIAO – ZHONGLI BUFF NERF?! [Genshin Impact] NEWS


Hello everyone and welcome back to another wild episode of genshin impact news! i say wild because so much has been going on and i cant wait to discuss that with you! Xiao has been Buffed in update 1.3, Zhongli is getting Op with another buff aswell and Ganyu is right around the corner, and i will tell you with almost 100% accuracy what other characters will accompany her in the mid genuary banner! Is Ganyu still worth pulling? You will learn all about it in todays video! hello guys I receved so many views lately, and many new subscribers joined the family! thank you so much guys. So i really want to get back to that small % that watches my videos as a subscriber! in this video i will pick a random comment and give him a free season pass. all you need to do is being a subscriber and like the video! look at my numbers, your chance of winning is enormous! So good luck to you all and let’s get back to the video! So for the first story some rumors about xiao nerfs that are floating around the internet for a week now.

Xiao is the most anticipated character by far and took the spot of close beta test fan favourite thanks to the amazing stats and mechanics. In the update 1.3 we will probably have him back and many people are exiced to finally get him! so if this nerfs are true will he still be that Must pull character you are all been waithing for? Again this are only speculations, so take this video with a grain of salt. Mihoyo is the final judge and we have no official informations on the character so far, so he might even come in later updates. To understand properly Xiao nerf is important to understand his base mechanics Xiao is a super fast polearm user that can deal incredible amout of physical and anemo damage to his enemies.

He is one of those characters who can perform well without needing and enemental reaction. He also has the unique ability of performing attacks while in mid air. His normal attack is a sequence of 6 physical fast attack without the ability to use a proper charged attack on the ground but instead he can perform a more powerfull falling dive. the damage delt with the dive is based on the falling hight, and also doesnt mather the hight, xiao will not take any fall damage when he use his dive attack Xiao E skill Lemniscatic wind cycling is a very powerfull charge shot that will deal anemo damage to the enemies in front of him. this skill has 2 charges usable one after the other and can also trigger the attack in mid air! Xiao elemental burst will trigger the Bane of all evil form a super powerfull transformation status that will transform xiao in a unstoppable force, enchance his stats and ability, increasing the attack speed the damage of his attacks and can also access an higher jump ability.

More to that all his attack will be converted to anemo. All of this will come at the cost of a continuous hp draining. this ultimate attack is amazingly good thanks to the tremendous synergy with his enchanted dives that will obtain an anemo element attached to those and at the same time will be spammable thanks to the enchanted jumps. Xiao passive talent one: evil conqueror, will increase charged and anemo damage for all party members, while his second passive, will increase xiao damage in his ultimate form by 5% and after that his damage will keep increasing by 5% every 3 secons untill the skill expires, and his 3rd passive dissolution eon, will increase the second E skill charge damage by 10% for 6s.

His constellations are also something to look foward to especially if you plan on whaling for him. Getting an extra charge to the E skill for the first constellation, increasing his energy recharge by 25% when he is not in the field, increasing the defence by 100% when below 50% hp, and his constellation 6 reduce the cooldown of the E skill by 1 second when hitting an enemy with a charged attack during his burst skill. What you saw until this point is the description of a character that has no flaws, that would take the number 1 spot in all dps tier list if he came out like this. But apparently, based on discord posts, later picked by some websites, things changed. I personally dont trust this rumors and it might just be a misinformation spread on twitter like we seen before but i want to go over this because many respectable surces on twitter started picking this up and i want to give point of view.let’s go overthis buffs and nerfs Normal combo will get a buff of 6% per hit, that will add more value to the character for sure Damage bonus from elemental burst is about 6% lower.

This will equilibrate the previous buff in the normal attack department, while actually nerfing the strong point of Xiao, the charged attack spam. But it’s a reasonable nerf so far. numbers will still be very high Elemental burst now cost 80 energy. this will nerf the energy recharge of xiao that will make a lot harder to spam his overpowered ultimate compared to the 60 energy cost in the beta test Elemental burst now has a 20s CS.

Compared to the previous cooldown of 15 seconds His elemental burst now drains % of the CURRENT hp rather than % on max hp increasing the surviability by a lot, so this is a very good buff the Talent that increases anemo/charged attack damage has now been removed, nerfing a potential venti, jean or maybe sucrose synergy A buff to the second talent will appear, increasing the seond E damage by 15% rather than 10% as seen before Fall damage passive now reduces fall damage by 50% instead of 30 and stamina cost reduced by 20% when climbing. and finally constellation 6 ignores the cd of the E instead of reducing by 1s and also another thing that this list missed is that they could have changed Ascension stat to Crit% instead of anemo dmg% After all of this went viral the outrage was tremendous.

Nerfs are always seen as the worst plague in any game. but even in the worst case scenario Xiao Might just come down to a diluc strenght level His Burst skill mechanic is by far the most broken thing we have ever seen in genshin impact. be sure that even without a team anemo bonus and with a small nerf to the burst charge attack spam, Xiao will still be the crazy character you are all wanting to see. Be sure i will pull for him even with havier nerfs. His design is truly unique and the character involvement with the story will evolve in something crazy remember this words. The second story of today involves zhongli that will receve a second buff wave elevating even more his dps and support potential. Let’s make a quick recap of what has been changed so far. a damage increase for his normal attack and E skill, based on his hp, The hold e mechanic now does extra aoe geo damage and spawns a stone, plus there will be an increased knockback resistance, shield will now have 150% Physical DMG and Elemental DMG Absorption instead of the 250% geo absorption AND If a character has a shield, DMG dealt increased by 15%, dealing DMG to enemies will decrease their Geo RES by 20% for 15s.

Now they decided that was not enough and brought this already huge buffs to another level infact now zhongli shields grants when opponents are within a set radius an all Elemental RES and Physical RES decreased by 20%. this is especially good in a coop enviroment where he will be finally very viable. that’s basically it. i hope they re lunch his banner because thanks to all this buffs he will be in the god tier for sure very close to venti and diluc. who knows if they will decide to touch on him further… and now for the final point i will tuch on ganyu a very powerful upcoming character that will come out very soon! let’s adress the 4* characters that are maybe coming with ganyu in this upcoming banner of course this are only speculation but i have good reason to belive that this will be the final outcome.

Let me explain you why. let’s start from the fact that Ganyu is coming with no new 4 stars, this is pretty much confirmed by now…. i will try to provide supporting evidence of what i am about to tell you so please follow me along. In the table you are watching, has been listed all banners from launch, Marked in red are the 5-star Featured Characters, marked in yellow are new 4-star Characters, those in green are Characters who have been repeatedly featured (at least twice for now). Heres a few reasonable educated guesses: Chongyun and Diona being Cryo is excluded since they’re of the same element as Ganyu. Xinyan and Razor are still quite fresh from Zhongli Banner so they’re out. Of course, Fischl, Sucrose, and Bennett, all being featured now.

With 2 new polearm user and one being a pyro polearm user coming in update 1.3 its safe to say that Xiangling is 100% confirmed in this banner Now I don’t think they’ll add the free characters to a Character Banner…but I do think they are implementing a Free character rotation alongside a random character every month. So with Kaeya being on Decembers exchange, we’ve gone full circle. We can expect Amber on January Exchange, alongside a Geo Character(Ningguang or Noelle)…because we’ve been getting Geo characters in our banner for 4 banners straight…but who knows? By elimination, we have our last 3 characters being Xiangling, Xingqiu, and Beidou. i would bet my money on this or maybe noelle being inside. What do you guys think? If the banner stays like this it gets so much value thanks to xingqiu a very strong character that if you are missing would be a tremendous addition to your roster. I was planning on pulling on ganyu and i would suggest you thinking about that aswell if you have like me a good elemental based team that, with the addition of a cryo user like ganyu would get so much more value dps wise.

Xiao is a very tempting choice for the future so if you need a super strong dps and you dont have enough gems to pull on both, i would suggest wating for xiao banner that for sure will redifine the actual meta! If you enjoyed the video feel free to leave a like and subscribe for future lore, news guides on genshin impact! Dont forget to leave a comment about the video and let me know what do you think about this xiao nerfs! i will pick a winner for this video’s giveaway next week! Thank you so much for watching and i will see you later!.

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