40k Charge ATK? 5Mins Keqing Build Guide | Genshin Impact


What’S up everyone Welcome back to my channel this? Is I Black Lantana So..? I just got my Keqing by last week and everyone said Keqing is the DPS Queen? Well, i agreed with that cuz. She really has insane damage and she’s pretty and also she has a waifu material. Anyway, i’m not going to show my keqing build cuz, i’m using the same, build like everyone else, aquila sword for my physical, build and then lion’s sword for my electro build. The artifacts is 2sets of bloodstained for my physical build and..

2Sets of thundering for my electro build the reason why i’m not using 4set artifacts. Why im using only 2 artifacts it’s because i don’t have any gladiator or royal artifacts with high crit damage so… I just use any artifacts. I have with high crit damage. Substats constellation is lv 0. My talent, is.. Lv8, Normal ATK, Lv7, Stellar, Restoration, Lv7, Starward, Sword, so.., Keqing, main damage came from this charge, ATK it has 131 % 147 % charge atk damage, it’s really high damage for charge, atk and also it has very, very fast animation. So you just need to spam your charge atk most of times you dont, really need to use elemental burst, except fighting bosses or during the festering event and then.. the thing is.., there’s something i wanted to share with you guys about keqing. It’S the build. I think keqing build, it is not depends on your artifacts, but i think its depends on your sword.

For example, take a look at my aquila favonia. It has physical damage bonus by 41 %. So if you have this kind of sword, like aquila or rancour, i think physical build is the best for these kind of sword. Cuz, this 41 % physical damage bonus will increases your normal atk and charge atk so much even without artifacts and with the proper artifacts. It will boost your physical atk to the maximum level, and the question is what, if you don’t have this sword, now take a look at this. This is lion’s roar. It has 41 % atk. This is why im using it for electro build cuz, it doesnt have physical damage bonus. So if you dont have any sword with physical damage bonus, i think you should go for electro build instead of physical, build cuz. If you go for physical build, you cannot achieve the maximum physical atk for keqing without physical damage bonus from your sword, so it would be better to go for electro, build instead of physical build and to prove that i have damage showcase with these sword. )

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