6 Free Characters, Is It Worth To Use? Genshin Impact Overall Review


Hello guys welcome today I will make a short review from six free characters in Genshin Impact, and this is just my opinion, so you can decide it for yourself which characters you like. Okay, now, let’s begin okay, i will start with Kaeya. Kaeya has a cryo element. He is using a sword and because of his element, he can freeze the enemies, so he can be a good crowd control, but in order to freeze them, you must apply for the wet status from water character or when the weather is rainy. From my perspective, he has a low damage, output and long cooldown skill. I replaced him with another cryo character. Once I got my Chongyun next is Lisa. Lisa is a mage and she has an electro element.

She used catalyst as her weapon and since she is a mage, her normal attack also deals elemental damage and can easily trigger elemental combo. I cannot talk much about her, but she has a great AOE damage. Output next is Amber, Amber has a pyro element and she is a ranged character. Her elemental skill can taunts a group of enemies and boss. Her element can deal with hard objects from a long range, so she is good to be used at the early game to deals with some puzzle and boss like Hilichurl, but for a late-game.

She really needs her constellation to be more powerful. I replace her with Xiangling, because Xiangling has the same element with her and for range class. I use Fischl next is Xiangling. Xiangling is one of the free characters we got and you can get her by clear. Your Spiral Abyss. Floor 3 Xiangling has a pyro element and she uses spear as her weapon. She has a very high attack, speed and high damage too Xiangling summons a panda called Guoba as her elemental, skill and Guoba continuously breathes fire over time, inflicting Pyro damage to enemies. Guoba stay active even when switching to another character, so we can set up elemental combos with others. Next is Noelle, Noelle has a Geo element and she uses a claymore as her weapon. She has a slow attack speed due to her heavy weapon, her elemental skill, summons a shield dealing geo damage to surrounding enemies.

The shield damage absorption is based on Noelle’s, defense and Noelle can do small heals from time to time. I only use her as defensive. Build next is our main character. The main character can use two elements so far. Anemo and Geo Anemo is the basic element at the beginning of the game, and you can unlock Geo element later Geo MC is one of my favorite characters, because the elemental reaction will give you an elemental shield to reduce your damage taken in battle, and you don’t Need to worry about DPS as long as you build your main character, okay, guys, that’s all a short review for free characters from Genshin Impact. Remember this is just my opinion feel free to use any characters. You like on the game and if you have something to add just tell me on comment below bye,

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